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  1. nod911

    RS 265 Models Explained

    Do rb7/rb8 have tyre pressure monitors standard? I checked Redbook and carsales but its not listed and i was curious if anyone might know first hand?
  2. nod911

    Eyes Wide Open - Pre Purchase Questions

    oh thats alot haha I thought it was much less than that.
  3. nod911

    Eyes Wide Open - Pre Purchase Questions

    On the Clio maybe get someone with a CLIP to scan the car and check how many Launch Controls it has done as there is a maximum number in the software until the next clutch pack change.
  4. nod911

    Newbie Looking For Advise On Rs Model 250/65

    Dont shy away from high K's. You could save a pretty penny and will be running fine. Had my 250 for 2 years and at 105k's now going strong.
  5. nod911

    Rstuning Uk Remote Tuning Maps Info

    You have to send him a screenshot of your RS Tuner screen and if you bought it new off him there is an included stage 1 map
  6. nod911

    Ozrenaultsport Facebook Group

    Okay I see Thank you
  7. I was just wondering if the ozrenaultsport.com facebook group was directly linked to the admins of this site? I ask because i see only posts on the facebbok page from the groups admin and was wondering if other users are allowed to post up pictures, questions, sightings or anything else as a secondary point of contact other than the website.
  8. nod911


    Is it just me or is there no edit button to edit my own posts? Edit: haha okay an edit button popped up for this new post but my old posts like my for sale topic has no edit button And i also noticed DOOOK above has the same issue
  9. Okay well it seems I'm not alone in having access problems and being a small IT company I didnt think it was banned lol. Yay for smart phones giving me something to still do at work
  10. Hey guys I can't access OZRS from my computer even when trying to use a proxy. My phone works though so I'm guessing the sites been baned grrr Is it just me?