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    Just thought I'd say a quick hello and post a pic of the car I just bought. I'm loving that there's a community of enthusiasts for these cars, and I'm loving even more the smile this car puts on my face every time I drive it. I had been tossing up between this and all the obvious options from other brands, but after test driving this I couldn't pass it up. I've already started buying "go fast bits" for it, will post up another thread documenting how the car progresses. Looking forward to chatting with everyone in the future! Matt
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    A few weeks back I bought a 2012 Clio RS Cup Trophy, it's going to be my new daily and replaces my imported AE111 Corolla Levin Coupe as my daily. I imported the Levin 13 years ago at 62,000 I had a friend find me a completely standard one in Japan, it has now clocked just over 200,000km and has been absolutely reliable, it's a BZ-G which means Super strut front suspension(think Revoknuckle/perfohub before anyone else), it's fitted with the 20 valve 4age, helical lsd, it has been a really fun car, with a great little engine. I also own a track AE86 which I have owned for 24 years, it's fitted with a turbo 20 valve 4AGE and a Quaife sequential 6 speed, it's an absolute hoot. My other car is a 2016 RS Focus. SO the little Clio, well what a car, to say I love it is an understatement, this is such a cool little car, I LOVE IT, it's sooooo much more fun than the RS Focus, the Focus you just can't use on the streets, we're too heavily policed and there are too many self-righteous dobbers with dash cams, the Clio is just so useable whilst being super funny, always eager just like a little puppy dog. The only criticism I have is why the hell did they not fit an LSD, if they had this car would be 100%, I really like the keyless entry, Recaros etc, but why no LSD?
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    I understand this requirement sadly. The T-R is next level, but the other variants are very, very good out of the box, and spectacular with just minor and completely safe modification. The best way to describe the driving sensation with the LSD and perfohub arrangement is that as you dial in the power (earlier towards the apex the better) power is delivered to the outer front wheel which bites in and "pulls" the outer corner of the car around the corner on line. It is an awesome sensation which you can really feel (especially if you drive a non-LSD front driver back to back with a Meg), and this allows spectacularly high cornering speeds once you learn to trust it - which takes very little time at all, as it is all very neutral up to the limits. Megs benefit from sticky, good quality tyres, which do two things in regards to the above - they increase the capacity (and confidence) of the front end pulling around from the outside to stay on line, plus they allow the tail moving outwards in this situation to occur very progressively (yep, inducing oversteer while still under power in a corner without lifting off is possible with a Meg 3 and can be done on wet roads at respectable speeds to hone your skills), all the while being very controllable. The only thing not controllable when this happens is the grin you will have. If you are not giggling like a school girl after a spirited drive in a well set up Meg, you don't have a pulse! My suggestion is to go and drive a few and experience it for real yourself. I suggest driving one with a tune if possible, because (in my experience - remembering my first Renault was a Trophy R) I feel the 250/265 is still a little heavy for the power in standard guise, so the slightly more power/slightly less weight balance is noticeable in these cars. In any event, you will get the feel of the LSD and perfohub arrangement, and know what I a on about above. Oh, and push the "Sport" button. A must do. I once drove my T-R in normal mode, but only did that once. can't even remember now what it was like. Sport mode always on... Good luck.
