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  1. Danny

    Another Frb182

    Absolutely stunning
  2. Danny

    2013 Rs265 Cup Or 2013 Rs265 Redbull Rb8?

    I've got a RB8 too with under 15000km hardly been driven. Just sat in garage for 3 years, and been detailed twice with opticoat 2+ Everything is for sale at the right price.
  3. Danny

    Big Hello From Hong Kong

    I adore HK. One of my favourite cities in the world. Last time I was there I snapped a pic of a cute little grey 265 in the streets of Wan Chai. Awesome place. I must get there again this year!
  4. Danny

    Hi! Just Bought Myself A 265. You Might Know It ;)

    Are the RedBulls in Question RB7's (Black and Yellow) or RB8's (Dark "Dusk" Blue and Silver)? Be sure to post your build numbers in the register!
  5. Danny


    What he said^ Amateurish at best. Still broken photo links everywhere.. Sorry.
  6. Danny


    So its been 8 months now since the change, and maybe its just me, but is enyone else seeing frequent broken links to avatars and site supporter logo's in the user panes? The whole thing just seems like its still a patchwork. Also whats with the Invisionzone.com? Why can't we have it back to ozrenaultsport.net? I know I keep harping on, but I'm really hating the new site. Maybe I'm too old for change... soon I'll be waving a Baguette at newcomers croaking pleasantisms about OzRS back "in myyyyyy dayy!"
  7. Danny

    Newby, Defected From Jap To French.

    Welcome mate. Was following your negotiations on the Renault Facebook page. You'll love the car, congrats.
  8. Danny

    Another Newbie...

    Nice car. Welcome.
  9. Not fired up at all mate. PM replied to.
  10. As said mate - they loosen up. I gave you the info you needed. Take it as you will Amen.
  11. Yeah my old 250 I tuned after only like 3000k It was a ripper of a car.
  12. Danny

    Friday Night Princes Hwy

    Omgfknsikkkbroo, Come on Rylez, what's wrong with a Prinny Kebab to go with ur defect notice and Adidas bum bag??
  13. Danny

    First Rs Ownership

    Welcome. I was as excited and full of trepidation when I purchased my first RS Clio back in late 06'. It's all been great from there, and that is 3 Renaultsports later! Great cars, congrats.