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  1. jucafodisport

    My "FREE!!" 250 Trophee

    Congrats man I know you will love it!!!!! Looks tops
  2. jucafodisport

    Hi Everyone, help please

    Sorry to say this but Its very confidential because I had that car at around a month ago by the new owner ( Hornsby guy) saying that he just bought it and was blowing black smoke like hell!!! He only told us to change the oil and put fresh elf oil but the spark plugs are covered between oil and coolant!!! So in few words that means major problems and as soon as he took it out of the shop the car was on sale again!!!! So please BE CAREFUL !!!
  3. jucafodisport

    RS 172 + R8 Gordini = .....

  4. jucafodisport

    Part of the family.

    best choice ever made!!! Well done.... and more than welcome......