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  1. jim60t

    Another megane

    Lots of people on here are going to race spec track day. Don't think about it... Do it!!
  2. jim60t

    Help in deciding between Clio RS 182 Variants

    As said before also, I agree the ones that are sort after ones are 182's in French racing blue or sunburnt orange (but getting orange very rare). If it's a fast daily that you would keep clean, then go one of those. It has nicecities like cruise control, esp and the 16" wheels which look better. If every you sell it will hold value better I think. If it's going to be track toy, then go 172. Its not only cheaper, but will be just as fast as a 182. I've broken my own rule here as my FRB 182 I've molested and not kept clean/original.. ive probably cheapened it. But I'm not looking to sell it haha
  3. jim60t

    Help in deciding between Clio RS 182 Variants

    Yes. But very marginal. 182 cup came with upgraded suspension from factory. When they were new, no doubt there would have been a noticeable difference. But most cars floating around now I'd guess would be running on old stock suspension and would be tired/need a replacement by now anyway. In that case, going new suspension nuls the pont of having the cup As said previously, it's easier to find used suspension parts for the 172/182 sport. I haven't seen any bits floating around for the 182 cup (it's why I had to buy brand new coilovers direct from supplier for my 182 cup)
  4. jim60t

    Newfound love for Renault Sport

    I sold my Megane rs250 as it wasn't family friendly enough. The need for 4 doors was too strong. While I love my MY15 STi, I miss my Meg badly... I should have just kept it. Watch out. The Renault bug bites hard. Before you know if you'll own a Clio 172/182!