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  1. rye172

    New owner with a question...

    If it is brake debris sticking to the paint, it may take a couple of days for the material to oxidise sufficiently to make it visible, hence why it reappeared whilst not being driven.
  2. rye172

    newish member ~ Clio IV 90tce (BNE)

    Awesome colour, wish my 197 was FRB....
  3. rye172

    usernames/real names

    rye172... pretty easy. the only 172 down this part of the world! nicknames i have? my surname is Pope so i normally get Popey though i have a friend who refers to me as "the Pontiff". as my name is Glenn, another mate calls me Glenn-N with emphasis on the spare N, as i have been known to make a point of telling people i have 2 Ns in my name when they are writing it down
  4. thanks for that. i'll have to hold out for some prices before i commit. gotta save for some wheels arriving in a couple of months
  5. G'day Emu what sort of price are we looking at for an XXL polo? plus what sort of keyrings can you get; are they F1 specific or renault diamond? cheers Glenn
  6. rye172

    OZrs T shirts.

    A polo shirt sounds good it would need to be metallic red though
  7. rye172

    hello all

    thanks everyone! hope to catch up in the future. all i can say after a weekend of just cruising around is: what a damn fine (hyperactive) car
  8. rye172

    hello all

    I bought the car from Chadstone Euro, probably paid more for it than i should have but it had only 43k on it (it was originally from tassie), and it looks nearly new. i got them to pay for tint and the stamp duty etc.
  9. rye172

    hello all

    hello everyone. just picked up my red 03 RSC172 yesterday. i can barely wait to go for a drive today