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  1. hhlau2

    She's back...

    Welcome and congrats on the purchase.
  2. Hi Nathan, Welcome. Your car looks really clean and shiny. Enjoy the car. Cheers.
  3. Yeah, its a non-cup. Must admit it is still a bit getting used to the Clio rawness for me. You guys reckon the Eibach sportline will be a better set up than the stock one? Already quite stiff now for my liking really, although i have a 225 cup.
  4. Hi Guys, As requested, here a pic of my Clio 182 and 225Cup. Titanium Clio 182 Black 225 Cup Cheers, Heng
  5. Hi guys, Bought myself another RS, a 2004 Titanium 182 from NSW and finally received it today. What a difference driving feel to my 225 Cup. Does anyone know any history of this car ASL51C? Will have loads of questions about Clio 182, guess i am going to have spend some times to browse the Clio II forum. I am gonna have to get a VIC plate very soon. Cheers, Heng
  6. Congratulations to you Mikee
  7. It has been nearly three years I have not driven a 225 nor any Renaultsport cars so here goes My first feeling in the cup was not too much difference to the non-cup, but l like the Cup new interior more, the light blue odometer definitely a plus esp at night. I was worry that the ride gonna be very stiff and difficult for daily driving with the cup chassis but surprisingly it rides very well. It is not too bad compared to my Eibach lowered Jetta TFSI. My mate's R32 and another mate's R with 19" feels a lot stiffer. Not sure if its only me or you guys notice this, I feel that my old non cup had more power at lower rpm. Did Renault tuned the cup engine? I feel like the power only comes in from 2300-2500rpm and can go all the way to red line whereas my old non-cup power came like around 1900rpm and there was no need for me to go even closer to 6000rpm, anyone had the experience? or maybe my car needs a service or something? Anyways, I have always loved my old non-cup. I think the cup is even better (I do miss the full glass roof on the old non-cup) although the new 250 is out and i think that there are two different beasts, I just love to drive my Cup.
  8. Hi Guys, I am back to the Renault family, recently bought myself a Ph2 225 Cup in Blk, car is in good nick. Used to own a Ph1 LXR 225, could not get over it after I sold her in 2008. I am glad I have bought the Cup, loved it the moment I sat into the Cup and not to mention the drive. The Cup is overall very good condition, a couple of problems 1) the common engine mount - replaced at Alpine Affaire, thanks Collin 2) Xenon headlight, the aiming are terrible, left too low and right too high. Also I have some delimination (bubble on plastic cover) on the right hand headlight. Will probably start another tread and take pic to show u guys. Currently waiting for Renault Australia reply, the car went out of warranty in Mar 11. 3) Replaced a set of Michelin PS3, car drives beautifully now. Where can I get another ozrenaultsport sticker? I am in Melb. Hope to see you guys around. Cheers, Heng
  9. hhlau2 = username given by my uni. short for my full name H.Heng Lau well, used it since then Friends back in high school day used to call me Mark and my surname is Lau. Well, Mark Lau in cantonese means (monkey)
  10. hhlau2

    Bonjour everyone!

    welcome matey, good to know another meggy owner in Melbourne. Post some piccys of ur ride here cheers heng
  11. hhlau2

    Hi Guys

    welcome to the forum milan
  12. welcome matey good to know that there s another 225 in melbourne. the car looks mint cheers heng
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