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  1. ors172

    Newbie returning to the fold.

    Thanx troopers for the welcome :} yep i do have pics [its just a 16v with all the goodies missing before touching the head ] however i wouldnt have a clue on how to post them up.....dont forget i am a newbie LOL
  2. ors172

    Newbie returning to the fold.

    Its been 4 years since being on here as i havent had possession of a Rensport during that time....however things change quickly and now the proud owner of a 172 [again ]....but LOTS of work to be done to it. Firstly she requires new valves etc after previous owner snapped the cambelt. Anyways...its good to have a Clio in the garage again after owning an Alpine GTA {T ] and a R5 GTT in the interim 4 years. :}