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Why does it say "Validating" under my profile picture on all my posts?  I suspected it was related to the "Resend Validation" button at the top of the web page so I tried that - after clicking "Search and Send" it responds with "Your revalidation request was successful
A revalidation email has been sent to the registered address for that member. Please check your email within the next few minutes - including any 'junk mail' or 'spam' folders you may have."

.... but I receive nothing in my email.  I did check that my email address was correct in My Settings (and I do receive other email notifications from ozrenaultsport).  This suggests something is not working correctly.

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I tried clicking on the "Resend Validation" at the top again - this time it worked!  I received an email that allowed me to complete the process.  Now my status has gone from Validating to Member.

There are people with post counts of 0 and 1 that have Member status, while I was still Validating after 32 posts - so I would say it does not change with post count.

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