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  1. Exar Kun

    Factory Warranty And Track Days

    Pretty sure a local dealer told me that the warranty covered track a year or so ago. Sent from my GT-N5110 using Tapatalk
  2. Exar Kun

    Newbie With Clio 172 P2 Sport - Taken It To Wakefield

    It's bit more than a twitch when Wade's driving
  3. Exar Kun


    Yep, I just don't want to do it 15 times. One button near the top like on the old forum would be nice. But that's my only niggle - rest looks great.
  4. Exar Kun


    Just give me a "Mark all as read" button (or show me where it is) and I'll be super happy.
  5. Exar Kun


    Thanks mate!
  6. Exar Kun


    Yep, PMs were quite the repository of knowledge for myself!
  7. How do you mark forums read?
  8. Exar Kun

    Tapatalk issues

    I've disabled auto updates on google play to avoid getting the new version.
  9. Exar Kun

    Tapatalk issues

    Another forum I'm on just updated to a mobile device friendly version of phpbb to get around the new Tapatalk interface. Neither of my devices have updated yet but I guess it's coming soon.
  10. Exar Kun

    Just test drove a Clio 172...

    I wouldn't worry too much about the kms. Condition and service history are far more important. 172s are all heading towards (or beyond) what should be their third belt change so look out for that.
  11. Exar Kun

    newish member ~ Clio IV 90tce (BNE)

    I wish that colour came on the EDC.
  12. Exar Kun

    First time Renault, Clio Sport, hot hatch owner

    Bryan (evilb66) has a 197 and is usually happy to chat about Clios.
  13. Exar Kun

    Site slow?

    Same here.
  14. Exar Kun

    Cameron McConville- now in a RS275

    Nice! Now, I know the season's over, but if you see my friend Sam Power anytime soon, tell him how good the Renault Sport is and that it's time to stop driving a Volvo (no such concerns about his other car, however).
  15. Exar Kun

    INTRO: R27....

    And some pics of the MS8 - that's a fairly rare beast!