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  1. If the 10k means there is a significant extra risk of you having to sell the Clio due to your financial situation, then maybe it's worth a debate. But if there's no risk of you having to sell, I can't see you regretting stumping up the extra cash. Anyway, you've driven both, maybe drive them again and decide whether it's worth it TO YOU (easy to get caught up in the thoughts of others, we all do it...). I personally don't think you'll be disappointed with either. RE the power issue, I don't know about weight, but they both have 200Nm from their 2ltr engines, so around town at less than 4-5k rpm (aka how you'll use the engine 90% of the time) they'd be quite similar I imagine. P.S. I was originally looking at getting an MA63 Supra, and all the nice ones were in WA... Swings and round-abouts I guess.
  2. A mate of mine has a 6spd R32, and I agree, the note from that thing tops anything I've heard from my Clio (or any 4cyl for that matter). Just goes to show how good the rest of the Clio package must be though!
  3. Don't give up, took me a few months to find the right RSC after I started seriously looking, but soooo worth the wait. Get it checked by a good mechanic before you buy (Carl at Virage in South Melbourne is probably closest to you by the sounds). From what you are posting it sounds like an RSC is exactly what you are looking for. Go and drive one ASAP, even if you don't end up buying it, it will inspire you!
  4. As someone who's had no great love (or hate) for Renaults or French cars in general before buying one, when I started to head in the hot-hatch direction, I looked into the XR4. On paper I didn't see a great deal of difference between it and the RSCs, but after popping my head in a couple I didn't even bother finding one for a drive... The interior! It's awful! I don't know if you can get them in different colours or something, but the two I saw were cheap looking and ugly. I'm not saying the Clio has one of the all-time great interiors or anything (I love it but I've come from a 1990 Nissan Skyline, so that's not really any big surprise), but it is comfortable and, at the very least, not hideous and chintzy. I simply couldn't picture myself hopping into the Ford's pews day-in and day-out with a smile on my face. That said, and putting the now undeniable owner's bias to one side, 10k is a lot of cheddar... However, if you're looking at the older XR4, why not look at an older RSC? As a second hand purchaser, let Renault's not-so-stellar resale value work for you! If you want to balance the bias (because of course there's always bias), go and ask this same question at an XR4 forum. I'd be curious to know what they think of their car compared to the RSC...
  5. Forgive my ignorance, but what did you have to do to win this competition? And does it come covered in livery? Whatever the details, congrats, and hopefully we'll see you at a future OzRS event so we can all think, "that could have been me"...
  6. Cheers, working for me now too. Being a bit of inquisitive mind, I am curious to know what happened/how it happened. Did it effect everyone?
  7. I have sent and recieved PMs in the past, thought I was going nuts because I couldn't find the reply button to send another one! Have the rules changed about the number of posts required to send PMs?
  8. Just had the first random stranger come up to me and complement my car, not bad considering it is completely filthy! He wasn't even into French cars, owns an Audi TT, but said he had heard good things, and sounded like he might be considering an RS as his next car. Anyway, random complements was not something I expected and/or wanted with this car, but it's nice that they are well regarded by those in the know
  9. Yeah I think his writing is great too; my favourite of the Australian motoring journos we've got going at the moment. Always comes off as effortless yet witty I think And yeah, the R30s are pretty horn; I've still never driven an FJ20DET one, but I gather they are the nuts.
  10. Definately stock for a while, no plans for mods but never say never... And yeah, I think the MP3 player idea would be OK, but like Dish I think the quality of CDs is worth at least having a look around for a cheap stacker. I'd even be happy with a stock single CD that works! Would just be nice to retain the stalk control and central display. Well the car I learned to drive in had cruise, and I have always resented giving it up. It means you don't have to stare at the speedo while you drive, unlike most other Victorians... Not sure how I feel about the wheel controls though; I thought I would love them but it has proven slightly awkward for me. But I guess I use the audio controls more often, so nice to have that on a stalk.
  11. Both of mine were grey, first a Ti then a Silo, the Ti was the fun one though, RB20DET+5-spd from an R32 with a high-flowed turbo and a front mount (and various other engine goodies), with Koni suspension, but she got stolen in 2007 and I went a bit defensive, thinking I would just buy something to get me around, and picked up a cheap, completely stock 1990 Silo automatic. But as always happens when commonsense prevails over passion, I got severely bored with it, and decided it was time for a change. I first looked into MA61 Supras as I have a big hard-on for 80s cars, and wanted something a bit less common. But the only good ones were in WA, and even then they didn't look great as daily drivers. So my search expanded to MA70s, AW11 MR2s, then back to Skylines, and finally I settled on an LS400, seeking comfort and luxury without exorbitant price. But that niggling thing of knowing that when commonsense prevails over passion (and particularly, auto prevails over manual...), things don't work out, lead me to keep looking. I'd always heard good things about the RS cars from a mate who used to work at Autoparis, and I've got another friend who's had a long standing love affair with a 205 GTI, so I wasn't unfamiliar with the French hot-hatch. But the thing that really got me excited was a used car review of the 172 by David Morley, who despite only giving it 3.5 stars, had barely a bad word to say about it. Further research and the discovery of this fine forum, lead me to believe I would be very happy with an RSC, and I can't say I'm at all disappointed. Apologies to the tl;dr crowd, I am bored at work! Thanks to all for the warm welcome.
  12. I'm in Strathmore, which is near Essendon (in fact I'm very close to Essendon DFO if people know where that is). And yes, I'm sure every question has been answered before, I'll try not to ask anything too inane, but let's face it, if we all used the search function properly, it wouldn't be very social would it?? As far as 182 Cups go, well if they weren't the best, I wouldn't have spent the extra 4 or so grand they are worth over a 172! Oh cruise control, what an irresistable temptress you proved to be... Shame about the lack of the 6-stacker though (see, I have been lurking/searching!).
  13. Hi all, figured it would be polite to make my first post in here before I begin bombarding the rest of the forum with my many and varied questions... Just bought an RSC182 Cup a few weeks ago, very happy so far, had the timing belt etc done for the 100k service before I bought it so here's hoping the servicing costs are OK. My forum name is based on the fact that my name is Tim (duh), and up to this point all I have owned is R31 Skylines. Great cars for how cheap they are (just like RSCs), unfortunately they are all getting a bit long in the tooth... Plus my budget had grown and I decided I wanted something different (yet still awesome). As a nice aside, the Lotus Renault F1 car this year has the model designation R31 It is also likely to be painted in Black/Gold livery, the same colour as my new love... I think it was Renault's way of welcoming me to the fold (or a sign I should get some money on Kubica as champ) Look foward to meeting people at some sort of get-together in the future, and I'm sure you'll be seeing quite a few questions from me about the place as I am still learning about these wonderful cars.
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