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    Howdy all, First time Renault owner, just picked up my little beauty - 2015 Clio R.S. 200 Cup Premium black on black. Just came out of VW golf 7R manual, so they’re very different cars but I’ve lusted after a Clio RS for a few years now, I just love the black on black colour combo with the contrasting red seatbelts and brake calipers. It also has the optional checkered decals on the roof and rear spoiler, which is a nice touch IMO!! PS I haven’t had a chance to take a proper photo in daylight yet!!
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    Hey Guys and Gals... Yes, Cape Town, unfortunately the Renault scene in SA is not much of a scene 😅 So this is my Megane 3 RS Cup, always wanted one and when this one came available I couldn't resist. I'm planning quite a few upgrades for her and already ordered quite a few "go-faster" & "go-lower" parts for her from Europe.
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    Hi, I just picked up my first Clio 172, mostly stick to two wheels but all my mates have Porsche 911's now and they are a little out of my price range at the moment. Plan on doing a few track days etc. with it so keen to hear of any events and drives that may be coming up.
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    Hi all New owner of a '13 RS which I'm using as my daily drive commute from the Central Coast to the city. 38xxxkms in great condition I'm finding it's a good compromise and I'm not even minding the few traffic jams I've been in so far. Previously I've had a Lotus Elise as a weekend car but as I have 3 kids - it was fun for me only. The Megane keeps everyone happy and I must say, is such good value particularly given how many k's I put on them. I was looking at Skoda octavia RS, VW GTIs and Rs however the value in second hand (even immaculate) Megane's is outstanding.
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    Hello all, i bought my beloved Clio ph 1, 172 cup of a friend a few months ago and just had a chance to jump on here. Needless to say I’ve been enjoying every minute of owning my first Renault, it’s my daily driver and is perfect for my short runs to work. I live in Sydney and hope to connect with any other 172/182 owners if they exist. The plan is to get to the track so I thought i’d Get on here to do some research on basic, low budget mods you would all recommend in preparation, I’m sure there’s plenty of threads/posts that have covered my generic questions. Would someone be kind enough to provide some essential links on... Sydney Renault track days, good mechanics, where parts get traded on here or anything else you might think could help a newbie? thank you in advance! josh
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    I've owned 4 Fuegos including one that I built as a track-day car with the luxury of roll cage, race seat and 5 point harness. I currently own an RS225 road car and a 172 which is well on the way to being a very nice track-day car. What I'm hoping y'all can help me with is a 172 driver's seat with intact airbag which I need in order to make it roadworthy. I'd rather go the whole hog and fit a cage, race seat and harness, but sadly it's not possible to register with those mods and the 225 ain't big enough to tow a car trailer. I live on the far north coast of NSW. If someone out there has a seat they don't need, please give me a call on 0407 357 627. The Recaros in the photo will be up for sale. Cheers, JimiD
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    Hey there everybody. I've been hit by the RS bug real bad. I bought myself a 2017 Clio RS 220 Trophy last November as my daily drive as a Sydney based sales rep and on the weekend just gone I took delivery of a 2006 Megane RS 225 Cup F1. I'm currently going through the whole blue slip thing whilst on holiday up here in Port Mac and am looking forward to getting it back on Thursday (2 days away). I look forward to accessing the collective brains trust available to me within the Oz Renault Sport forum. Cheers Matt Green aka Kemo
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    Good morning all. Thought I’d say a quick hello, as I put down a deposit on a 265 trophy yesterday (my first ever Renault) and should be picking it up next weekend. I know that the VW and Focus drivers will now hate me ( and probably refuse to let me in front of them in traffic lol) But given it’s my first ever euro model car (previous cars were a AE82 Corolla twin cam and currently a Proton Satria GTI - so I really have jumped ship!) I’m gonna have questions, so when they do pop up, please be nice to the noob 😂 This is my new baby
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    Thank you all 🤙 Here’s a quickie photo I took (apologies for the rain droplets in the photo) of the checkered flag roof decals 🏁
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    Hi all, I've just ordered a Clio RS200 Sport from Buckby's in northern Tassie. Just wondering how many other RS owners there are nearby? I've never owned a Renault before but couldn't pass up the opportunity to experience one of these cars on Tassie's fabulous roads. Cheers JJ
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    Courtesy of our friends at renaultsportclub.co.uk: https://www.renaultsportclub.co.uk/forum/renaultsport-models/clio/5060-renaultsport-clio-colour-s-code-s
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    What do you want to use it for? If public road use: the stock setup is superb, just put on good tyres and have fresh fluids (oils, brake, cooling, power steering). The stock setup is good for track work too. Lower and firmer suspension will be faster but at the expense of daily driving. Age is the enemy so rubber and plastic parts perish. A change of bushes would freshen things up. Later 172s and all 182s came with lower front wishbones that have more camber. These are a direct swap, and in fact the older type are NLA, so that’s a good simple OEM upgrade. The bushes cone with the wishbone too. Apart from that, put a purple poly bushes in the dog bone engine mount. In fact, check that all mounts are ok and replace with stock if needed.
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    You can get a AASA annual or day permit on their website, that’s all you need. Many of us have CAMS licences because you can use them for everything but you need to join a CAMS affiliated club. The RCCA is a good option.
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    Join the fb page RenaultSport Victoria, boys organise cruises and meets, it’s pretty good
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    The NSW blue slip is far more rigorous than a roadworthy inspection. In QLD roadworthy inspection are not required each year, only when the car is sold. I recently had a QLD car registered in NSW and the engine number on the original rego from new was actually the part number barcode on the block. Apparently that’s quite common. Then I discovered the car had a new engine fitted under warranty and the rego hadn’t been updated by the dealer or owner.
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    Thanks - chuckovski, SamR and mmh - looking forward to seeing what I can make of the Megane RS 225 Cup F1. The Clio I'm leaving as is for a while. The blue slip discovered a faulty left ball joint and the complete rack so it's been a delayed start. Turns out a Qld roads n transport RWC ain't worth the paper it's printed on. Cheers Matt
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    Thanks for your help everyone; had an inspection at Renotech and I am now the proud owner of a 2011 RS250