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    retired professional race driver mentor
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    RS ,Lotus , Skiing , Teddy , Annabel and Boats
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  1. rob 240

    New Renault Owner - Clio RS200 Australian GP

    Welcome ! Once you’ve experienced RS , you’ll be hooked . Nice model choice there too you don’t really need to mod RS unless want a full track car ... as they’re right out of the box - sticky tyres and off you go Forum Rules 1) pics or it didn’t happen 2) no Rule Two 3) NO talking about Toy-tas . Ever 😃
  2. rob 240

    New Member looks for first RS - 182 or R26!! Help!

    You’ll love either . R26 is pretty damn good
  3. rob 240

    Newbie renault owner

    ^^^ 182 in the back for sure😎
  4. rob 240

    Hi - new just joined up

    Welcome to Renault world - enjoy
  5. rob 240

    Crossing over from VTEC to RS?

    Best thing about getting a RSM is you don’t need to spend money on mods - they get it right from the factory . You can still mod but the changes aren’t that great from stock, unlike some JDM where you can improve things a lot as the starting point is lower enjoy the RS torque ! I just sold an Exige with a 2.4ltr frankenhonda VTEC, with added 1320 TVS SC - that had torque 😃🏁
  6. rob 240

    G'day From A New Addict - 1st things?

    Welcome and great to see you’re enjoying RSM in the best way - on the twisties
  7. rob 240

    Driving Style

    You won’t regret it . The RS factory gets it right first time so you don’t have to “mod” all the time to get it right like you do with JDM ( my old Evo was modded too far 😃 ) just enjoy the engagement.
  8. rob 240

    Price range ?

    If you don’t buy an LY. 808 , you’ve got two mums 😃
  9. rob 240

    New Megane RS 250 Cup Trophee

    great to see you're enjoying the Meggy and getting out on some twisty roads Walkie likes debadging ... i explained that people used to debadge other peoples cars with a screw driver and put the trophy on their belt buckle. how the world has changed
  10. rob 240

    From A Supra To A Megane Rs 250 Cup Trophee

    ^^^^ gees , just had a closer look at your pic and thought you were my mother in law!!! scary you still got the GTA? theres a few Alfa fans on here am sure the Melbourne crew will be organising something , saw a bunch at the Simply Sports Cars opening at Southbank before the GP
  11. rob 240

    Saying hello after some lurking

    Welcome - you won’t regret it ! Weekend car , go the Trophy 🏆
  12. rob 240

    Newfound love for Renault Sport

    Great to hear , look forward to the pics
  13. rob 240

    182 cup or rs230 F1

    Congrats! RS get it right at the factory so mods aren’t needed unless you’re going to track a lot
  14. rob 240

    Track days.

    Lotus Only Track Day at BATHURST on 7/2 - booked out in 5 days ... got a spot !!!!!
  15. rob 240

    RS 265 Models Explained

    Im not biased as i sold it but the very very best Megane 265 ever built and as everyone knows is of course ...... .... the 808 Limited Edition in Liquid Yellow. it has what you want and are well priced. do yourself a favour and grab one that is all