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    So we have this now 2015 RS265 Cup Premium ! Picking up Thursday Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
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    Welcome to the forum. Good choices in what you are looking at, you will have a heap of fun in the Megane. As Speedfiend said above, the best and most engaging drive you can buy for the money, even for significantly more money. If you are buying used, the value equation for the Megane is bordering on criminal - they are that good. I have owned and driven most of what you are considering, so I can offer some feedback that might help you. I am familiar with what a worked CA18DET is capable of (I had a worked clubman with one of these - rear wheel drive madness running E85 only. So much fun). Others relevant to the discussion include a couple of Clios, Megane Trophy R and lightly modded Mk7 Golf R. Firstly, lets get the power discussion out of the way. As your beasts have been various iterations of turboed this or that, if you are used to that shove in the back, then a Clio, while maybe almost as quick on the track, is simply an order of magnitude slower in most road driving. By way of example, my first Renault was a Trophy R (a little spoiled there), so anything compared with that is quite simply less. It just is. I bought both a 182 and a Clio III (Angel and Demon), and found the absence of a turbo and LSD really made the Megane feel supercar connected by comparison, in every way. A Clio III with a Quaiffe would be a great thing, but then would feel slow pulling out of the bends. For outright power and acceleration, the Golf R is a bolt of lightning - way quicker than anything else on a real world road, even the Trophy R. As the roads get tighter and rougher, the Golf R just gets faster and more glued to the tarmac. No understeer ever, and limits that are bordering on stratospheric. But (and it's a very large BUT), the Golf R simply isn't as much fun to drive as the Trophy R. What the surrender monkeys really got right in the T-R is driver engagement. Much has been said about that on this forum, and it's real. The Trophy R with its reduced weight, no sound deadening and all the rest means you can feel (and hear) every pebble on the road, and the tyres are virtually hard-wired to your brain. The sticky tyres, perfohub and LSD mean that cornering is a complete giggle. Lift-off oversteer is the norm, or neutral handling up to the point of the limit, which is very high. Add in the drama of the Recaro seats, manual gearbox, brembos etc... you have the complete driver package that you can also take shopping. A 265 is significantly heavier than the Trophy R, and you can feel this by way of a less-involved drive, but some judicious weight saving and a tune goes a long way to solving this, it just won't be as raw as a Trophy R, which is pretty much "race car". If that's what you want, and don't need rear seats, get one of them. Everything said on here about them is real. I'd still have mine if I could convince SWMBO to part with the kids... So, to summarise all that (sorry about all the words, but hope it helps you), the Golf R (with a moderate tune) is the fastest on real roads full stop. If the road is wet, the margin is even more significant. Handling is superb and grip levels so high, that it borders on boring unless you are seriously at risk of spending time with the constabulary and taking the bus to work. The Megane, although FWD, is predictable and direct up to significant limits and is a hoot in the corners like few others. Don't worry about the FWD and driving style as the adjustment is very easy. Wet roads obviously reduce the grip, and increase the fun, but amazing all the same. You can still very easily lose your license with one of these too... Clios do all the above like the Megane just at lower speeds, but for me, the power rush is missing. Others have different views on this, but that is my experience of the types of cars in your sights. Hope it helps, and hopefully you will go the Megane path. Get a used one, depreciation on new ones is butt-bleeding, making used version amazing value.
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    Had this beauty for a couple months now. Other then a couple niggles which will be sorted soon ... Love it ! 2013 megane rs265 trophee + Tips / thought / suggestions ? Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
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    Howdy guys, Firstly I want to say thanks to all you top blokes/chicks - you made my purchasing decision on a 2013 RS 265 Cup+ a very easy one. The info and insights you share gave me so much confidence. And I tell you, I haven't regretted a second - in fact you've turned me into an addict. I've found myself sitting in my car on my lunch break just to be closer to her - I'm not myself... 😳 Thanks guys! Secondly, it looks like the natural progression is to get a remote re-map done by RS Tuning in UK, and delete the mid resonator. Is it best to buy the remote kit new from RS, or is it ok to source 2nd hand? AND any recommendation on where to go in Melbs - Central or Sth East for the exhaust update? Thirdly, here's some pics of my Meg Pre-EPIC drive on the Jamieson-Eildon Rd yesterday - with mandatory ale at the brewery. (She's a bit filthy in the pics, but clean now) Cheers! Dave
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    Hello everyone! Picked up a Clio Monaco GP about a month ago and loving it!! It's number 487 got a pic here for you all to enjoy. Gave me the chance to open up an Instagram page for this too so check it out if you like https://www.instagram.com/oreogarage And whilst I'm here I'll also mention I'm organising a Melbourne RS Meet on the 12th of May. Details are here if you're interested https://www.facebook.com/events/840457269480088/
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    I’m on my third Renault Megane - an 08 R26, a 2012 RS265 8.08 and my current Trophy R. I did my first Mt Alma hill climb in the R26 in 2014 and won my standard road registered 2000 to 4000cc class, beating amongst others, an M5 and quite a few WRXs and Evos in the other classes and on the weekend I did it again in my TR. The only road registered car of any class that beat my Megane was an AMG SLR. I also knocked off two thirds of the 120 car field - not bad for a standard car against heavily modded AWDs at a renowned power hill climb. These cars absolutely rock. Once you get past first gear you can forget about what wheels are putting the power down. They go round corners with incredible grip and balance. The only adjustment you’d need to make is learning to start putting the power down early in the corner. At Mt Alma, the second corner is a really steep, sharp right. As soon as I entered, I’m on the gas in second and it just hauls through. For the money you’ll spend, you get an incredible car, loaded with options and great engineering. I bought mine because under the 50 k I wanted to spend, there was nothing that came close to the way the Meganes go round corners - except a Clio. These cars are brilliant. Get one!
