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    Hey guys - new Megane RS 280 owner! Wanted to join to see what other Aussie Renault Owners get up to in terms of mods & drive days. Loving the Megane RS 280 after coming out of an Amarok for work. Owned a 2014 Polo 77tsi previously and is great being back in a quick hatch (tad faster than the Polo hey). Manual late 2018 model, got the rims painted and loving the Titanium Grey. Tempted to get an aftermarket exhaust done soon, on the cards. Anyone aware of any ECU reflashes available in Aus too? Couple of snaps this morning from a cruise up Mount Glorious. 4 wheel steer is insane. Jacob 🙌🏼
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    Manual, cup, alcantara, Bose, panoramic roof & Daniel Ricciardo signed side mirrors cover
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    The looong awaited delivery date arrived yesterday. Finally part of the RS club! Haha Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Test drove a Megane RS(Orange) this morning and I was impressed by the comfortable ride. I wasn't after a hardcore hatch like a Ford RS just after one that was comfortable but handled well if I wanted to take it for a spirited drive. I believe that the Megane RS fitted the bill. I will take delivery of the car most likely mid next week. Some people may be surprised that I coming from a BMW M140i however the ride in the RS is superior and the handling is sharper. I'll probably miss the wallop of torque in the BMW but I couldn't really stretch it's "legs".I certainly will not miss the ride quality. I'll report back next week, hopefully Telstra will fix my phone line and I can use my computer rather than trying to type on a phone............ with pudgy fingers.😀
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    hi all, just wanted to drop in and say hi. I've been snooping around these forums for a month or so whilst i tried to find a clio sport. I've wanted one now since released so about 18 years! Yesterday i finally put down a deposit on a silver 182 Cup. The Price was too good to pass up given the condition (albeit does have a couple of qn marks mechanically..) Bit unsure if this is the appropriate place to address my "qn marks" but it would certainly put my mind at ease if other forum members could chip in on a few things: 1.) it seems to have a drone from the rear of the car, i've read here wheel bearings are a common issue so leaning this way. Just unsure if it could be something really nasty? 2.) a small rattle from rear (i'm actually not very stressed about this so unsure why i'm even noting it!) 3.) i have seen the members here suggest only buying a car with a good service history and confirmation around items such as the timing belt... I'll be honest the logbook in this one was less than perfect and was unable to confirm when the timing belt was done. The owner is going to check with his mechanic around this. I am simply going to assume i need to get it done prior to really driving the car (i'm in no rush) as it has 178XXXkm on it. Otherwise she all looked good bar aircon that doesn't work and auto wipers that don't! can't wait! pic attached for viewing pleasure and look forward to meetings and all the contacts/resources here.
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    Hello, just re-introducing myself. Was a member before, but for some reason wasn't, and now I'm back, Recently got my new RS280, EDC in Pearl White, formerly owned a Clio RS200 Cup
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    Hi Guys, This is my second Renault ( my first car was a Reno 16ts) and I’m absolutely loving it. It’s a 2015 Cup premium with a lot of factory options I was told by the last owner. I really appreciate this forum as there is so much information from you guys , it made my decision to buy it so much easier. I am also looking forward to the Sydney pizza meet up some time. Anyway here is my new baby
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    Just saying the longest Hi I will start off with that I am an avid Mazda MX-5 fan so this is unusual for me to be on a Renault forum, although I am on Aussiefrogs already as I own a Peugeot 207 HDi Lemans as well. Between me and my Dad we have had 4 MX-5's 2xNB SE's, a NC LE and a ND GT. We recently sold off my previous NB SE and our newer ND with the NC being long gone so now only have my replacement NB SE that is pretty much just a pure turbocharged track pig with plates. We really want the newer 2019 spec upgraded 135kw ND after fanging a media one down in Tasmania, but don't exactly want to pay 45K+ for one that will be worth 25K 3 years later. We will have to wait a year or two for a