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  1. timetaker

    First time Renault owner 😁

    I bought the Sport (non-cup) and it's auto.I had tested a Golf GTI (7 speed DSG) the previous week and I can confidently say that Renault's EDC is superior. The RS will also be used to cart around my elderly parents.Hence the 4 doors played a large part in the decision process to buy the RS. I'll post more thoughts on the test drive about the GTI later. But all I'll say is that it was disappointing and not a patch on my Mk 7 Golf R(dsg).
  2. timetaker

    First time Renault owner 😁

    Test drove a Megane RS(Orange) this morning and I was impressed by the comfortable ride. I wasn't after a hardcore hatch like a Ford RS just after one that was comfortable but handled well if I wanted to take it for a spirited drive. I believe that the Megane RS fitted the bill. I will take delivery of the car most likely mid next week. Some people may be surprised that I coming from a BMW M140i however the ride in the RS is superior and the handling is sharper. I'll probably miss the wallop of torque in the BMW but I couldn't really stretch it's "legs".I certainly will not miss the ride quality. I'll report back next week, hopefully Telstra will fix my phone line and I can use my computer rather than trying to type on a phone............ with pudgy fingers.😀