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  1. roblee8g

    Deposit down for Megane RS 280 EDC

    Does it have the storage bin in the foot wells? Look under the mats.
  2. roblee8g

    Deposit down for Megane RS 280 EDC

    Congratulations. Enjoy it!
  3. roblee8g

    Noobie - Sport GT 220 Premium MY15

    There's a recent video on the RCCA facebook site which explains the function of the push button on the sunroof. It's a stop/start button for when you want it only partially open.
  4. roblee8g

    Are these wheels too big ?. 17" 40 profile.

    Not too big. Great looks.
  5. roblee8g

    Spare parts ordering

    Try steve@nisswreck.com.au They are now stocking Renault, including RS models.
  6. roblee8g

    Need some help!!!!!!!!

    Insurance company databases are never accurate. They probably all use the same data. My 225 Cup 5 door is insured as a 225 F1 3 door hatch because they didn't have a listing for the 5 door Cup hatch. When I went to get a competitive quote last week with a different company, they had the same issue. The only problem with insurance is when you go to make a claim, then these trivialities turn into nightmares. Perhaps find a Renault brochure showing the specifications of your exact model, and show it to the insurance company.
  7. roblee8g

    Tyre pressure sensor reset - megane rs 265

    Probably pressure is too high. Check with accurate gauge and set to factory specs.
  8. roblee8g

    Oil service Adelaide

    That's just so bad. If you live in the SW suburbs, try Manta Automotive at Richmond. They do top quality work. If you live elsewhere, others may have their own recommendations. People on this forum are mostly fastidious, so they are able to give good recommendations based on personal experience.
  9. roblee8g

    New RS 250 owner (Adelaide)

    Welcome. Hope to see you at Mallala or elsewhere around the traps.
  10. roblee8g

    Just bought my first rs 225

    Is it blue?
  11. roblee8g

    New 225 Cup Owner - Adelaide

    Welcome. There's a few of us with BO 225 Cups in Adelaide. I'll keep a lookout for you.
  12. roblee8g

    Hello From Uk

    Very nice! Welcome to the forum
  13. roblee8g

    Thanks To Daniel In The Adelaide Hills...

    Hey Dan & Fiona, When we get back from Japan, perhaps you should get together with Anne for a LY Clio with premium plates threesome.
  14. roblee8g

    Newbie in Adelaide.... waiting delivery

    Welcome. I hope that you enjoy your Renault experience. As an option to the dealers, check out Manta Racing at Richmond. Steve Cramp is an ex-F2 driver and currently prepares a number of race cars. He has experience with RS Renaults. His work is top notch, although some think that his rates are a bit high. Robert
  15. roblee8g

    Just joined.

    Welcome Chub, I'm sure you'll find the forum will help you make the right choice for your next car. In which City are you located? You can add your location to your profile which can help when you may need "hands-on" assistance with something.