good used one like we did with our ND we just sold so that has led us down the path of acquiring something different which ended up being a Renault Clio 3 RS Angel and Demon. So we did not even buy what I though I was going to, I was looking at Peugeot 206 GTi 180's, Clio 2 182 Cups or possibly a Clio 3 197 R27 if I found one in the right condition for the right money, In the end through my Dad watched a Clio 3 RS Angel and Demon tumble in price that we picked up last week from Adelaide. A Red one. Only 30000km's on the clock with a good service history and pretty good condition. Dad and I are both really picky so good condition means basically new car to the general public. I went halves with my Dad just like we did with the ND MX-5. So joining the Renault brigade with track usage in mind is a bit left field for me, but was actually my idea. Basically I wanted something a bit more practical for use at MX-5 club tracks days that not only I am capable of driving. Something my Sister and Dad can also drive with out fear that my current MX-5 SE instils. Currently my Sister has been using her Kia Pro'Ceed which is surprisingly capable around Wakefield Park. I managed high 1'12's in it! The Clio will be a good substitute for her as all 3 of us can go down in it together and she can sell her car before it dive bombs in price, My Dad doesn't drive much, he more officiates but sometimes has a session out there. We drove it back to Sydney, via the Grampians National Park, Bendigo and Canberra. No sore body parts at all. The Recaro's are really great for a long trip which I was sort of expecting based on other sport and arce seats I have had in other cars. No rattles or any other problems either, It definitely drove the way a 30000km car should. So after driving it 1600kms there is 1 thing I don't like. The normal headlights. are rubbish. At maximum height they still do not shine very far at all. The high beam is however excellent. The only other thing I would say is that it is a bit thirsty considering we were mainly on dead flat 100km/h roads. We ranged between 7.8 to 9.0L/100km. The lower figure was when we had the air con on less, And these are measured figures at the bowser, not the in car ones which were within 0.2 anyway. Even my track pig highly modified MX-5 SE can out do that, And yes that revs higher than the Renault at freeway speeds, 3400 vs 3100. There are a few minor issues with the car, none of which the car is at fault, more previous owners/dealers plus us being very picky. We will likely rectify all of them over time. Only 1 Card/Key thingo was supplied. Normally we always ask about this but some how completely forgot. As the car had 2 owners in QLD before being wholesale Auctioned to the dealer in Adelaide, I will have little chance in finding who has the 2nd key. Not looking forward to the cost of a new one, A bit odd considering every book and receipt was supplied with the car. Unfortunately, the dealers mechanic work shop (FORD) had no Idea and replaced the tyres that still had 4mm of tread left with rubbish Chinese tyres that are just plain dangerous to drive on. The funny thing is, they did not do it because of tread depth as that was fine, they did it because they thought the car had the wrong size fitted or so says the 120 point mechanical inspection report. The only problem is it had the correct 215/40/18 size and they put 215/45/18's on it!!! My guess is they saw 215/45/17 as per regular Clio 3's and mixed it up with 18's. I will likely fix the tyres by the end of this week. Will end up with 225/40/18 boots. Most likely Dunlop Star Spec 2 or 3. 3 of the 4 rims have minor gutter rash which we knew about. Easy fix. I have done 3 sets of rims myself in the past and these look fairly straight forward as well. The front bar is not fitted correctly to the left guard. It was taken off by the dealer to replace a radiator support bracket that apparently had corrosion according to the report. We saw it upon inspection and requested it be fixed. It also had loose bolts and missing clips under the bonnet, ie careless by the mechanic. 