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    The looong awaited delivery date arrived yesterday. Finally part of the RS club! Haha Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Test drove a Megane RS(Orange) this morning and I was impressed by the comfortable ride. I wasn't after a hardcore hatch like a Ford RS just after one that was comfortable but handled well if I wanted to take it for a spirited drive. I believe that the Megane RS fitted the bill. I will take delivery of the car most likely mid next week. Some people may be surprised that I coming from a BMW M140i however the ride in the RS is superior and the handling is sharper. I'll probably miss the wallop of torque in the BMW but I couldn't really stretch it's "legs".I certainly will not miss the ride quality. I'll report back next week, hopefully Telstra will fix my phone line and I can use my computer rather than trying to type on a phone............ with pudgy fingers.😀
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    2017 Model. Picked her up with very low k's for low 20s Glad to be part of the forum!
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    Honestly Gambit I’m probably not the best person to be able to give a decent comparison. I can only go on what I had before which was a 2007 Mazda 3 MPS to this one. I love the look and feel of it. Everything I could want in that regards. It’s comfortable, once your inside, and a joy to drive. It does have a few ‘buts’... From what I’ve read, no one with a previous gen RS I going to jump in this and go “wow”. When I got in my last car for the first time I remember how intimidating the turbo spook sounded, the BOV firing and the torque steer was. This car is a lot more tame and the computer takes away all that aggressiveness that I was accustomed to - which is fine because I’m 35 now not 25. Something I didn’t pick up on in the test drive is just the lack of space. I have my wallet, car card, phone, a pair of glasses and I’m honestly struggling to work out where to put them. Wouldn’t have made me change my mind on the car but man it’s lacking. There is a funny little bit in the centre console but that my partner asked “what’s this used for” and the only response I could come up with was “paper clips?. I have only driven it from one side of Brisbane to the other in peek hour times so far. So I’ll refrain from commenting on the four wheel steer until I get to test it out on some twisties. The Rlink system is a bit meh. Definitely not catered for a couple who like to have both phones connected and easily switch between them to play music or something. I’m averaging 16.5L/100 at the moment in fuel. That’s me being semi conservative, so I hope that improves! Despite all that, 2 days in and almost got my first speeding ticket today. So it’s definitely fun to drive. Very happy with my upgrade. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Enjoying her so far. Lots of unusual quirks I am trying to get used to and couple of interior squeaks like brake pedal, passenger belt buckle and centre console lid.
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    Hi, Just picked a '13 Premium pack with only 33,000km on the clock. Looks and feels almost new. Has anyone here remapped one of these? From some googling it looks like Fastchip's RS Tuner is a good (and well priced) option(?). Cheers
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    Hi Guys and Girls, Just purchased a second hand GT220 premium, White with leather interior. ~70K Kays on the clock Flew up to the GC from Sydney, did a quick look over, then drove it back the ~800 kays or so to home the same day (yesterday). Issues found so far: 1. Brakes quite spungie... I think it needs new discs, so will get that checked (I'm no expert). 2. Second remote control not working. Put in a new battery and all good! 3. Front wiper water spray not working. Filled up (looks like it may have been empty), but still not working. Might be a pump issue 4. Door handles (all of them) not locking or un-locking the car. Key cards work fine, so not sure what the issue is here. 5. Reverse camera terrible and utterly useless in dark (is that normal)? 6. Maps well out of date. Looking in to how this can be updated (and any tomtom online features). Just waiting for the r-link download to finish as apparently I have some 'updates' waiting for me. Current version (pre--download) is: ID: R-Link TomTom LIVE Part: 259156761R App: 11.330.1860562-6030 GPS: 2.18.911.213736 MAP: Aust v971.v7597 7. Not sure if we can get TomTom to work with online stuff (traffic information etc). Done some research on this forum, but still searching.... (subtle hint if anybody knows to shout out ) I did scan the car with torque pro and a ODB bluetooth adapter, no errors, which was a good thing. Looking forward to learning more about the car. Got a lot of time in the car in the 8+ hour drive home, pressed almost every button, but didn't realise about the lane departure button until too late (only noticed the camera in the last couple of hours of the trip!). Nice to meet you all. I come from a mixed car background, and also run a few car forums (australia) for other cars (I've got an Audi S5 V8 with supercharger!)....
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    You have to remember that if you're in a Renault Sport then storage is a swear word! Sent from my CPH1879 using Tapatalk
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    Let me fix a few things first and then I would be pleased to send some photos up!
