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  1. chris197

    Purchased A Clio 200T

    Just the plain sport difficult to justify spending more while hanging on to the 197 which I will use as my car club car .Thanks for the advise re editing I will take more care in future. Will post photos of both cars when I pick her up in fact I actually haven't seen it yet going over this morning,but delivery won't be til Sept. as the buyer of the Mazda are still on holidays
  2. chris197

    Purchased A Clio 200T

    Flame Red initially tempted towards white but test drove a red one a couple of weeks ago and quite liked it in the end I left that decision up to my wife so we're both happy!! PS I wish I would read and correct mistakes before I post
  3. chris197

    Purchased A Clio 200T

    Put a deposit a 200T had advertised my 197 and a 2000 MX5 , got amazing response on the Mazda bought site unseen so decided to the 197 as well,just got to wait 2 weeks for the Mazda purchaser to get back from holidays. Cheers Chris