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  1. Welcome and congrats!!
  2. Hi Mate,

    I'm looking for a 172-182 airbag control unit # 8200375763.

    Needs to have not been deployed

    Last hurdle to get registration.


  3. Welcome mate! Hopefully someone will be along with some local recommendations for you. @Matt205 might be able to help! I'm on the NB too so I'll keep an eye out!
  4. Moosey - don't forget to send some to me and @Deb in Sydney if you'd like. We're happy to distribute up here
  5. Welcome and congrats! She looks great
  6. walkie86

    Hello Hello Hello

    This + Megane engine/gearbox swap, please.
  7. walkie86

    Hello Hello Hello

    Welcome Mark but I must ask you these questions three: - WHAT is your name? - WHAT is your favourite colour? - WHAT is your preferred specification of RENAULTsport Megane configuration? But seriously, I look forward to assisting on the journey! Alex
  8. Agreed but there's a fair bit that needs doing to bring it up to scratch. I'd pay around 36% of the asking price
  9. Also interested in the list if you want some more advice.
  10. Welcome mate. I'd be going that low km silver 172 for $6k for sure! Super sleeper on the road and there's really not that much difference that you or I would notice when driving the 172 and 182 Cup back to back. The 172, being slightly softer, sounds more suited to your needs anyway. Just quietly, that $11k is laughably priced, given the apparent condition in the photos (see rims, bonnet and seats) and the fact it had belts done in 2014, so they're due again. Old mate in the ad, says "major service and timing belt replaced at 70k in 2014 not due for another 50k" - sure pal, I'd be getting that in writing if I was the purchaser!
  11. Congrats. The 3-dr 225s are pretty rare in non-R26/225 F1 Team guise. They're no different to a 5-dr non-Cup save for perhaps a slightly stiffer body given the 2 less openings. Otherwise the same. I think they're desirable, as they look awesome with the unique side rear window. Enjoy
  12. Welcome mate, what limited edition number is your car?
  13. walkie86

    RS Cruise

    Welcome mate! Lovely LY R27 you have there. Check out the social section - that's usually where drives are organised!
  14. Sorry, I meant Clio 3 200 as opposed to Clio 4 200 EDC.
  15. ^^^ that's all true for Europe. But in Aus we only got the Cup in the phase 3 200 series
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