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  1. Nsw South Coast

    I grew up in the bay, used to own a 172 but now live in Melbourne. You should get your next service at Acco Motors in Cranbrook Road. Friends of mine opened it up a little over 12 months ago, good guys, know their stuff. Tell them Moe sent you
  2. Melbourne Newbie - '04 RS Clio 172

    That's my old car, oh the memories! Looks nice with the 182 wheels on! You must have a few spare 15s laying around now. You also have some times to beat Winton - 1:45.25 Sandown - 1.33.19 Phillip Island - 2.05.XX (this one should be easy, only got 2 dry sessions) Hopefully beat those once I get rid of the prius rubber on the 86.
  3. Very, very happy new owner from Melbourne

    The good end indeed. I just bought a black 2004 Clio 172 and live up that end of chappel too. See you guys around.