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  1. My 250 Trophy

    Few pics of my 250
  2. First Renault--250 Rs Trophy

    Got the tibors put on today, Happy with the outcome think looks a lot better. Just got to get windows tinted and I should be happy for a couple weeks anyway.
  3. First Renault--250 Rs Trophy

    You're not wrong...Don't know if it is even possible to ever call it clean. Seems after every wash/clean it only takes about 30secs for something to dirty it or mark it..
  4. First Renault--250 Rs Trophy

    Ive owned a 1990 legacy gt wagon, 2002 gt forester, 2003 wrx wagon, 2005 wrx Sti. None of them come close to the feelin I get driving the megane, not to mention the grin from ear to ear every time I take it for a drive.
  5. First Renault--250 Rs Trophy

    Hey, new to the forum and to Renault ownership. I not long ago purchased a 2011 megane Rs cup trophy really happy with the car and hopefully I'll keep my licence for a while to keep enjoying it. ???? Having previously owned a number of Subarus I was really taken back by the performance and handling of the megane instantly fell in love with them after driving a mates 175. Look forward to meeting up with other enthusiasts around the Brisbane area ???????? It's has a few things done. - Rstune flashed ecu - ktec 3" dump - ktec decat exhaust - ktec intercooler and piping - Eibatch lowering springs I also recently picked up a brand new set of black 18" Tibors wrapped in Michelin pilot sport that I will be putting on shortly.