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    This is one popular topic! A good thread mind you. One of my favourite Clio 172 driving memories is the period (prob 9 years ago) just after I put in some Engine Dynamic Ver 2 cams and did a exhaustive custom tune with Henk. Also at the time added Koni yellows, Eibachs, Competition Racing strut tops, a almost straight through reasonably quiet exhaust, ceramic coated the exhaust manifold along with a BMC barrel filter. Also and still do have the PLX digital gauge set streaming the ECU data live via the premium version of the RSTuner. I used to take it up back of the Adelaide hills on a freezing mornings around 7 am on some higher speed roads and open it up for some time in the 5-7+ k rpm range and it was in my experience, spine tingling excitement. The little guy sounded bloody glorious in its normally aspirated guise. It would ‘hollar’ and then snort between changes like it was going into battle and was 3 times its actual size. It was tremendously enjoyable and cemented its longevity in my world. For me it was the sound and throttle response at those high rpms. Quite addictive. The little guy is in semi retirement now (bit like me) as I live more inner city but he still gets a tickle every now and again [emoji1303] 2nd most memorable although there are many was losing the RS drive day guys as I wasn’t paying attention and ending up in a Ducati motor bike drive day instead [emoji1303] so I joined then in their run through Basket Range, Adelaide Hills which is very tight a twisty quality roads. The little guy worked his a*** off that day losing them in the straights but catching them on the corners under brakes. We all ended up at the same coffee shop and I over heard the bike riders discussing the little Clios capabilities. Proper driving machines. Enough waffle from me .. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I once recounted a story on this forum which happened some years ago in my 172. One of the undefinable aspects of the 172/182 as people report, and also reported on ‘Top Gear’ and many other places, along with the build quality / typical comments is that these cars “make you happy” and strangely they do. I’ve always and still do when I drive mine get out feeling weirdly happier!? Now the first time my mentally disabled brother came with me for a drive in my car (a trip to the shops) some years back, we got in, I drove off down the road, quietly around a few comers like anyone else, he looked at me and said in his limited language, “this car makes me happy whilst grinning ear to ear”! Never has he said that before in any car. I felt he made to connection. Small, light, fun. It’s an odd, undefinable thing. But I think true. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hi Guys, Thought I should introduce myself before I jump into the forum. I've never owned a Renault before this one but grew up on them as my father loved them and we always had 12s, a 20, and a couple of 16s kicking round. .Just two weeks past bought my first one a late 2013 Megane 265 Cup. Loving this insane handling and powerful FWD car. Got it with 48,000km on the clock, blue in colour. Very happy with the purchase. Been quite a while since I've owned a decent FWD car. Its a little different to the rest of the garage with a skyline and a heavily modified Datsun 260Z sitting in the garage along side it.
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    Am i still a noob if i upgraded renaults? I had 2 for a couple weeks 😃 Just put on a fresh set of PS2's Really tempted to take to the racespec track day this thursday at wakefield anyone here going? really underrated cars i would totally recommend them
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    Such a great little car Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Memories and stories like that Mase! Hence why I could have purchased a Megane 275 trophy or trophy-r at a stretch but decided to keep to what I know and love and thats the penultimate n/a FF hatch hatch of Renault , it’s Clio II
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    Also just an FYI, most dealers have no idea what they have. Take this for example: https://www.carsales.com.au/dealer/details/Renault-Megane-2015/OAG-AD-15615009 Not a cup premium. My best guess is it could be a 275 cup with the optional leather seats. The cup premium is something like this: https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Renault-Megane-2015/SSE-AD-5517016 Note the Recaro Sportster CS seats in alcantara. There's one closer to you but I don't know if they'll drop to your budget. Note complied 2016, so warranty until 2021! https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Renault-Megane-2015/SSE-AD-5465120
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    Yes 265 cups with roughly 20-30K km on them with certain plates are usually ex-rentals. I.e. look for newly registered in the state (NSW is up to DX.....) because they were probably bought on auction in Perth and registered very recently locally. Just looking now at car sales the *edit* crap load of 2016 cup 275 with approx 40000km on them, possibly from the same dealer, bit suspicious. I know very few people who will drive their megane that many km privately!
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    Hello All This is my first Renault. I picked it up for a good price and it’s in great nick. I’m in Melbourne. Plans are to stage 1 tune, 18 inch Cup or XR5 wheels’ , short shift and Eibach springs. Do I need to upgrade the shocks too ? Any advice, contacts for parts etc would be much appreciated. No decent pics yet but it looks like this. Paul
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    That's nothing compared to how they run the Hyundai excel series I sware there is about 3 right offs per race. 3 x 13 racing. 3 times the luck
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    Lots of people on here are going to race spec track day. Don't think about it... Do it!!
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    These cars are now 14 to 18 years old. If you’re expecting something with no problems you will never buy one.
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    Heres something for around 10k https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/turramurra/cars-vans-utes/2009-renault-clio-hatchback/1186509434
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    Welcome mate. I'd be going that low km silver 172 for $6k for sure! Super sleeper on the road and there's really not that much difference that you or I would notice when driving the 172 and 182 Cup back to back. The 172, being slightly softer, sounds more suited to your needs anyway. Just quietly, that $11k is laughably priced, given the apparent condition in the photos (see rims, bonnet and seats) and the fact it had belts done in 2014, so they're due again. Old mate in the ad, says "major service and timing belt replaced at 70k in 2014 not due for another 50k" - sure pal, I'd be getting that in writing if I was the purchaser!
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    Wow! I was always under the impression the only way to get a 275 was either in Trophy, Trophy-R or Cup Premium form. Never new we received a 'Cup' version. Definitely an interesting investigation.
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    You usually find the last of a model to be the better one and in the case of Clio ll’s I believe so. The best is the Trophy which we didn’t get so the next option is the Cup. Yes you can upgrade all to whatever spec you want, be it a 172 or 182 but in a lot of people’s eyes a stock unmolested car can be worth more and I think out of all the Clio ll’s the 182 Cup will be the most sort after and valuable, if it isn’t already. So as he has asked for help, my advice is to buy a 182 Cup, no need to upgrade to cruise, change wheels to 16’s, no need to do any thing. Spend a little more and get a Cup. Age is the down fall with these cars now and a well sorted 172 is worth just as much as a 182 but it ain’t a 182. Either way buy the best car available at the time for the money you have but don’t say I should of got a Cup.
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    Regarding weight, apart from exotic cars like Lotus, the Clio 172 is the lightest car built since the mid-2000s. Additionally most cars with a similar weight like the Fiesta XR4 have less powerful engines. Cars with similar power like the Peugeot 206 GTI 180 are 100 kg or more heavier. To get a better power to weight ratio you need to either go turbo or get a V6 Golf R32 or Alfa 147 GTA. Neither will be faster than a Clio in the corners. IMHO buy based on service history. Higher mileage well maintained cars will be better that a low mileage car that’s had less frequent servicing particularly with belts.
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    FWIW it’s probably better for you to have a Cup insured as a Trophy than the other way around, especially in the event of a theft or other total loss. But agreed it would be simpler for all of the VIN listed description was accurate
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    Insurance company databases are never accurate. They probably all use the same data. My 225 Cup 5 door is insured as a 225 F1 3 door hatch because they didn't have a listing for the 5 door Cup hatch. When I went to get a competitive quote last week with a different company, they had the same issue. The only problem with insurance is when you go to make a claim, then these trivialities turn into nightmares. Perhaps find a Renault brochure showing the specifications of your exact model, and show it to the insurance company.