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  1. Announcement: Forum Upgrade 4/7/17

    I'd like to see the location under your username like it used to be, makes it hard to reply in wanted/selling threads when you don't know where their from.
  2. Announcement: Forum Upgrade 4/7/17

    Define gash, then again perhaps not.
  3. Announcement: Forum Upgrade 4/7/17

    Can we please have a 👎🏻 Dislike This button. pretty please with sugar on top
  4. Announcement: Forum Upgrade 4/7/17

    The unread button is playing funny buggers. I'm thinking the site is really slow with the upgrade when you tap the unread button and its from hours ago, so just now I went to home and the latest stuff is from minutes ago.
  5. Renault Noob Looking To Dip Toe In The Water

    Just get yourself a cheap Clio ll and blow the rest for her (family car).
  6. New 225 Cup Owner - Adelaide

    Old school fix for the gas struts is to give them a good yank so they end up with a slight curve, that way the boot doesn't fall down onto your head. Start with a small curve and if it's still falling just add to it slightly until the boot stops falling. Don't worry about stuffing them up as they're already stuffed, just don't add a big curve to start with.
  7. Black 2003 172 Clio - Anyone Here ?

    My Cup F1 has the single red illuminating face on the back part of the spoiler the other lesser type has the red part over the back and top face of the spoiler.
  8. Black 2003 172 Clio - Anyone Here ?

    My 05 frb Cup has a different spoiler to my 05 frb Cup F1. So not all Cups have the F1 type spoiler.
  9. Help! Buying A Clio 182 In Sydney

    Yeah be careful, your belt only lasts four years or 100,000 paces.
  10. Help! Buying A Clio 182 In Sydney

    Careful when buying a Clio your belt always lets go and you end up with your pants around your ankles?
  11. Clio 197 V 200 Race Car

    I remember seeing somewhere that the 182 Cup was better than a 197 and the 200 was much improved on the 197. The 182Cup might suit you better as its price compared to a 197/200 will allow for more upgrades if on some sort of budget and would really piss off the others in that class. As good as aussiefrogs is, it's not the forum for this age of Renault. I'm not sure about Feugo's but didn't they have a turbo in a 2ltr that you could run in this class? That may be better answered on AF, and would really upset a few on track.
  12. English Newbie

    It ain't a matter of money holding me back just time, with three RS's now the three Florides in the garage don't get much lov'n as time is the problem. (I like the extra bit we get when we quote your post)
  13. English Newbie

    Pictures please! Two problems with that one, it's a Nissan and a Gordini replica, it has to be grandpa spec, a real sleeper.
  14. English Newbie

    If you want to do something never done in Australia, get a rear engine Renault, think, 4cv, Dauphine, Floride, Caravelle, R8, R10 or Alpine and put in a F4R engine in it or even better with a turbo as well. Make it a sleeper, and then you can blow away grandpa and all the boy racers.
  15. Hello

    Nice brolli