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  1. My heart dropped seeing you drive off in it but it definitely went to the right person. Way too many tyre kickers!!!! The Clio box is actually a very good OEM part and 95% of aftermarket products offer no benefit at all. You will lose power by changing it. There are a few alternatives though. If you have the $$$ you can buy an ITG kit but there is a bargain alternative which is purchasing a Renault Espace V6 airbox and ITG oval panel. It’s the same design as the ITG but half the cost. You could also model the intake off a clio cup racer by moving the battery in the boot to make room for a straight elbow into pod. Plenty of info on that here and on cliosport.net. I’d personally put the money towards Koni’s. Get used to the Renault spotting love. We're a secret society.
  2. I'm currently finding out if I can use my Clio module on the rsm with a new license. Will be running to get a trickle charger if so. Anthony, was great to deal and meet with you. Thanks for your time in delivering earlier than expected. I actually felt bad taking it away as I drove off.
  3. Shucks, I don't want to know. I screwed up royally 3 days after getting the Clio (6 mth suspension) and not making the same mistake with this one. I'll just say that getting to 5,000 happens from 2,000 and there' still so much more to play with after that When you're shifting at 55-60km the RSM is still in 1st up until about 70. Again, the comfort level is amazing and it's so quiet inside unless you wind down the windows and hear the whistle when the turbo spools. The windows are tinted so you do feel isolated from the outside but in a good sense. Blind spots will take some getting used to. Either the B pillar or from what I have heard maybe the headrest is a big culprit. Thanks for all the grats. I just can't believe I contemplated an XR5 overs this or even an MPS. It's sinfully good looking and has such a presence, not only because of that a*** but because it's unique in every way. I can't see the shape outdating. It does feel like you've grown up, a right of passage maybe if you love Renaults. Poor Clio is now at the back of the carport...
  4. berniebern

    not so newbie

    I had the pleasure of purchasing RS-225's BO 225 and picked it up yesterday. The obvious difference between this and the clio is the amount of power on tap but i was also surprised at how planted this thing is. There is a real difference I think with what a cup version brings even over a Clio with mild suspension mods. The comfort level is superb and feels like a bit of a cruiser. Can't wait for the drive up to Sydney next week and with cruise...finally!! So i guess its back to the drawing board and learning all about a Renault again.
  5. The interior alone I think is worth going to the cup. There is a red non cup though in NSW with the leather option.
  6. I reckon you could get that blue 2007 Ph2 for 23k. Been on sale for a while.
  7. Pretty. Will take getting used to though. x 2 on the avatar thing
  8. Dunno. It was my first ever nickname on the internet which I used when I signed up for my first e-mail account in hotmail. It never really stuck other than on the internet. People prefer to call me B, short for Bernard.
  9. A second search feature to search in actual threads would be fantastic. Sometimes it's painful trying to find alot of things on here. Just try looking for K&N Apollo + Dyno.
  10. It was about $800 including an A Service. You will not find a better price in Melbourne I reckon. Can't complain about the service. Car was ready on time and the piece of mind knowing the guys working on your cars have done this many times before is reassuring, especially when you are dealing with complex changes like this.
  11. Sensational. I got into the car at about 11:56pm and as soon as 00:00 clicked over I started her/him up. I smiled. I ended up going for a midnight Maccas run to Smith St and decided to take the Eastern Freeway to get there, making good use of the onramps . Even saw a FRB 182 going in the opposite direction. I smiled. And then on Wednesday morning I lost............................................the car again but only for 8 hours while I had the belts changed at Alpine Affair. Nah it wasn't like the first time again. When I took delivery of the car I stalled it about 10 times before getting the car home !! It was much better this time around. Gear changes were smooth, takes offs were precise and 2nd gear was my best friend rather than my enemy. As I said before I now feel like I really own the car and I have something to be proud of rather than an impending loss of license. I also feel like I can finally start learning more about the car and paying more attention to these forums. The ING account needs a rest after yesterday but I'm definitely looking forward to taking the expert advise of people on here and getting the most out of the car. So where can I get a Samco hose? Anyone care to start a new remap thread Hash....I was caught in August last year then being my niave self, thought I could take my clean driving record to court and get some sort of a let off. That bought me another 6 months until Feb 2007 where I received a MANDATORY suspension for 6 months. You can't get off unless you plead not guilty......der !!!
  12. Well spotted Took me a while to get one but not so long to lose him.
  13. For those of you who don't know, in 2006 3 days after picking up my new 172 I was caught speeding and lost my license for 6 months. For the next 6 months after that leading to the impending court date it just never felt like I really owned the car even though I could still drive it. It felt like I was driving a lost soul with no real owner. Then I completely lost her. Now.....11.999999999999 months since that day, the countdown is on to finally getting my license back. Tonight I'm like a kid on Christmas eve, just waiting for midnight to strike so I can open my present and go for a bit of a drive. It's as if I am a new owner all over again and why I am here, introducing myself. I'm Bernard. I'm 29. I'm French. I'm Victorian. I'm a RenaultSport owner.........................And I own a 2002 Iceberg Silver 172. Here's to safe driving, respect of not only the law but my car and a lessoned well learned.
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