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  1. Welcome to the forum and commiserations on your loss! Hopefully you find a suitable replacement - life's too short to drive boring cars!
  2. Welcome to OZRS! So that's where Serrano (the car) ended up.
  3. SamR

    New RS265RB8 Owner

    Welcome and congrats on the purchase!
  4. SamR

    My turn to say "Hi"

    Welcome and congrats on the purchases!
  5. SamR

    New to Renault

    Welcome, and congrats on the purchase!
  6. SamR

    Site theme

    Maybe it's because the pages are "lighter"?... I'll see myself out 🤡😜😀
  7. SamR

    Site theme

    Yes, there was a problem with the forum that meant people couldn't reply, and Tapatalk wasn't working. According to a post on the ozrenaultsport.com Facebook page, the Tapatalk issue has been resolved, but skin has also been reset to default while they resolve some bugs.
  8. SamR

    G'day From A New Addict - 1st things?

    Don't know the roads down in Victoria that well, but that road stuck in my mind (for obvious reasons) after driving it at the OZRS Nats back in 2016. Have you done Mt Buffalo?
  9. SamR

    G'day From A New Addict - 1st things?

    Welcome to OZRS, and congrats on the purchase! They are addictive, and I have to agree that road is EPIC, beats any trackday I've done in Australia, hands down!!
  10. SamR

    New to Renault

    Welcome to OZRS, and congrats on the purchase. The Clio would definitely be quite different to drive compared to an old Dodge pickup with a big block! The pizza nights are actually on the 3rd Tuesday of every month, so the next one would be the 15th of May.
  11. SamR

    Site Contact. Help!

    The site admins have been a bit quiet of late/slow to respond, perhaps try posting in this thread: http://www.ozrenaultsport.com/topic/6505-wwwozrenaultsportcom-stickers/?do=findComment&comment=623441
  12. SamR

    C3RS "Sport Auto Edition" from Berlin, Germany

    Welcome to OZRS! Nice Clio you've got there
  13. SamR

    Cheers from Portugal

    Welcome to OZRS! They're great cars, and and others have already said, photos please
  14. SamR

    Clio 182

    Nice, congrats on the purchase!
  15. SamR

    Just bought my first rs 225

    To stop Chuck confusing things further... The Megane RS 225 was available as a 3 door, and as a 5 door. As to which years, which models were available, I'm not 100% sure. As far as limited editions go, there was the 225 F1 Team Edition (or something to that effect), that was only available in blue with black wheels. Then came the 230 R26 F1 Team Edition (or something..) that we refer to on the forum as an R26. R26s were only sold in Australia in black and liquid yellow (there were other colours available overseas, and someone has privately imported a blue one from the UK). Another thing to keep in mind that RS 225 Cups were only available as 5 doors. If you wanted Cup suspension on a 3 door body you had to buy one of the limited edition 3 doors (i.e. a 225 F1, or an R26).