36 hours later when we go to pick it up, it still was not right (ie we know they hadn't taken the bar off to refit it) but at least it had the loose bolts tightened and clips fitted so it wasn't going to just fall off on the trip home. I will re-align it myself. It's not hard so I don't see why the dealer just didn't do it like they said they would. My biggest concern being a ex QLD car was paint condition. The Matte Red is actually in very good condition. It just needs a good proper clean, Will need to invest in some DR Beasley's products as that has been working wonders on a mates Veloster Matte finish. The only paint issue the car has is actually the gloss black roof and mirrors. Both were faded and filthy on inspection and both were cut by the dealer at our request when we saw the state of it when we went to pick it up. Oops it is now full of swirls and holograms. The problem is as far as I can see, the roof is actually a wrap, not paint??? The mirrors seems to be just shiny black plastic as well. So from experience with my Pug 207 HDi Leman's Vinyl stripe I know cutting it will have likely destroyed its UV protection and it will fade even quicker now. But the swirls are killing me, so I will still likely polish them out and hope that regular application of Paint Sealant (synthetic Wax) will keep it going strong. Good thing it will be a Garage queen. The drivers seat has a little wear on the bolster. And I mean a little. The colour is a tad faded in a 1cm square area on the base and back rest bolster. Nothing a good leather condition and clean can't fix. There is no jack in the tool kit. Manual says there should not be one for RS models, but why have a wheel nut brace then as well as a hole for the jack??? Dealer noted in report and dismissed because of the manual. The original goo kit was missing which was replaced by the dealer with an aftermarket kit as per the report. Most of these kits are supposed to be replace every 5-10 years anyway. Typical poor panel and trim alignment French cars seem to suffer. Some of these I can adjust such as the drivers door being about 3-4mm to low. The car is going for a Blue Slip tomorrow to start off the NSW registration process. The only good thing about the Chinese tyres is the tread depth will be an easy pass. I will not be doing any major modifications to this car as it is pretty much fit for purpose out of the box for my intentions. Mods are saved for my MX-5. First as stated will be the tyres, and getting the front toe checked out and adjusted. I gather a little toe out on the front is a good thing like any FWD car? 0.5mm per side is my guess. I will be taking it to Marulan Driver Training Centre(now Pheasants Wood) to evaluate after this. I will be looking at tyre wear, brake performance and overall balance of the car. It is likely I will just put in some front Camber bolts as I can see visually there is not much front Camber. I already have a set of 14mm ones in the garage doing nothing anyway, Possibly a rear sway bar may be added later if there is to much understeer for my liking, And that is it. Not going to touch the Air Intake or Exhaust, keeping it nice and quite plus ECU seems to be an issue anyway from what I have researched if you touch the cat or headers. Like any NA car the gains are not that great for the $$$ spent anyway. I cannot see a reason to touch the springs or shocks, they are stiff enough as it is with factory CUP setup.
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    New toy Picked up my Megane RB8 yesterday, booked it into Alpine Affaire today for a service inc timing & v belt kits, water pump etc. Looking forward to taking it to Phillip Island track in March!
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    Hi, just picked up 2019 Megane R.S in tonic orange
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    A quick hello! Just picked up a Clio 197 supposedly for my son, but I suspect I'll be having more fun in it. I've had a range of cars including a couple of Alfas. In recent years though, an NB MX5 which I turbocharged and a few Hondas which I still have. The DC2 Type R is a stripped out, track only car and the FN2 Type R is road registered weekend toy with a K-frank in it. Very torquey, very easy to drive but oriented toward smooth roads and track days. And that brings us to the Clio. Picked it up in Singleton, and had a run through the back roads on the way back to Sydney. It's ultimately not as quick as the Civic, but I had so much fun it! A couple of things need attending to (engine mount, shocks wearing out, and steering rack bush) but MAN it was fun and so easy to drive. The car is at Renotech now getting the engine mount and drive shaft seal attended to. I'll slowly get to the suspension and steering rack...can't wait to get it back! I have to say though...much fewer 197s around than I expected.
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    Picked this one up about 6 weeks ago. Absolutely stoked with it. Very usable car (it's my daily), much more compliant and refined then I expected based on some reviews I'd read. Love the pops and bangs from the exhaust, the seats, heaps of features etc. Great car! Plus I just got it Opti-coated too which has made the paint way better than it was. Couldn't recommend it highly enough.
