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  1. buddy

    Megane Rs Cup Premium 275 - Negotiation Time!

    Just go buy a mad car that makes you happy... Don't worry so much about the price.. They aren't a lot of money to start with. Sent from the Internet.
  2. buddy

    Megane Rs Cup Premium 275 - Negotiation Time!

    Monty was talking about a 70k trophy R not a regular 275 Sent from the Internet.
  3. buddy

    Megane Rs Cup Premium 275 - Negotiation Time!

    Lol Sent from the Internet.
  4. buddy

    Old But New

    Just drive the thing hard and keep it above 5k. Put a set of half decent brake pads in and rip a hose off the factory airbox if you want noise. Done Sent from the Internet.
  5. buddy

    New Rs Candidate

    Hey bro!! Welcome to the forum... You will learn that I talk a lot of crap/BS/VL turbo garbage. However this evening I have had a couple of drinks and have actually read the thread before commenting. Mate... Familia GTA... Very cool car indeed.. Bit of a lead tipped arrow I thought? Like a GTIR?? I haven't driven many and/east west engine jap cars. Is your Octavia a RS? Please tell me it's a wagon and its manual..... I am a Clio man through and through but that meggy you are looking at looks mint... Why the change from the skoda though... Unless your skoda is a skoda Rapide (or what eva those things are called) You really cannot go past RenaultSports models for value(performance)/money .... Honestly... What else can you buy for less than 10k that has grunt, safety, goes round corners, has space for birds/and kids and is a little bit quickly. Anyway... I am on couch (blind) watching Chris Harris videos and having to get up to work in few hours. Log story short... You are privileged I have posted in your thread, but an RS (RenaultSport).............. Clio are mad but yes meganes Re practical... But you have the following skoda... Octavia Rs wagon (hopefully it is APR tuned stage 2, dsg tune, dump pipe, decat, cat back, eibac springs and spacers, APR carbon airbox. Solid engine, gearbox mounts and roof racks for my missus bike) Then keep it and buy a Clio 172 for fun cause they are cheap. Peace out... Buddy Sent from the Internet. Walkie86/Clio F1/ mosey... Pleas remove this post and he above if you ready it and it makes absolutely no sense. Cheers boys Sent from the Internet.
  6. buddy

    Upgrading a Scenic with RS-Components

    For $1500 you can buy a V8 Commodore wagon that will smash a Scenic.
  7. buddy


    You won't need to test drive one. Just buy a Megane. They are better than the competition in every performance aspect. Test drive it each time you drive it when you own it. r32 sound good but as mentioned are slow as! Sent from the Internet.
  8. buddy

    My 200 Cup

    Madness!!! Take all the race stuff off and get some number plates on it ASAP! Sent from the Internet.
  9. buddy

    'Clio2.0' returns

  10. buddy

    new, looking for 172/182/cup

    So you did or you didn't buy?
  11. buddy

    new, looking for 172/182/cup

    Sounds good Tim! Clio 2s are cheap now and very very fun. You have to be quick though.. good 172/182s dont last long.
  12. buddy

    Just bought a 182 Cup

    Nailed it!
  13. buddy

    Megane 265 or Clio RS 200

    great thread dig.. this is gold!
  14. buddy

    Old Member - New 172 purchase

    all the boys are getting clios again…. except for coop!
  15. buddy

    Old Member - New 172 purchase

    Nice work mate!! Sent from the Internet.