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  1. Dave@

    More guest spam

    Admins, In case you hadn't seen it yet, somebody's playing silly buggers again. http://www.ozrenaultsport.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5962&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=25 Doesn't seem to be too intrusive if it's only in one thread, but might be worth keeping an eye on. I don't know if it's been implemented, but something that still lets guests post but makes it a bit trickier (like http://www.phpbb.com/community/viewtopic.php?t=361339) might be useful. Dave
  2. Dave@

    usernames/real names

    Ayup. That's why I'm Dave@, because years ago on another list and in another job I had no control, so the full email was sent as the "from" rather than a short name. To distinguish me from the other Dave's on that list I got called Dave@, then later just Dave@. It's easier to just have the one, though for a few other forums I use "Random Data". Oh, and our (shortlived?) member Al Ernat should be fairly obvious for anyone with a background in RC cars.
  3. Dave@

    New RSC 172 Owner

    I'm pretty sure I recognise that car. You picked it up from Renault Waitara, right? Oh, and welcome to the forum!
  4. The glove box in the Clio (at least the 182!) is air conditioned. That's what the little blue tab at the back is for - to close that vent. The things you discover when you're running cables for Ipods! Edit: Or when you read page 2 of this thread after forgetting all about it
  5. Dave@

    A proper newbie at last

    Nope, a 182 Cup out of Cairns that Rick D's sold to me at a price I couldn't say no to. In the end I think they wished I had, because they weren't sounding happy about the original agreed price when I drove out. Could have just been sales tactics, but I'm happy with the car! My kids like it too, because they can reach the boot and door handles a lot more easily than the Outback. I'm being told by them that we have to go to the shops in the new car - but I'm going to be nice and let my wife drive (Or is that being nasty, since it's my toy!)
  6. Dave@

    A proper newbie at last

    I'm Excited Kev> I picked up my 18 month old but new to me Cup today. 11,400km, and the only flaws I can find are a tiny rattle in the door and a couple of little scratches near the bonnet release. The only problem is that tomorrow I'm getting my eyes zapped so I can chuck the glasses away, which means I won't be able to get out for a real fang for a couple of days. Tomorrow morning I've got some time though...
  7. Dave@


    Rarest, maybe. Lowest Ks? I'm crossing my fingers and not saying any more until I'm sure... (actually I think it's a few more than that, but the first 2 digits are the same). Stupid slow freight from Qld.
  8. Dave@

    That was close!

    Yep. I've got no objections to cars that have been around a track, provided there's some evidence that the driver knows what they're doing. Track work is hard on cars, but sloppy trackwork and rallying is harder. And Ricky D's do have that car ATM.
  9. Dave@

    That was close!

    http://www.ozrenaultsport.com/forum/vie ... d&start=15
  10. Dave@

    That was close!

    http://www.ozrenaultsport.com/forum/vie ... highlight= There's more in a recent link about the same car which made me dig through the archives. The ones in Melbourne are sold, apart from what looks to be an F1. A mate just went down to buy a car and I was going to ask him to give a couple a once over while he was there. I think I'll hang on for the moment. Edit: Spelling
  11. Dave@

    That was close!

    Yeah, she's new up on Drive and the rest, and I must have started looking just after it got taken down last time. The rego was the give away, though there are a couple of nicks in the paint that are a little odd with that few K's. Shame, I took it for a spin around the block and knew I wanted a Cup. Oh well, more fish in the sea and all that (starts rumour about declining resale / imminent 197 cup / $5k off Megane 225 voucher).
  12. Dave@

    That was close!

    I'm *so* glad I did a little research. I very nearly bought a (blood orange with stripes) car from a Sydney Dealer, and just found out a bit about its history. Perhaps he should change the rego at least! Anyway, looking for a nice 182 cup (like half the rest of you by the sound of it!), so if anyone has an underloved beastie sitting around... (Oh, and I wasn't going to pay anywhere near $32k for that car TYVM)