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  1. Bingle

    Manual Learner???

    You'll be fine. No harder to drive at normal pace than anything else. Just don't push too hard too soon
  2. Bingle

    Just joined - wow big community!

    I suspect that the boot latch can rattle - even when adjusted correctly - due to a touch of body shell flex. It doesn't mean there's anything wrong with the latch. Of course your rattle might be something else altogether.
  3. Bingle

    Just joined - wow big community!

    Love the Elan. FWD handling 20 years ahead of its time. Shame they weren't more successful in the market.
  4. Bingle

    Just joined - wow big community!

    The first really good Meg was the Phase 2 cup I think, but if you have lowering springs, I suspect they might be the main cause of your handling woes. I’ll spare you the details why. Short of coilovers, there’s very little aftermarket suspension stuff available for the Meg 2. I reckon you’d achieve just about the best road handling possible by finding a Phase 2 Cup at a wreckers and transferring all of the suspension over including the rear beam. Some adjustable top mounts might then be the icing on the cake. Failing this, get some good tyres, accept the car’s limitations and enjoy. An LSD conversion would be good but very expensive and secondary to suspension IMO
  5. Bingle

    Just joined - wow big community!

    Sounds ok to me Might be the tailgate. Try wrapping some gaffer tape around the metal loop that the tailgate latches to. Not as important since turbos gained water cooling but still not good to shut down straight after a thrash. No need for a turbo timer, just don't drive hard just before switching off. Drive normally for the last km or so before arriving at your destination.
  6. Bingle

    Size difference between Clio 2 and Megane 2?

    Width between the rear armrests in my R26 is 1275mm. Four door will be about the same.
  7. Bingle


    Easier to replace than repair I think. They're not that hard to remove. They use some sort of adhesive in a couple of places for reasons I'm not sure about but probably just to prevent ingress of water and mud. Again, it's not hard to hack through the adhesive. Something like Sikaflex 221 would be fine to stick the new one on. Why not try to find a second hand replacement?
  8. Bingle

    I want to buy a Clio RS NA

    Get a Clio, swap the exhaust for the sound and be happy.
  9. Bingle

    I want to buy a Clio RS NA

    Vaughan's right. Don't do it.
  10. Bingle

    Megane 225 Lux project.

    Congratulations and welcome Dock. Aftermarket lowering springs are not usually a performance upgrade, more cosmetic. Which is fine if it’s what you want. That being the case, I wouldn’t bother replacing dampers if the originals are still good.
  11. 3-dr better in every way 😁
  12. As a welded on R26 owner, I would say try to stretch to an RS250 if you can. Not hugely faster but many worthwhile improvements and better build quality. Otherwise a Clio will be more fun at legal road speeds than a Meg.
  13. Bingle

    Site theme

    Yes a bit hard on the eye