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  1. What do you want for it Dave? What would freight be to 3978 vic 

    1. Davejay


      Be $80 posted, my phone 0408424826.

    2. Renlam


      $80 for the head light and posted? 

      Could you send me a pic Dave so we both are cool with the purchase 

  2. Davejay

    New 172 Owner - Sydney

    Yeah there is a lot to be said about the inconspicuous Clio, I know if I were a law enforcement person n saw a bout of traffic light derbys, certainly would be assuming the Silvia owner the likely trouble maker!
  3. Davejay

    Lost Clio 172 Sydney

    Yep that's the one, sold for $3800 plus approx $350 auction fees, must have been parked around manly warringah area abandoned for some time as there were stickers on the windows of that nature, no keys or any idea of it's history, like a lost puppy. Curiosity sake, thought someone here might know.
  4. Davejay

    New 172 Owner - Sydney

    Just after thinkin, be mindful that P plates are often magnets to power poles, trees n other cars on the road!
  5. Davejay

    New 172 Owner - Sydney

    Looks tidy, ur man still has it listed for sale on gumtree, unless he has two the same! Anyway, watch out for rogue chickens crossing the road at the bottom of the gorge, 10 dollar chicken nearly cost me a front end trying to avoid it!
  6. Davejay

    Lost Clio 172 Sydney

    Can anyone identify a silver 172 nsw dodgy yellow plates BJ82HE, did have 182 wheels, interior n headlamps, mostly identifiable by hail damage, bit of a mystery.
  7. Davejay

    Trafic engine transplant from master?

    Just bought the Trafic with 392000km and a blown motor for $4500, is a high roof model, waiting for it to come up from melbourne, is very straight hardly a mark on it. Also ive got plenty of 172 spares, 2 engines and gearboxes, loads of other bits n pieces, maybe i should put that post up in another section, Thanks for ur replies.
  8. As i'm a proud owner of a Clio 172 and a Kangoo, i think i might be entitled to ask, anyone who might have a clue or know someone who might know whether the 2.5L Diesel from the Master Van, may fit in the engine bay of a Trafic 1.9? Not asking cause i'm hoping for massive power gains, just i need an engine one way or the other, seen a Master wreck at salvage auction and wondered??? Any help would be well appreciated! Also my 02' 172 is up for sale, 121k and log books, hoping for around 7 grand, Gosford, NSW area.
  9. Davejay

    Clio sport kangoo conversion

    Sure the towing capacity would be a problem, was a deluded thought i know, mostly just wanna pace the odd showpony tax deduction taxi ute, see who cops the speeding ticket, gotta love a sleeper.
  10. Davejay

    Clio sport kangoo conversion

    Jeez, thanks for the encouragement, gotta find a recipient kangoo yet, dreaming of the day i'll be towing clio track car behind kangoo up the freeway holding speed limit on the hills, how cool is that!
  11. Davejay

    Clio sport kangoo conversion

    Only new here, recently become keen on clios after trip to UK, got meself an 03' Sport now, had for years an 01' Berlingo which i use as a plumber, been faultless and a pleasure to drive actually, just needs more go, been thinkin 206Gti conversion, just recently had ideas on doin clio kangoo transplant as engine bay layout looks very similar, any ideas? Appreciated, Dave.