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  1. Danny

    New owner Hi - 2005 Clio Sport 182 Cup

    Yeah I believe so, the rear springs (if they’re original) will have a white and red stripe or blob of paint on them somewhere I believe. If they have that then you can be 90% sure it’s a cup. To completely 100% confirm, you’ll need to pop a front wheel off and measure the hub bolt spacing. It should be 60mm. If it’s a non cup then it will measure 54mm IIRC. VIN doesn’t give anything away and Renault can’t confirm. I’ve tried it before.
  2. Danny

    New owner Hi - 2005 Clio Sport 182 Cup

    Another Silver 182 cup. Welcome mate. I’m on my second silver 182 cup that I rescued from a hail storm a few months back. They’re addictive. I bought my first one in 06’, then bought a Megane 250 Cup Trophee and then an RS265 Red Bull, only to go back to the little Clio. Love them. See you on the road!
  3. Danny

    Potential owner ✋🏼

    They were called the RS265 Sport Limited Edition. 50 were sent here when the PHII Megane was released as a cut price response to the popularity of the RS Megane. The came in only one colour - "Pacific Blue", and were priced at like $36K (Cheap as F**k). The tradeoff was that they were the only AU delivered cars to have the "sport" rather than "cup" pack, and this meant that there was no LSD, the Brembos were silver rather than red, they had no RS monitor, dual zone climate control, auto headlights, or keyless entry. I remember reading a couple of reviews and they were pretty lukewarm. Apparently the loss of the LSD made a big difference to the dynamics of the car. Would I get one? No, now that all 2nd hand Meggy prices have dropped to a similar baseline regardless of spec, there wouldn't be enough difference in cost now to justify going without all the good stuff. I would imagine they'll be marketed by sellers as a limited edition, and by definition I suppose they are. But they're not special.
  4. Danny

    Another Frb182

    Absolutely stunning
  5. Danny

    2013 Rs265 Cup Or 2013 Rs265 Redbull Rb8?

    I've got a RB8 too with under 15000km hardly been driven. Just sat in garage for 3 years, and been detailed twice with opticoat 2+ Everything is for sale at the right price.
  6. Danny

    Big Hello From Hong Kong

    I adore HK. One of my favourite cities in the world. Last time I was there I snapped a pic of a cute little grey 265 in the streets of Wan Chai. Awesome place. I must get there again this year!
  7. Danny

    Hi! Just Bought Myself A 265. You Might Know It ;)

    Are the RedBulls in Question RB7's (Black and Yellow) or RB8's (Dark "Dusk" Blue and Silver)? Be sure to post your build numbers in the register!
  8. Danny


    What he said^ Amateurish at best. Still broken photo links everywhere.. Sorry.
  9. Danny


    So its been 8 months now since the change, and maybe its just me, but is enyone else seeing frequent broken links to avatars and site supporter logo's in the user panes? The whole thing just seems like its still a patchwork. Also whats with the Invisionzone.com? Why can't we have it back to ozrenaultsport.net? I know I keep harping on, but I'm really hating the new site. Maybe I'm too old for change... soon I'll be waving a Baguette at newcomers croaking pleasantisms about OzRS back "in myyyyyy dayy!"
  10. Danny

    Newby, Defected From Jap To French.

    Welcome mate. Was following your negotiations on the Renault Facebook page. You'll love the car, congrats.
  11. Danny

    Another Newbie...

    Nice car. Welcome.
  12. Not fired up at all mate. PM replied to.
  13. As said mate - they loosen up. I gave you the info you needed. Take it as you will Amen.
  14. Yeah my old 250 I tuned after only like 3000k It was a ripper of a car.