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    Hi there, I've sent a message via the "contact us" button a few times but I don't think I've had a response. I'm Rachel from CGR Automotive and we're interested in becoming a trader on the forum. Could an admin message me to let me know how we'd go about this please? We seem to be taking a lot of orders from Australia at the moment so it'd be a good place to be able to answer questions and advertise products. Thanks! CGR Automotive https://www.cgrautomotive.co.uk/
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    Hey there, Thought I'd introduce myself, names Scotty from Central Coast nsw, just bought myself a 2015 Megane gt line as a run around. Would of loved an RS but the 4 doors are more functional with a toddler! Thought I'd join up see if anyone is doing anything with these, first off I'll be changing the wheels, not a huge fan of the stock alloys
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    Hi all, finally fessed up and bought a 2004 Renault sport 225. New to this scene and keen to attend some meet ups next year with some Brisbane owners!
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    Few new mods, 4 Point Harness, new set of Cup 2’s and a genuine Renault cargo net to hold it all down haha Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Picture of invoice gents. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Definitely get them on board, awesome products.
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    Not a performance mod, but definitely get a dead pedal and support the fella on this board who makes them. Search ebay for it.
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    Sorry, yes member's ride section I have now added my projects to each of my cars. Easier than to create new themes each time.
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    Hello team, My name is Matt and I live in Melbourne. I've mostly been driving Volkswagens (I am on VWWatercooled) but have recently bought an old Civic to fix up and moved into a new job. A Colleague has a Megane II and after a few drives I was really impressed. The plan is to purchase the car as soon as they figure out the car they want to replace it with. This is a great looking forum you've got. Looking forward to learning more and hopefully becoming a Renault owner soon.
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    My 172 has a cargo net and it's really good (most surprisingly). My son just bought an RB8 Megane and I was thinking a net might make a nice present for him.
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    Wow that looks good for a 2004 car.
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    That's awesome, CGR make some magnificent looking exhausts and aftermarket parts for Renault's!
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    Disabling Cat errors is typically included in stage 2 tunes. Most stage 1 tunes don't include this feature. Usually it doesn't present a problem, but occasionally on long freeway drives the error can occur. Clear it and you should be fine until the next long freeway drive. Otherwise you should visit the tuner who did the tune and ask for the Cat diagnostics to be disabled. This can be done without having to change the rest of your tune.
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    I'm amazed at how comfortable the sport is, and trundling around town in normal mode you're basically in a good white goods car, aka Mazda 3 for example. Then it can transform into a beast! It's quite special. I disagree about the EDC, I don't mind it and I hated our Skoda DSG. The missus loves it too. I would prefer a torque converter though...
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    So picked it up from Solar Style, Opti Coat Pro + completed. Looks bloody shiny [emoji41] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk