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  1. New owner with a question...

    are you sure it isn't the exhaust blowing soot on the over run ?
  2. Just a quick hello from NZ.

    New Zealanders who emigrate to Australia raise the IQ of both countries. Robert Muldoon
  3. Just a quick hello from NZ.

    Hi, you will love the ride, you should bring it down south island sometime and taste the great roads
  4. Cost of Renault Bits

    after having a small crash ,not my fault women drive through a red light,could not believe the prices the panel shop told me ( I did not have to pay anything lady admitted fault) front drivers guard , washer cover, headlight(small make),DLR . $6000 plus paint total $9200 , and she didn't have insurance!! It has taken approx 7 mths for Renault NZ to get the correct parts (3 wrong head lights sent from France) Then in the middle of getting this fixed I had a possum ,my fault $340 for lower splitter plus labour
  5. Hi. Wrong type of French Car

    I had a test drive in a DS3 for a friend who was thinking about buying ,what a very strange gearbox ,it didn't shift smooth and was just very weird ? ?she brought right or wrong an Alfa Giulitta ! told her to test the Cilo , women!!
  6. RS 265 Cup+

    welcome from over the ditch, having owned mine for only a short time you will enjoy
  7. Hidely-ho

    How about this ? but it is in NZ http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-ca ... 906634.htm
  8. New RS250 Owner Targa Race Car

    Welcome, and good luck in the Targa
  9. New Megane Cup+ - keep the stripes or not

    keep them they look great, GTI don't have them and look bland !!
  10. RS250 for daily duties

    Hi Norby, having just started life life with my RS265 in earthquake damaged roads in Christchurch , the ride is hard but liveable ,way better ride than the bosses E46 M3,
  11. My new RS265 in Christchurch

    re top gear, I didn't think it was a rental car ,you would have to think Toyota had something to do with suppling the cars as they are a major backer with team NZ america's cup and the rental company are not talking about the filming ?
  12. My new RS265 in Christchurch

    thanks Dish ,I will try and send you some more
  13. My new RS265 in Christchurch

    A nice drive/ride and usually not to much traffic ,the odd campervan , only problem at the moment as couple weeks ago they had snow to the height of the fences their and loose gravel is still on some corners which can make things interesting .
  14. My new RS265 in Christchurch

    Hi , Gordini & Apex , small road trip on Sunday ,car was great I just need to drive it more ,50k corner at 110k no problem, hope the photo's work http://s1346.photobucket.com/user/richa ... 0764412423
  15. My new RS265 in Christchurch

    I was just lucky,they had it in stock in Auckland and only 2 weeks to deliver, looks like fine weather this weekend may do a quick trip through to Arthurs Pass and back !