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  1. spaleta_9

    New member, new Mk3 Clio RS Angel & Demon

    Great buy, we had a grey A&D in the garage for a few years and I found the matte paint by far the easiest to live out of all the cars I've owned. How have you found the polestar ownership? I almost bought a wagon a couple years back when new and still might get myself into one one day. Loved the noise and how comfy they were...
  2. spaleta_9

    182 cup or rs230 F1

    I owned both at the same time, you wont be disappointed with either choice but I'd stretch to an R26 if you have the funds. Best of both worlds with better reliability, still looks unique and awesome on the road imo. As others have said just drive them back to back and you'll know which you want straight away.
  3. spaleta_9

    2012 RS 265 Trophy

    Maybe start with a centre resonator removal, which is cheap and done by many 250/265 owners. Deeper tone and way more pops and bangs. If that's not enough then you can look at muffler changes. Full exhaust systems are available but are obviously a lot more expensive for what some would say isn't a much better sound.
  4. spaleta_9

    2013 Rs265 Cup Or 2013 Rs265 Redbull Rb8?

    Split the difference and buy one of the 8:08s for sale for around 25k
  5. spaleta_9


    Dobrodošli! Enjoy the forum! Pula is a beautiful place!
  6. spaleta_9

    Old Noob

    Congrats mate, I was literally looking at that ACT 200 yesterday thinking how much of a great pick up it would be for someone! I'll keep an eye out for you round town..
  7. spaleta_9

    Chasing That Megane Rs Dream

    If you're looking for a 265 in a unique colour I've got a mint example 8:08 for sale for you
  8. spaleta_9

    Old Member Back Again !

    Welcome back! Makes me remember the old site days... There's been a few old members going full circle of late and ending up back in a RS.. Should be able to find a nice 250 trophee for 20k!
  9. spaleta_9

    Newbie In Act - Rs250

    Welcome man, look forward to going for a cruise in the new beast. Glass roof looks good!
  10. spaleta_9

    New Act Megane Owner... Almost

    Welcome to another ACT owner, we must getting up there as far as RS owners per city these days. Hopefully the wait isn't too long!
  11. spaleta_9

    Hi! Just Bought Myself A 265. You Might Know It ;)

    Welcome to both RB7s. Drive day has to happen soon Julian!
  12. spaleta_9

    Not Quite Newbies.…...coming Back After 5 Years

    Welcome back! Good choice, I miss my R26 they're amazing cars. Looking forward to pics!
  13. spaleta_9


    Pretty simple decision IMO, you've had a focus, and the 250/265 will make you smile much more than a golf R. Do it
  14. spaleta_9

    Hi guys, it's been a while

    Great to see an old name back around! Still loving the BO 182.
  15. spaleta_9

    Hello from Syd

    LY is such a great colour, congrats mate.. Enjoy the car and the forum!