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    retired professional race driver mentor
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    RS ,Lotus , Skiing , Teddy , Annabel and Boats
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    Lotus, Renault Sport, BMW and of course Evos

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  1. rob 240

    2004 Megane 225

    welcome ! great car and looking forward to watching the resto
  2. rob 240

    Probable new owner

    Mini good Clio great 👍
  3. rob 240

    Hello! Clio 2 PH1

    Pics please
  4. Welcome Luke - sweet car and great to see you using her properly ... weekend away and now some track days
  5. rob 240

    Converted to Renault..

    Welcome ! Love your choice of the PH1 ! I’ve just got a similar car - on the way from Brisbane as we type . Great fun and very collectable As soeedfiend suggests , grab a Meg 3 bargain and enjoy the excitement
  6. rob 240

    Tempted by a Megane RS 265 Cup Premium

    i'm so sorry to hear that. hope it gets better and the Doctors can fix it 😁😀😁
  7. rob 240

    Just joined - wow big community!

    Hethel is the home of the Lotus factory
  8. rob 240

    Just joined - wow big community!

    Welcome ! The Meg 2 is a future classic so hang onto her Elan ? Lotus people are always welcome here - there’s a special connection between RS and hand built cars from Hethel - details of your Elan please !
  9. rob 240

    Megane GT220 Wagon - Smells of garlic and cheese

    Great car - you’ll have zero issues so just enjoy.
  10. rob 240

    Hello Hello Hello

    If Trauma gets the answers wrong he's straight into the wall at Turn 1 ?
  11. rob 240

    Hello Hello Hello

    Great project ! Like putting a 2.4 Ltr K24 into a 900kg MGF - about as sensible and almost as much fun 😬
  12. rob 240

    Hello Hello Hello

    the Two-Fiddy will be fine , once you visit Julian and Miles at Renotech to get it track prepped ..... 😎 I must out Trauma as a 2018 Red Rocket RS Clio Lemons Team Official Member with Walkie and me and general all round good guy. can see a few RS in the Traumatic Garage once the disease hits in full
  13. rob 240

    Idea for site

    It ain’t OzRS . Haven’t been there for ages . Some great people on but mostly older frog cars
  14. rob 240

    New Renault Owner - Clio RS200 Australian GP

    Welcome ! Once you’ve experienced RS , you’ll be hooked . Nice model choice there too you don’t really need to mod RS unless want a full track car ... as they’re right out of the box - sticky tyres and off you go Forum Rules 1) pics or it didn’t happen 2) no Rule Two 3) NO talking about Toy-tas . Ever 😃
  15. rob 240

    New Member looks for first RS - 182 or R26!! Help!

    You’ll love either . R26 is pretty damn good