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    And that’s what leads us back to my comment — “the dark side”. Without a LSD, you’ll always feel the Clio III is just “missing something” — especially on a track. But adding a LSD is a minimum $4k investment...on a $10-15k car, ie, proportionately large. Whereas you can spend that $15k and a bit...and get, not just the LSD, but more power and torque. Ah, this life — it’s a slippery, slippery slope! Ultimately, if all the OP wants is a DD with the honesty that ‘daily’ entails, then IMO the stock Clio III will be a great car.
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    Welcome Jacky. I was in a similar situation at the start of this year. I had a 2001 Integra Type R (also considered buying an EP3!) and sold it for a 2010 Megane RS250 Trophy. Aside from missing the sound of vtec at 8800rpm and maybe turning a few heads around town, the Megane is hands down the better car. I still miss the Integra on some days but as a whole, no regrets at all. Things I love most is the steering feel, pedal placement (heal-toe is so easy), actually having torque and the sheer pace of the thing. Through a twisty road, there’s nothing that can really keep pace I’ve found (except for my mate in his RS250 haha). Such good performance right out of the box and no real compromise as a daily driver. Feel free to ask me any questions you might have about moving from Honda to Renault. Here’s a pic for nostalgias sake Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hey pplz I just picked up a stock 2008 megane 225 cup haven't bought an exciting car for a long time i just love how it's revs so quickly and corners flat tricky reading the speedo for street speeds ill get it freshened up at renotech before booking in a track day any meets coming up?
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    Pic of Mazda at the Winton skid pan/ motorkhana day. Took overall honours that day also which was really cool. Pic of Clio at Virage day after I got it, getting new belts and water pump, wanted it all good before I start driving it hard. Sent from my EVA-L09 using Tapatalk
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    Hi guys, Guess I should make it official, I am now a owner of a black Clio 197, bought from a forum member. I was genuinely surprised how much I liked it hahaba Owned a couple of cars through the years, but learnt to work on cars by owning a Toyota Celica GT4 which I had for a long time before sadly becoming a fixer upper more than it was worth, so I sold it. Been on the forum for a while now but mostly just lurked and joined in a cruise or two with my previous Mazda 2 semi track car. The Mazda sadly got involved in a crash and was written off and was looking for over a month before going to check out a Clio. Honestly all the horror stories of people about french cars did get to me a bit, but drive the Clio and loved it. Anyway will keep the car mostly standard besides some small things and freshining things up and do some cruises and maybe the odd skid pan day, which I do highly enjoy, but will keen to see how the Clio does in standard form compared to how I had the Mazda running. Anyway based in Melbourne west now and moving to geelong in the future so will be keen for a GOR run if anyone is keen. Cheers Joe Sent from my EVA-L09 using Tapatalk
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    Hi everyone, My name is Dan and I'm the proud owner of a new black rs 220 trophy. It's a 2016 model with just 300 km on the clock. Purchased as a new car (I'm the first registered owner) from a car dealer in the Sunshine coast. Supposedly it was sitting at the dealership for a few years as a demo but never got driven. Picked it up for a great price. I frequented this forum many years ago 2007-2010ish) when I owned a 172 and attended a few drive days and meet ups. Looking forward to getting back in to the Renault Sport forums and meeting up with members around Brisbane. I've only had the 220 for a day but it's certainly a vast improvement over the 172 (I do still miss the old beast though). My cousin also recently purchased a 2017 Megane R. I'm not sure if he is on the forum yet, but if not I'll be sending him this way. It seems like the door seals are missing on mine. I've read a few other members have had theirs missing from new as well. Do you think it's worthwhile asking the dealer to sort this out or is it a waste of time? If there is anyone from Brisbane looking to have a drive sometime, I'm always up for hitting some twisties. Feel free to drop me a line. Cheers, Dan
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    If you have kids and/or your pockets don't extend that far then ignore all the hyperbole on the T-R. And don't bother actually trying one, it will spoil you for all others. Personally I'd give my left testicle for a T-R but for myself and most other people in the hot hatch market it's hugely restricted by its seating configuration, and to realise its full potential it relies on the Cup 2 tyres which are an added compromise. A brilliant weekend toy - one of the best you can get - but your circumstances really need to accommodate it. For me this is the reason why the T-R can't be the best ever hot-hatch (an accolade that surely must go to a car which retains the inherent practicalities of a hatchback. FWIW a 275 optioned with the Ohlins suspension (as available in other markets but not Oz) would probably take my vote for that prize, and an example in that exact spec - with Cup 2s - was measurably faster around Anglesea circuit in the UK than a Golf R in the hands of EVO magazine. But I digress). It's difficult to explain or describe a driving experience so I can only echo No152's advice, which is to buy a Golf R and... shit - no, sorry, I meant get out and drive some examples of the Meg 3 and judge for yourself. Remember though that pussy-foot around in any Meg 3 and you'll step out underwhelmed. It doesn't do the instant gratification that some others in this market segment do so well. You do need to push it to appreciate what it can do. Go, experiment, have fun. Report back.
