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  1. Fair enough, as a software tester I wouldn't have been expecting things to go smoothly so would have warned people of the possibility of problems... I've been doing this too long, so am pessimistic about these things 😜
  2. Was there a post notifying of the plan to upgrade? Would help if there was one indicating an approximate time scheduled for the change, so that we don't all go in to a panic and call 000 (not really, but apparently some people did when Facebook/Instagram were down yesterday ) when we can't get on to the site.
  3. Welcome and congrats on the purchase!
  4. JimiD

    Hi Mate,

    I'm looking for a 172-182 airbag control unit # 8200375763.

    Needs to have not been deployed

    Last hurdle to get registration.


  5. RHR Park Globe N/W = Right hand rear park globe not working. The minor water pump leak can be resolved by replacing the water pump when you do the belts. Engine oil leak - depends how bad the leak is, and where it's actually leaking from. Could it be a gearbox oil leak, as this tends to be quite common on Clio 2s? Power steering rack leak - not that common - See above regarding possibility of being gearbox oil leak?
  6. Welcome and congrats on the purchase! Still love every drive in my silver 182 Cup nine and a half years after I bought it!
  7. SamR

    Car Shoot Locations

    Depends how far you want to drive? Thredbo/Snowy Mountains? Or, for a bit closer to Sydney, the Blue Mountains, Megalong Valley.
  8. Have you been in a Meg 2? Lots of storage/cubbyholes in them!
  9. Yeah, 17" wheels are too big for a Clio 2. But if you like them, that's what's important.
  10. None of them made it to Australia - I'd say that speedfiend41 is right if it's the flat dark blue colour.
  11. Welcome to OZRS and congrats on the purchase! Before you go adding tape to the tailgate latch, I would try adjusting it first (if it is what is causing one of the rattles). You should be able to loosen the bolts holding the metal loop bit on the car (not the actual latch on the boot lid) and shift it down a little bit so that it will hold the boot lid closed tighter.
  12. SamR

    A new convert

    Welcome to OZRS, good luck with your search for a 182! Still love mine more than 9 years after I bought it
  13. SamR

    Howdy guys 👋

    Congrats on the purchase! A shame the weather wasn't drier for WTAC, especially for the shootout at the end.
  14. SamR

    New Owner

    Welcome to OZRS and congrats on the purchase!
  15. SamR

    Howdy guys 👋

    Welcome to OZRS Nik! Did you see this one? It's a 250, but looks to be a pretty good example:
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