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  1. slick

    New Renault Lover

  2. slick

    Prospective Clio RS owner

    Welcome Bill. I have a 182 which I have done sprints in - glad to assist you if I can. Mark
  3. slick

    First Renault just purchased

    OK - maybe Bridgestone RE003 or Michelin PS4 - Exaltos are superseded now and therefore no longer available. RS3 or AD08R, whilst great road tyres, are probably a bit of an overkill for just the occasional track day (harsher ride, road noise etc).
  4. slick

    First Renault just purchased

    What do you primarily want the tyre for - road or track??
  5. slick

    First Renault just purchased

    Can I suggest either Yokohama AD08R or Hankook RS3/4?? Great road and track tyres.
  6. slick

    First Renault just purchased

    Ready to go then. What tyres are on it??
  7. slick

    First Renault just purchased

    Nice car - congrats. ? is it lowered, has there been any work done on it for the track.
  8. slick

    NEW PROUD OWNER of 172 cup phase 1

    Welcome. Best mechanics in Sydney are Miles and Julian from Renotech. They will give advice on what you need for track days also, including doing a high performance driving course!!
  9. slick

    New to Renaults and Melboune

    Agreed !!
  10. slick

    182 Clio Cup - Needs mods!

    Phillip Island is VERY fast in anything, but especially a 182. Make sure you have plenty of brake pad material left, fresh brake fluid and sort out your tyre pressures.
  11. slick

    182 Clio Cup - Needs mods!

    The standard car is fantastic - the best things you can do are good tyres (Yokohama AD08R, Hankook RS3/4) and better brake fluid and pads (front and rear). Then when you have done that and you want to get the best out of the car - do an advanced driving course and learn how to drive it!!!
  12. slick

    Bought My First Renault! What Should I Do First?

    Suggest you contact the guys at Renotech and discuss with them
  13. slick

    First World Problems ... What To Do With $35K?!

    Second hand Porsche Boxter S - lets get real!!
  14. slick

    Help! Buying A Clio 182 In Sydney

    Solution - wear braces!
  15. slick

    Black 182 In Perth

    That is the hot pressure range from the Yokohama factory. We tested extensively on 2 different circuits and found that the car was nicest to drive with 36lb hot all round. As Vaughan suggests, I think a Clio works better with higher pressure because they are comparatively light cars. At that pressure the car was neutral and I achieved competitive laptimes to other Clios etc