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    You won’t regret it . The RS factory gets it right first time so you don’t have to “mod” all the time to get it right like you do with JDM ( my old Evo was modded too far 😃 ) just enjoy the engagement.
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    ttimbo modifying cars is often with the heart not the head, if I had to crack the gearbox of the clio(I am a mechanic) I would put an LSD in it, mine won't see the track, that's what the AE86 is for, that car I spent $15K on a gearbox, in a car probably worth that, heart......not head!!
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    Don't go to the dark side. Here's a cool video for a bit of NA goodness. The second half is better when they get rid of the awful music. Wish mine sounded like this:
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    Hi all - just joined up - this is my first Renault - been looking for some time for a wagon an pulled the trigger. 2015 with all the bells and whistles.... Great so far! Not an RS but here I am .... prior to this had 2006 SV6 Commodore, 2007 Alfa 159 Wagon 2.2 JTS, 2009 SAAB 93 Wagon 2.0T, 2011 Lancer VRX liftback, 2003 Mini Cooper S, 2006 Campry Sportivo V6 5sp Manual. Both the Alfa and the Mini were bad experiences in reliability....followed closely by the Commodore... (had 2 MX5s an MGTF160 and Valiant Charger as weekenders during that time). Weekenders a Vespa GTS300 now (had a BMW R1100S before that)....so yeah kinda car / motorcycle nut) Looking forward to getting out there with the RS Owners soon! Heres a recent piccy!
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    Resonator delete is a must! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    If it's not already got one - an adjustable rear anti roll bar from Superpro, will make the front turn in better and also get you some more lift off oversteer if you run it on the tighter setting. Can be fitted by any home mechanic in < 30 minutes. https://superpro.com.au/find/superpro-suspension-parts-and-poly-bushings-for-renault-megane-series-iii-2008-on-/cid-999500258
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    Hey there, So I’ve just bought a 2002 Clio 172 Sport that I’m looking to get into track days with. Never owned a front wheel drive car before or a Renault so will be looking to this forum for help. Go easy on me. First things first i’m looking for different wheels and tyres. What’s out there? Thanks, Matt
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    But that’s exactly the point: Australians seem(ed) to buy RS models as much higher proportion of all Renault sales than other countries. It surprises me each time I travel to Europe how few RS models I see, whereas it’s a daily occurrence here.
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    I don't know lots of people with Audis but the older ones that have been owned by friends (I presume it would be relatively old) develop very expensive problems, far more $$$ than you'll ever look at with Renault Yes the Fiesta ST is definitely an option; usually you're paying a lot more though for less doors (if you want more) and a less expensive gearbox on the second hand market. Manual, if you don't do lots of traffic, is always my preferred option. It will have less warranty left too, and from what I've heard Ford and Ford dealers are amongst the worst to deal with, though mind you I can't comment from first hand experience. I should also mention that the Clio has a timing chain, and the engine is a Nissan one. This is relevant because I imagine Marsch's expensive service was related to timing belts, which won't ever be a cost with the Clio. I'm a big big fan of the car, and for someone who has a Megane III RS which is more hard core and more up Marsch's alley, is saying something. I've also owned that car for coming up to three years now, and I'm very happy with it. I've yet to own the Clio for a year but still happy with it. I would say how important it is to make sure the one you're looking at is a good example though - you can buy the most reliable car that has been severely abused that will break down the second you hop into it. So make sure you get a very good mechanic to look it over, and call up Renault Australia as well as wherever they say they serviced it.