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    Hi everyone 🙋‍♂️, New to the forum having been told about it on more than a number of occasions. Should have joined sooner! Thought I'd share a few pics of my 2010 Renault Clio RS 20th Anniversary Edition. This is Number 13, lucky for some! Have had this little weapon for nearly three years now, purchased off an enthusiast who was recommended to me by a mate (suspect he's on this forum too). My partner and I are a single couple living in the city, we love how spritely it is for urban driving and its actually really versatile in terms of storage space. We can go away for a camping weekend with 6 man tent, gas, bbq, mattress, 2 bikes and tools, etc and it all (just) fits. Never mind this 4wd caravan rubbish. I only go on about this as its performance is obviously very well documented and I enjoy this about the car too. Next I plan on heading to the track for some initial track-day experience! Anywho, enough waffling, thanks for having me. Luke IMG_2928.HEIC
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    I had an Evo X before that an STi, wanted to try euro cars for a change, my last car before the Meg RS was an 2017 Koleos intens. Now my plates are back on the gotta love that ass🤤😍
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    Hi - my first post as just took delivery of a Clio172 Ph1 this morning arrived from Adelaide. Just parked her up in new home and off to register in NSW today. I hear that Renotech are the mechanics to use? Keen to get involved with track days, etc. Any advice appreciated. Thanks
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    Hi guys, Just brought this. Not looking at track days, this will be my daily.
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    Hey Guys, As of this evening, I placed a deposit on a Jet Black Australian GP Edition Megane RS250, and should collect later this week all going well. I've actually been a long time Renault fan, although this will be my first actual Renault car owned. Can't wait to pick it up and enjoy it! Thanks for having me here.
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    Hi Guys! Proud new owner of a 2006 Megane Sport 225 phase 2. Was advertised as a Cup but have doubts as to whether it is or not. First ever Euro car and loving it. It has some sqeaking and cabin rattles when driving on rough roads or bumps but otherwise it's in pretty good condition. Interior was well kept. Being a 13 year old car wasn't expecting it to be perfect. It's stock as far as I can tell although owner did mention something about possibly having aftermarket cams? Good service history although will need to do belts soon I think. Will probably have a heap of questions down the road so apologies in advance but hopefully I can contribute and help others out as well through my struggles that I will have at some stage I'm sure 😅.. First mod will probably be some new speakers 😂
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    Hi Guys, just picked up my first Renault sport, an 05 blood orange sport cup 225. very happy with this one unlike my first.............. second Renault, this was the first one, a 1.6 Megane 04 hatch with 100k on the clock, bought it unlicensed and cleaned it up and got it over the pits for my niece to learn to drive in. Didn't even get through one tank of juice and the timing belt idler bearing decided to drop its babies at 5k rpm on a freeway on ramp, chaos ensued with the usual symphony of pistons vs valves. i towed it home and tried my best at some french swear words then just got on with it and stripped it down, redid the head, cleaned it all up and fitted all new timing gear which was a good learning project. its a happy runner now the 1.6 anyway but the 225 caught my eye and i picked it up this afternoon. Im in love, what a ripper package! cheers Shaun
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    As promised, Out with the old... In with the new!
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    I've only had the car a few days but I'm loving it.The suspension is more compliant than my M140i.The handling is sharper as well.I really need more driving time with the car.The acceleration pick -up is very good not to mention the crackling sound of the exhaust note.I am also very inpressed with the fit and finish of the car.I used to work at Ford and I know what to look for. Anyway just a very short review and a picture,I will post more in regards to my review of the car as I do more Klms.
