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  1. SamR

    New owner Hi - 2005 Clio Sport 182 Cup

    Welcome and congrats on the purchase! Still love every drive in my silver 182 Cup nine and a half years after I bought it!
  2. SamR

    Car Shoot Locations

    Depends how far you want to drive? Thredbo/Snowy Mountains? Or, for a bit closer to Sydney, the Blue Mountains, Megalong Valley.
  3. SamR

    Deposit down for Megane RS 280 EDC

    Have you been in a Meg 2? Lots of storage/cubbyholes in them!
  4. SamR

    Are these wheels too big ?. 17" 40 profile.

    Yeah, 17" wheels are too big for a Clio 2. But if you like them, that's what's important.
  5. SamR

    Potential owner ✋🏼

    None of them made it to Australia - I'd say that speedfiend41 is right if it's the flat dark blue colour.
  6. SamR

    Just joined - wow big community!

    Welcome to OZRS and congrats on the purchase! Before you go adding tape to the tailgate latch, I would try adjusting it first (if it is what is causing one of the rattles). You should be able to loosen the bolts holding the metal loop bit on the car (not the actual latch on the boot lid) and shift it down a little bit so that it will hold the boot lid closed tighter.
  7. SamR

    A new convert

    Welcome to OZRS, good luck with your search for a 182! Still love mine more than 9 years after I bought it
  8. SamR

    Howdy guys 👋

    Congrats on the purchase! A shame the weather wasn't drier for WTAC, especially for the shootout at the end.
  9. SamR

    New Owner

    Welcome to OZRS and congrats on the purchase!
  10. SamR

    Howdy guys 👋

    Welcome to OZRS Nik! Did you see this one? It's a 250, but looks to be a pretty good example:
  11. Welcome to the forum and commiserations on your loss! Hopefully you find a suitable replacement - life's too short to drive boring cars!
  12. Welcome to OZRS! So that's where Serrano (the car) ended up.
  13. SamR

    New RS265RB8 Owner

    Welcome and congrats on the purchase!
  14. SamR

    My turn to say "Hi"

    Welcome and congrats on the purchases!
  15. SamR

    New to Renault

    Welcome, and congrats on the purchase!