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    I got 265, it’s amazing car, I use to have Honda type Rs before and I don’t regret going for RS, it’s great fun, took me a while to get used to lower revs (6500rpm) compared to my EP3R and S2000 (9000rpm) but after stage1 tune it can go 7K so it’s ok. It’s very enjoyable car to drive, with RS mode it’s pretty mental especially since I got tune done so it’s pushing 450nm of torque and 206kw@wheels, it handles extremely well and gets you very involved, I’ve driven golfs R and Gti, subaru’s, they are all fast cars but the feeling you get in RS is level up from the rest. ps I got two baby seats at back so it’s kids friendly 😜
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    A lot to be said for ^^, ie https://is.gd/ISlrYx or at least go through the Forum For Sale section and find something you like. This forum is where you find the Enthusiast's cars. Not just randoms that don't know much about the cars they drive. Also, there's some particularly good service places that Enthusiasts here use that aren't K-Mart Tyre & Service. What that means is that tiny niggles are fixed well. As you can see from the topics on this forum, so many of the cars run without significant problems. There's a reason for that. You'll find more things wrong with cars on the Honda forum :-). Many cars here are sold here because Owners want to move up to newer models. This makes for good buying opportunities. So I suggest you buy something you like off this site fwiw.
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    You should buy my 2012 RS250 Cup It's advertised on this forum - https://is.gd/ISlrYx No money to spend, only $17,000.00 - Bargain!!!
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    That is the only Megane RS model to arrive in Australia without a LSD, for most people its not a popular choice..
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    Thanks Cairnsy! Just recently found out the 265 had 2 looks, I like the 'panda' look on mine, matches the moonroof anyhoo. Bloody pumped. Just let the wife have her first go tonight. Turned Sports Mode on once she had proven herself.
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    Ha Ha that’s funny! I did it too, my ex wife dropped me at the top and I rode down on my MTB. It was snowing. I had five layers on but it was pretty much the coldest I’ve ever been...
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    I've got that exact model. Its great isnt it! Mine really needs tinting. I had to take mine off for registration inspections here. I really feel it needs it again soon for that black and white contrast. My first mod will be the exhaust, then a short shifter, and then probably a strut bar to help turn in. I might retune later down the track, however, i feel like day to day is fine for now.
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    Welcome to OZRS, and congrats on the purchase! They are addictive, and I have to agree that road is EPIC, beats any trackday I've done in Australia, hands down!!
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    Hahaha yeah I'm in Adelaide. I'm a firm believer in not driving other people cars unless there is a situation where you have no choice. It's not something I enjoy. Some of my mates think I don't like their cars because I don't want to drive it. I have seen the 265 for sale, so I will head down on the weekend and check it out. I won't buy it because I think I'm set on the 275 Prem. Those Recaro's and exhaust have sucked me in. I still have to sell my WRX but I think I will be heading interstate to find one, but if any of the SA people see one up from grab some let me know. I have alerts set on Carsales. Thank again 152. the car won't be driven heaps, but I feel once I get my hands on one I will clock quit a few km's to get used to what the car can do, and my driving limits. Im all for the first mod being sticky tyres and probably new pads. After having the WRX for a while the difference in what the car is capable of with a good set of tread is next level. Thanks aress, there isn't many examples for Sale in SA and dont think there is many Golf R's for me to compare against either 😜 But will keep an eye out and track one down eventually, if that means going interstate then so be it.
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    Drive MY car? 🤯🤯🤯 I’ll take him for a spin in it... Theres a 265 for sale at a dealer in Adelaide - I’d definitely recommend taking it for a test drive. Mase - you’re too kind. You were in a 172 after all!
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    He's in Adelaide. If you ask Speedfiend really nicely, you might get spoiled and be allowed to trial a Trophy R. Be warned - it will ruin you.
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    Where are you located? If you want a drive in mine and you're near the Illawarra let me know
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    OP, it's vastly better to learn the ins and outs of driving technique with a slower car with lower limits. You get it wrong, the consequences aren't so great (in a reasonably controlled environment, using logic, etc.) Getting into a Meg and trying to learn how to drive properly is just far too much, plus, when you try to reach the limit the corresponding consequences are extrapolated due to the extra speed and lack of experience. We've all been there thinking we're heroes but it all can go very wrong, very quickly. If learning driving techniques properly isn't your thing though and just want to go fast, get a Golf and put a tune on it. It gets boring very quickly though and you might as well be driving a "high output" mangtec. Be patient, P's aren't that long when you consider the valuable experience you can gain. Don't listen to your mates (or the uni car clubs, assuming you go to uni who are all about their RWD fanboy life) and take your time. Because at the end of it, knowing how to pilot something like a Yaris around corners quickly and safely compared to mr. hektik kaaaaaant in his turbo boat is so, so satisfying - especially when they're left wondering how you disappeared from their view with a 1.5
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    yeah i have looked at those, but i could barely find any manual ones, i am looking for manual cars. Seems like newer car models dont make manuals anymore. thanks again mate
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    I don't know why Renault moved away from such a well developed 3WS system?!