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  1. Jeffie

    New Member

    Yep. We spoke about your car before and after purchase! I've got a blue 182.
  2. Jeffie

    New Member

    Hey mate I think your dad cuts my hair.
  3. Jeffie

    Newbie Looking At Buying A 2009 R27

    Peace out. Take care of yourself.
  4. Jeffie

    New Rs Candidate

    I replaced my old R26 front drilled discs with non drilled 197 discs. No cracking issues.
  5. Jeffie

    Newbie Looking At Buying A 2009 R27

    Pretty sure the R27 copped some of the 200 upgrades. Could just be hearsay though.
  6. Jeffie

    Brand New Clio Cup

    Isn't that only if it's a write off? I'd love to get a new car for a minor fender bender!
  7. Jeffie

    Newbie Looking At Rs Trophy+ Sydney

    Good on you! Most people would get too excited and just want their car (I probably would myself)
  8. Jeffie

    Newbie Looking At Rs Trophy+ Sydney

    I'd get one of Sydney's specialist Renault mechanics to give it a going over when you're ready to buy. Have a spare $5k ready to buy a Clio 2 for the track not long after. That seems to be the way things go around here!
  9. Jeffie

    Newbie Brisbane/redlands Qld

    Love it! Get it in a trailer to the nationals please!
  10. If it's a generic map it shouldn't matter. It might be something to take into account if it's a full dyno tune though?
  11. Jeffie

    I Must Have The Bug....

    Nice to meet you Carlos. Hope the exhaust tames the new beast
  12. Jeffie

    Seeking Advise On 225

    It's a car for weed smoking acid dropping hippies.
  13. Jeffie

    Rs250 Trofee Owner In Waiting

    Just be patient (when you are back in the market). Many owners on here look after their cars very well. Just be ready to pounce when they put them up for sale.
  14. Jeffie

    Happy Days!