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      <VIC> Social Drive and Lunch Sunday 25th Feb   07/02/18

      Our first Victorian ozRS social get together for 2018, with stunning Gippsland roads and lunch at Trulli Woodfire Pizzeria, Meeniyan. See Social Events section of the forum for details, and to register your attendence.


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  1. 2018 Supporter tags

    We love you guys! The store background has been set up. Just waiting on the artwork
  2. Thanks and you're sorted, as per my PM. Enjoy!
  3. OK guys so I just put a batch of stickers in the post. I could clearly ID SiMonster, Nikod123. IanCP - your address is UK based. Can you please PM to confirm, or give me a VIC address to post to. Rodman, can you please also PM me further info (name, address) as I can't match up your payment with your username. Thanks again to all for your support. And lastly, we will have stickers available at the VIC Social Drive/Lunch in two weeks time - Sun 25th Feb. 2018 Supporter Tags are just around the corner as well. Stay tuned.
  4. Hi guys. Apologies again. We're not receiving automatic notifications of payments, hence the delay. I'll get these out to you on or before this coming weekend. Many thanks again for the support.
  5. 2013 Megane Air-Con Problem

    I know that you need to set the temp higher than you would expect to have to with Meg III's to get warm air in the cabin. Is the issue just with the ventilation system? Are you running the a/c as well?
  6. Hi Ian, thanks for the offer of support. You can purchase both the supporter tag and stickers through the store. paulo and others, stickers are now in the post. Apologies again for the tardiness, and thanks for the support.
  7. Hey paulo. Apologies for the delay. Just had a look at this and payment came through fine. Will get the sticker in the post over the weekend. Thanks again for the support!
  8. Becoming a Trader

    Hi Rachel, please send me a PM and we can chat.
  9. Hey paulo. Thanks for the heads up. Will look into this for you.
  10. Selling Fiesta ST for a second hand Clio RS200 EDC??

    Yep fast road the Sport is more compliant over mid corner bumps and therefore handles better, and the Cup is only marginally better than Sport on track. THere's very little difference. Clio 4 Cup is softer than a Clio 3 Cup chassis. IMHO coilovers are overkill for the road. A decent set of aftermarket shocks and springs will do a better job. Saying that Renaultsport did/does a pretty epic job on the Clio 3/4 suspension. Hard to beat with any upgrade for road use.
  11. Selling Fiesta ST for a second hand Clio RS200 EDC??

    Welcome! I've driven all three chassis fairly extensively - Sport and Cup there isn't much difference in handling. They're both excellent. The Sport ride is noticeably more compliant. The 220 Trophy is on another level from a handling perspective with the penalty being a much firmer ride. I've also driven the ST and it reminded me of an old school hot hatch. Small, light, crashy, loose in the tail, etc. The Clio 4 handles superbly but is a lot more refined/composed when pushing hard. Of course some of us like a bit of rawness. Others don't. Personal preference.. And if you're sensing a lack of steering feel on the Clio, then don't bother with the Polo. The 2016 model that I had a drive of went hard in a straight line but complete disconnection between steering and driving wheels was my experience. Finally, unlike earlier Clio 2/3, Clio 4 has a timing chain which doesn't require the 4 yearly change of belt that pushes up ownership costs of the earlier cars.
  12. Hello from Switzerland

    Welcome! It's great to see a 'new' euro tuner take an interest in the Australian RS scene. Sorry my german is rubbish but we can try in french if you like??? We do have to respect our existing site supporters (commercial section), so feel free to PM me as an admin if you are interested in discussing this. Otherwise welcome once again!
  13. Hmm thought we'd sorted the store. Hold tight on that one.
  14. Back again... 4th time!

    welcometothornbury.com Further details in the Social Events section
  15. New Clio owner - Sydney