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    Hey guys, I thought I'd introduce myself. I purchased a Ph1 Megane 225 a few months ago with a good service history and relatively fresh timing belt. It's great to find such a helpful forum for these cars here in Oz! So far I've started working on restoring some of the tired parts like rims (painted graphite), engine mounts and sticky interior as well as short shifter mod but have also ordered an RS tuner. I had planned to install new steering rack bushes but was in able to remove the inner tierod :(. I also went to replace the lower control arm bushings however Superpro part did not seem correct? This is my first Renualt after having 4x4's for years, I've got to say I love the character of these! Thanks
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    In that case, the grass at the start of the straight at Lakeside. Nice pic of @tripleturbo
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    Morning all, Just thought I’d introduce myself and my recent purchase. I’ve been a French car nut forever, had the occasional English car, but mostly owned Peugeot’s over the years (505, MI16, GTi6, bunch of 205 GTis, 406 coupe, GTi180, RCZ, 308 GTi etc). I’ve recently purchased a 2005 Clio Sport 182 Cup as a run about. I’m not a huge fan of modern turbo engines (both the sound and the power delivery), so I’m hoping it will bring back some of my 205 GTi enjoyment, with a (little) bit more safety. So far it feels like a mix between the GTi180 and the 205 GTi – A good thing. I was never a massive fan of the look of them when they were released, but they’ve really grown on me, particularly as cars have expanded in size (particularly roof height) so much over the years. It’s tiny proportions make me smile. The car is in amazing condition for its age, no wear at all on seats, paint is in excellent condition and it is a one family car. Definitely seems to have been owned by car enthusiasts. It is reasonably high in ks (189k), but feels really tight and solid - no strange noises, rattles or clunks. It has a pretty good service history, although not all at Renault dealers. The last service (4k ago) was done by Renault with all fluids changed. It passed an ACT rego check through the Govt inspectors at Hume a few months ago, so I can’t see any probs passing again, although I note there is a minor leak from the gear selector which seems to be a common issue (I’m assuming not a simple fix?). Although the book is stamped, I have about 60% of receipts throughout its life, and the owner recalls the cam belt being done in the last few years, I’m not going to take the risk, so planning to get it changed in the next week or so for peace of mind. While I’m at it, I thought I’d ask a couple of quick questions if you don’t mind: · One thing that surprised me (given my 1990 MI16 had them) is the 182 (or this one at least) doesn’t seem to have a one touch drivers electric window. Is there a simple switch swap (from another model) to add this feature? · The steering wheel looks ok, but does feel quite scaly. Is there an easy fix for this, or recover with leather the only solution? · The rear mufflers don’t seem to be leaking at all, although the outside (of one particularly) has a rusty patch. Is this generally a sign of an impending failure? · The clutch actually feels really smooth, no shudder and no slipping. Given it has quite a few k on the clock, is this something that I’d likely expect to replace in the coming years, or do they generally last forever? I plan on giving her a good detail this weekend (not much to do – paint feels great), lowering the seat (removing spacers), doing the hose / cable tie fix for the LHS exhaust hanger which looks a little worn, fitting some RE003s (current tyres are ok tread wise, but getting a bit old), having an alignment and suspension check carried out (replacing any bushes / shocks if needed), but that’s probably it for now. Apologies, my intro became a bit more long winded than planned. Ben
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    No, that looks normal, all sticky and shity looking.
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    Not strictly mine, and not strictly new...but the old man has decided to park a Clio VI RS200 next to my Meggy. Like a couple of peas in a pod
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    Hi everyone. I'm Peter and I'm the proud new owner of a 182. It's a little weapon! It's going to be raced in Improved Production so I'm all ears for cost effective ways of making these things faster. The whole idea is bang for the buck racing in a fun category. The car itself is a bit tired but it's already great to drive. Early plans are cage, gearbox rebuild, a straight through exhaust, powerflex black bushes, Ds3000 pads and some coil overs. Any recommendations between Konis or Bilsteins for racing? Need to be able to be serviced/revalved, preferably in Aus. Any fancy shiny parts won't be on this car. If it doesn't make it faster, I'm not interested. My other cars are Gp S Alfetta GTV, NC MX5 and V8 Hillman Imp sports sedan. My Insta ID is RaceBreakFixRepeat, so that's where build pics will be. Going to do YouTube build videos too. Fun!!
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    IMHO pay a bit more (closer to $5,000) and get one with a good service history that's been well maintained -- brakes and pads, fluids (brake, coolant, power steering), both belts including tensioners, water pump etc, engine mounts, and tyres well suited to the Clio like PS3 or RE003s. Their famous handling and character is very much dependent on tyres. Otherwise whatever you buy you'll need to spend another $3,000 doing the engine mounts, belts, tyres, brakes and fluids to get it up to scratch.
