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  1. Rs275 aircon relays/fuse location

    275? Wouldn’t it be under warranty?
  2. New Ph1 Owner In Adelaide

    This car had some ghastly after market tail lights! Stock ph1 will be a huge improvement
  3. New Toy

    Nice! What colour is that?
  4. French Guy With No French Car

    Welcome, jealous of the Evo IX wagon!! Ha I went to beauvais cathedral in April
  5. Anyone Have A Airbox?

    I've got one here in Canberra if someone local can't sort it
  6. R.s.01S To Australia

    This should do good things for the brand here for sure Can't wait to see it in action good luck and I'll also volunteer for pit bitch
  7. Factory Warranty And Track Days

    Yes we were told when I purchased without doubt that trackdays wouldn't void the warranty. I would never expect competition to be covered though.
  8. Newbie In Act - Rs250

  9. New Owner Of A Clio Cup 172

    Nice choice of car and name Mine is number #36 so our cars are twins!
  10. Hi! Just Bought Myself A 265. You Might Know It ;)

    Tentatively Nov 29? I'll start another thread
  11. Hi! Just Bought Myself A 265. You Might Know It ;)

    Welcome to more ACT RS owners! We are Going to have to organise a drive session in the next couple of weeks
  12. New/returning Renaultsport Owner :) Trophy R

    Welcome and nice choice with the R let us know the build number when you pick it up
  13. Awesome good to see even more meganes out competing! Bring them to the nationals! And I assume if you're building these you could offer a local Canberra renault engine build options?
  14. New Trophy-R Owner

    Yes the decals on the reader quarter panels. Some other owners have reported join which shouldn't be there too. I'd keep the decals myself
  15. New Trophy-R Owner

    Nice pickup! but im bias I've got the other grey one but mine has red wheels. Inspect the stickers thoroughly as I find odd things like bubbles or ripples every time I look at them. It is a beast of a car compared to even a stock 265, the tyres are incredible when hot but deadly sub 10 degrees ambient. I'm keen to hear how you find the 275R after the BMW. Day to day driving and track driving.