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  1. Is RS megane allowed for P plates

    Hmmm. From the 2007 Car Magazine review: "It's not a balls-out performer (8.3sec to 60mph, instead of the petrol's 6.5sec, shows where diesels' weaknesses are) but it's punchy and without effort."
  2. new Megane 225 owner

    Welcome. The car looks great!
  3. F1 team 225 engine number location

    You can't see the engine number directly with the engine, radiator etc. in situ. You need a mirror on a stick and torch. It's very lightly stamped so clean the surface or you won't see it at all.
  4. F1 team 225 engine number location

    On the front of the block, near the gearbox flange, level with the oil filter, between 2 strengthening ribs. Partly obscured by the dipstick tube in the photo (next post)
  5. 182 cup or rs230 F1

    Let's see them squirm
  6. 182 cup or rs230 F1

    Congrats! Your are doesn't need any mods for road use IMO.
  7. 182 Clio Cup - Needs mods!

    Sure but who doesn't like a nice exhaust note?
  8. Hi all! Some advice for a potential 197 owner

    Congratulations! I like 'em, 197s just look right.
  9. thinking about getting a clio rs20

    At the end of the day it's reasonable to do whatever suits you. It's all good fun
  10. thinking about getting a clio rs20

    If you start to get serious about track driving, want to take your car off daily duties and have exhausted it's (and your own) capability, revisit the coilover idea then. At least you'll have a clear idea at what you're aiming for. But please not for the road.
  11. thinking about getting a clio rs20

    Why do people think that simply bolting after market stuff to their incredibly well-developed performance road cars automatically makes them better. In most cases it really won't. Does more power warrant stiffer suspension? No No no! Not if it's already set up as well as it can be for it's intended use. If we're talking about performance road driving and occasional track days, I'll argue that you can't do better than the standard cup suspension.
  12. thinking about getting a clio rs20

    Cars look good when they're lowered. We all like it. If you're more interested in getting the right look, just get "lowering" springs. You'll still make the car worse but at least they're cheap
  13. thinking about getting a clio rs20

    Renaultsports are the last cars in the world to need coilovers. You'll make it worse. IMO only worth considering when you really start chasing quicker lap times and are reaching the limits of the standard suspension. That'll take some doing.
  14. Oil service Adelaide

    As a aside, when I removed my sump to change my rod bolts a few months ago, I noticed that there was a good 1/2 litre of oil still in the bottom of the sump. The way in which the sump plug is recessed means that the drain hole sits above the floor of the sump. When changing the oil in future, I'm going to stick a tube down the dipstick tube to suck out the remaining oil with a big syringe or pump of some sort
  15. Oil service Adelaide

    These sort or arseholes are one of the reasons I started doing all my own work back in the day. I thought they'd all died