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    Hi Guys, This is my second Renault ( my first car was a Reno 16ts) and I’m absolutely loving it. It’s a 2015 Cup premium with a lot of factory options I was told by the last owner. I really appreciate this forum as there is so much information from you guys , it made my decision to buy it so much easier. I am also looking forward to the Sydney pizza meet up some time. Anyway here is my new baby
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    Hey Guys, As of this evening, I placed a deposit on a Jet Black Australian GP Edition Megane RS250, and should collect later this week all going well. I've actually been a long time Renault fan, although this will be my first actual Renault car owned. Can't wait to pick it up and enjoy it! Thanks for having me here.
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    As promised, Out with the old... In with the new!
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    Hi everyone. I'm Peter and I'm the proud new owner of a 182. It's a little weapon! It's going to be raced in Improved Production so I'm all ears for cost effective ways of making these things faster. The whole idea is bang for the buck racing in a fun category. The car itself is a bit tired but it's already great to drive. Early plans are cage, gearbox rebuild, a straight through exhaust, powerflex black bushes, Ds3000 pads and some coil overs. Any recommendations between Konis or Bilsteins for racing? Need to be able to be serviced/revalved, preferably in Aus. Any fancy shiny parts won't be on this car. If it doesn't make it faster, I'm not interested. My other cars are Gp S Alfetta GTV, NC MX5 and V8 Hillman Imp sports sedan. My Insta ID is RaceBreakFixRepeat, so that's where build pics will be. Going to do YouTube build videos too. Fun!!
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    Hi guys, Just brought this. Not looking at track days, this will be my daily.
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    Pick it up tomorrow, then ~700km to home Friday and Saturday. Getting pretty excited. James
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    hi guys, thanks to mate rszwei for introducing me to this forum last year i bought a 2015 rs265 in liquid yellow, one owner, 38,000km nz spec includes recaros, rs monitor, 19in black + red wheels. coming from a golf mk5 gti, the meg is a revelation car is stock apart from a set of michelin cup2 tyres.
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    hi, i'm north of wellington. car is ex-auckland. there's various meg 3 rs (phase 1,2,3) scattered through both islands, including 265 redbull, 275 trophy, a couple of 275 trophy r.
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    IMHO pay a bit more (closer to $5,000) and get one with a good service history that's been well maintained -- brakes and pads, fluids (brake, coolant, power steering), both belts including tensioners, water pump etc, engine mounts, and tyres well suited to the Clio like PS3 or RE003s. Their famous handling and character is very much dependent on tyres. Otherwise whatever you buy you'll need to spend another $3,000 doing the engine mounts, belts, tyres, brakes and fluids to get it up to scratch.
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    @BramsUnironic use of the hard t in renault is perhaps the best metric for whether you use that mechanic/panel beater or not
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    Ha! No it's OK. A lot of people have never even heard of roll centres. I know struts are easy to fix re roll centres, but like all suspension work you can't always predict the results and sometimes changes lead to counter-intuitive outcomes. I have a Hillman Imp with mid mount V8. I'm rebuilding the chassis in that and have the chance to reset the rear roll centres there. Now THAT is a job I don't want to mess up. 600kg, 300hp, 2m wheelbase.
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    Just received my, where do you guys usually put it on, I’m also OzRS supporter, happy to pinch in for such a great community 😉
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    Post up a pic of newly installed sticker in this thread 🚙
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    In saying that I do love the car, I like what it does through corners, I like the boost. Really like that its a coupe as due to the nature of the auto market we are seeing fewer and fewer coupes being build in general, so if you want a three door hatch or just a smaller wheeler based tarmac rally car style thing in general its hard to find one these days. Not even that its three door just finding something where the chassis is small enough to transition through corners right. My first car was a 1997 subaru impreza, sadly i've seen the wrx just get bigger, heavier and longer as time goes on, by which point you have a full sized sedan and are now competing in a completely different segment. I believe that people will look back on the 250-275s as really cool cars in their time. Same way I feel about a 1998 wrx sti. I suppose the argument for there are better/ faster cars out there , true there are but not for the price, audi S1 breaks bank, S3, VW golf r...bank, wrx not what it was, evo, bank some are now classic (6.5) 'which isn't cooked', Focus ST not as focused 5d hatch, golf GTI not as focused, Mini Copper bank. Civic type R bank (looks like a video game) I actually like this car could I live with the way it looks all the time... no, It looks like it was drawn by a 14 year old. Point of this Rant, the Meganes sit in a very specific market segment which appeals to certain people who want a driver focus vehicle, its a pretty car and does what its supposed to do.
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    Hi, we had an issue upgrading the site to the 4.4 firmware, and our customised skin. Its been worked on overnight by our tech support, and IPS in the USA is trying to investigate why Tapatalk and our skin have had issues with the new software. Thanks for your patience :)
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    Thanks @Moosey but it started working a couple of days ago
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    @Lesault @yeetergoat strong Colin "Renolt" vibes from the panel beater above !!
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    Thanks Hamish. These are proving popular! Next batch will go in the post on or before this weekend 👌
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    Hey all, New to this forum as I currently own an Alfa 😬. I've had a love affair with hot hatches since I was a kid so naturally, the Clio Sport was next on my list! I'm looking at a few 172s in the coming weeks and was wondering what to look out for? Timing belt? Gear synchros? How much should I expect to pay if the timing belt needs doing? Anything else I should look for? Thanks guys!
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    That would depend on the ks. It's quite a labor intensive job and there is no guarantee that used compressor will last for long. That is very cheap though compared to buying a new one, though having to pay for labor twice in the case if that compressor fails soon after isn't particularly cheap.
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    Normally I wouldn’t chime in on the Megs but I have to say there are a few air gaps in the diagnostics here. Don’t buy anything yet. I’d get the system pressure tested first. Might be a $2 o-ring. Maybe a pressure switch. Maybe a wire off or loss of voltage due to over crimp. Any number of things. Take to RT if that is easy for you. As an aside my 172 compressor is 17 years old and going just fine. Peeps used to say they were rubbish in 2004. Just one of those things. People generally report failures not non failures Fingers crossed Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Just ordered one - first mod for the Clio 😂
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