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  1. MUST get IM. Should of been in a long time ago. This is a Tapatalk signature.
  2. She works cheers man This is a Tapatalk signature.
  3. Not trying to be a hater but how about learning how to use one of many free image hosting sites and embedding them into your posts instead? It's not that hard..... Because we shouldn't have to trying to do something so primitive. Ill give it ago again later This is a Tapatalk signature.
  4. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat this site sucks. sorry to be a whinger but thats stupid. (getting ready for hate)
  5. i tried to attach a photo in my post but it said something like attachment quota has been reached?
  6. Not any time soon thanks wolf I'm broke as a joke Wants light weight rims and a good dint fixer guy
  7. Yeah buddy. Ah yeah thanks man Wants light weight rims and a good dint fixer guy
  8. Yes, yes I am a fan [sMIRKING FACE] Wants light weight rims and a good dint fixer guy
  9. it came on and off again randomoly afew hundred kays later. it didn't stay on long either :S weird
  10. all good. after 700 odd km it magically turned itself off :S
  11. got my car serviced and the service light remains on? how can i fix that redirect me if i posted in the wrong section cheers fellas!
  12. haha what do you mean? lol
  13. thanks mate! love the look of ppl when they see this little thing do what it does in uneducated australia.. priceless
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