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  1. espn

    Hello from Sydney

    Thanks Guys, I bought the car nearly 3 years ago. It is a Black Clio Sport (non cup). Before I bought the car I used to say I will have this car for a year and then move on to something else but stopped saying that after driving it. Since then I have decided to keep it forever Got it from a guy in Potts Point. This is the first Clio I drove and the first one I own. I am looking forward to see everyone at one of the drives in Sept, unless my work doesn't send me out of sydney. So fingers crossed, hope to see everyone soon. If you see a Black Clio Sport in or around Chatswood or anywhere in the Lower North Shore then that's me
  2. espn

    Hello from Sydney

    G'day Guys, I am a proud owner of Clio Sport 182. This is such a great site, thanks to all of you and especially to the guy who started it I will be posting pics soon. SK.