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    Pick it up tomorrow, then ~700km to home Friday and Saturday. Getting pretty excited. James
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    G'day all, joined the forum a few weeks ago, thought I should give myself a bit of an introduction. Currently own a 2015 Clio IV Expression 1.2 with just under 70,000 clicks from new, my wife and I absolutely love driving it, and personally, no better bang for buck for it's princely price of 19K drive away. Having said that, coming close to the end of the 5 year warranty, and after test driving it's competition, we wanted to stick to a Renault, preferably a Clio but one with a bit more driving involvement, and so, last Saturday, we put our money down on a almost new 2017 Clio Trophy 220 with only 42km on the clock in liquid yellow (best colour for an RS in our opinion) This is going to be a daily driven, mostly by my wife on Mon-Fri as I have a Street Triple R that I ride to work, but will definitely be looking forward to listening to the Akra's on the weekends. 😁 I'll update this thread with more pics when we pick the car up on Wednesday, in the mean time, here are some pics of our current Clio and the soon to be adopted 220 😍 Cheers, Tigon
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    Good problem solving right there. One or three dry joint joints on a pcb that is flexed day in day out. No joy. 30 mins on the soldering iron. $800 of issues solved. I like it. Full marks Vaughan. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Don’t forget to come to the 2’s on 2’s Clio ll meet on the 2nd of Feb. The first "2's on 2's" annual Clio ll meet in Melbourne open to all 172 ph1, 172 ph2, 182, 182 Cup, 182 Trophy and V6 is on Saturday 2/2/19 at 5:00pm , Yarra Bend, Loop Picnic Area. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Loop+Picnic+Area+and+Playground/@-37.7987676,145.0093195,17.83z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x6ad643a6799a6425:0xe773dcfdc350067b!8m2!3d-37.7987578!4d145.0104701 It is the opposite side of the Yarra from Studley Park and entrance is obtained from the north side of the Eastern Fwy. At this point we will be meeting here, bringing some snags, steaks and drinks and talking Clio ll's for a couple of hours. It is a family friendly venue for kids or dogs with the playground next to the bbq area as well as the walking paths and foot bridge over the Yarra to Studley Park. We will be going for a cruise after we finish up here for those who wish to come for an easy drive somewhere beach side.
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    Honestly Gambit I’m probably not the best person to be able to give a decent comparison. I can only go on what I had before which was a 2007 Mazda 3 MPS to this one. I love the look and feel of it. Everything I could want in that regards. It’s comfortable, once your inside, and a joy to drive. It does have a few ‘buts’... From what I’ve read, no one with a previous gen RS I going to jump in this and go “wow”. When I got in my last car for the first time I remember how intimidating the turbo spook sounded, the BOV firing and the torque steer was. This car is a lot more tame and the computer takes away all that aggressiveness that I was accustomed to - which is fine because I’m 35 now not 25. Something I didn’t pick up on in the test drive is just the lack of space. I have my wallet, car card, phone, a pair of glasses and I’m honestly struggling to work out where to put them. Wouldn’t have made me change my mind on the car but man it’s lacking. There is a funny little bit in the centre console but that my partner asked “what’s this used for” and the only response I could come up with was “paper clips?. I have only driven it from one side of Brisbane to the other in peek hour times so far. So I’ll refrain from commenting on the four wheel steer until I get to test it out on some twisties. The Rlink system is a bit meh. Definitely not catered for a couple who like to have both phones connected and easily switch between them to play music or something. I’m averaging 16.5L/100 at the moment in fuel. That’s me being semi conservative, so I hope that improves! Despite all that, 2 days in and almost got my first speeding ticket today. So it’s definitely fun to drive. Very happy with my upgrade. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hi guys. You’ll notice that the forum logo as of a day or so ago has a fresh look. Good news is that we have stickers ready to go with the same design. Will get a pic uploaded ASAP.
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