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  1. Hi Paul..... welcome back. although you may not see the attraction of Tapatalk (maybe because you haven't used the forum in the past 4 years??), it is the way a high percentage of us access the forum due to its ease of use. It's unfortunate, but without Tapatalk many of us are just not frequenting the forum..... it's sort of feels like if we don't get this resolved soon the forum will die as people move on. im sure that I speak for a lot of people when I say that this forum has been a large part of our lives and we have met many great like minded people and made lots lasting friendships. I encourage you not to give up on Tapatalk as it seems very sad that we could let something so simple destroy something so great.
  2. Be interesting to see the usage figures for the forum since Tapatalk has been down, I've only logged on twice.......
  3. wade

    1St French Car!

    Harsh !!!!
  4. wade

    English Newbie

    Nice work mate ! It would be an even better read if you used a little bit of punctuation [emoji15][emoji6]
  5. wade

    Do's And Don'ts With Your Car (Mechanically)

    She must be trying to get the street directory which must have fallen onto the floor.
  6. wade

    Do's And Don'ts With Your Car (Mechanically)

    If you are going to rest your hand on your knob then you will also need this handy vid https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Oz7vVswzhQo
  7. wade

    Do's And Don'ts With Your Car (Mechanically)

    Rev limiters won't save you in that scenario [emoji6]
  8. wade

    Advice On Purchasing Clio Rs 3

    I think that if you bought one without recaro's you'd get seat envy every time you came to an OZRS meet [emoji6]
  9. wade

    Big Hello From Hong Kong

    Not looking hard enough [emoji6] Pretty sure there is even a dealer near wan chai
  10. wade

    Big Hello From Hong Kong

    I'm going to be in HK next month. Would be cool to catchup for beers with the HK OZRS team [emoji6]
  11. wade

    Factory Warranty And Track Days

    I personally think I would be fairly easy to tell if it happened at the track using the data in 99% of cases.
  12. wade

    Time For A New User Name

    I don't know...... We could make it into a game. Try to pick the member from their posts. Mikec90 and Clixx would be easy [emoji6]
  13. wade

    Factory Warranty And Track Days

    Yeah it seems a little strange.
  14. wade

    Factory Warranty And Track Days

    As deb said when the Clio 2's were new I was told that there was no problem with warranty. I had quite a bit of stuff replaced under warranty with the dealer being fully aware that I was constantly tracking and competing in the car....... I times they are a changing