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  1. kds83

    New RS 250 and first time Renault owner

    Welcome aboard! You will simply fall in love with it once she is in your hands I got mine from Kevin too, so you made the right choice there!
  2. kds83

    New RS 250 in Perth!

    Welcome Rensport! You have made an excellent choice, especially the colour
  3. kds83

    Never considered a Renault....until today

    Looks fantastic! I hope you love driving it!
  4. kds83

    Another one

    Welcome, i love the look of the blue! Cant wait to see more pics
  5. kds83

    New newbie

    Welcome! The Clio looks so good in red!
  6. kds83

    Part of the family.

    Welcome! You won't regret your choice of the Megane over the MPS. Would love to hear more of your thoughts after you have some time to settle in
  7. How about something like this for the new stickers? http://www.opelaus.com/forums/showthrea ... s-Stickers!
  8. kds83

    New to Renault, new to 4cyl, new to turbo

    Welcome! your story sounds similar to mine, I fell in love with the car at the Motorshow and ordered one exactly the same shortly after and took delivery in March. LOL Glad to hear you're liking your new toy, they are a supreme beast!
  9. kds83

    Lucky Renault Newbie

    Welcome and congrats!
  10. kds83

    Newbie with a AGP RS200

    Welcome! Pics or ban
  11. kds83

    Newbie - Looking at buying an RS 250 Cup Trophee

    Excitement overload!! Your life is about to change Just don't do what I did and get a red light camera fine the day after i picked it up. Just got it in the mail yesterday. ARGH!
  12. kds83

    New member & hopeful future RS250 owner...

    If the kids don't like it tell them to walk
  13. kds83

    Officially a new owner of RS 200 Cup

    Congrats Mark!!
  14. kds83

    New member & hopeful future RS250 owner...

    I'm with Dom, give Kevin at Peter Warrens a call. Best by far!
  15. kds83

    New member & hopeful future RS250 owner...

    I'm used to the poor rear vision, thanks to my previous Astra Coupe, so I don't find it an issue