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    Great wheels! Now you just need to lower the suspension to match... Then get new dampers to match the springs... Then get a roll centre adjustment kit... Then change the final drive ratio to adjust the gearing... Well that’s how I think! p.s. I’m full of it! I’ve got so many ideas for my car and haven’t done one!
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    I dislike them because they aren’t a Clio ll, and if you’re surprised how fun a Clio lV is wait until you jump into a 172 or 182
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    Hi all, after many as an admirer i have my first Renault and a pretty special one i think. Now the proud owner of an rs 275 trophy. Look forward to enjoying with like minded enthusiasts.
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    I bought the Sport (non-cup) and it's auto.I had tested a Golf GTI (7 speed DSG) the previous week and I can confidently say that Renault's EDC is superior. The RS will also be used to cart around my elderly parents.Hence the 4 doors played a large part in the decision process to buy the RS. I'll post more thoughts on the test drive about the GTI later. But all I'll say is that it was disappointing and not a patch on my Mk 7 Golf R(dsg).
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    Mini good Clio great 👍
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    So after many months of trying different things and speaking to my mechanic. He got me to try another bottle of Injector cleaner on a full tank of 98 octane. Even after tried two other brands and a octane boost it's been fixed and no longer jerks and coughs at high rpm. I think it was shit fuel from a road trip in the country i took a while back.
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    Hi everyone 🙋‍♂️, New to the forum having been told about it on more than a number of occasions. Should have joined sooner! Thought I'd share a few pics of my 2010 Renault Clio RS 20th Anniversary Edition. This is Number 13, lucky for some! Have had this little weapon for nearly three years now, purchased off an enthusiast who was recommended to me by a mate (suspect he's on this forum too). My partner and I are a single couple living in the city, we love how spritely it is for urban driving and its actually really versatile in terms of storage space. We can go away for a camping weekend with 6 man tent, gas, bbq, mattress, 2 bikes and tools, etc and it all (just) fits. Never mind this 4wd caravan rubbish. I only go on about this as its performance is obviously very well documented and I enjoy this about the car too. Next I plan on heading to the track for some initial track-day experience! Anywho, enough waffling, thanks for having me. Luke IMG_2928.HEIC
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    Hi Guys, Thought I should introduce myself before I jump into the forum. I've never owned a Renault before this one but grew up on them as my father loved them and we always had 12s, a 20, and a couple of 16s kicking round. .Just two weeks past bought my first one a late 2013 Megane 265 Cup. Loving this insane handling and powerful FWD car. Got it with 48,000km on the clock, blue in colour. Very happy with the purchase. Been quite a while since I've owned a decent FWD car. Its a little different to the rest of the garage with a skyline and a heavily modified Datsun 260Z sitting in the garage along side it.
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    Glass roof, electric Leather front seats....nice
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    Hi all New owner of a '13 RS which I'm using as my daily drive commute from the Central Coast to the city. 38xxxkms in great condition I'm finding it's a good compromise and I'm not even minding the few traffic jams I've been in so far. Previously I've had a Lotus Elise as a weekend car but as I have 3 kids - it was fun for me only. The Megane keeps everyone happy and I must say, is such good value particularly given how many k's I put on them. I was looking at Skoda octavia RS, VW GTIs and Rs however the value in second hand (even immaculate) Megane's is outstanding.
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    So we have this now 2015 RS265 Cup Premium ! Picking up Thursday Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
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    Guys I just wanted to say thanks and I appreciate all the advice. I read it all (even the troll posts) before making my final decision today. Was at the dealership all day (I did have to walk out twice) before we struck a deal in the late afternoon. If my post rubbed some people up the wrong way, then apologies I guess? Newbs would be more likely to follow the 'unwritten rules' if they were written down somewhere I guess. I guess it's good to see people 'debating'. Shows you all care. Ended up with a Demo 2015 265 Cup Premium. Wasn't a huge fan of the soft feel leather in the 275 and in my opinion the better exhaust and other improvements were not wort the extra $9000. Looking forward to picking it up in the next few weeks and posting a few pics! Again, much appreciated! You are all fantastic. Big shout out to user Barny who hit me up privately with some solid advice. Cheers.
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    Pay what the car is worth to you and enjoy it. The forum isn't in the business of beating down dealers. Find someone you want to work with, and buy a car from them. It's not a war. As others have said, this community is about sharing the love of all things RS. I'm not totally against sharing prices, but unfortunately it's a conversation that never ends well and is best avoided.
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    Thought that this thread was long overdue. Please feel free to post your preferred service location - dealer or independent specialist. Hopefully should be a good national resource!