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  1. Rs Megane 225 Headaches -_-

    Generally when Im looking at a used car, I will have a mechanic with me to inspect the vehicle before purchase. Can save a lot of time and money later. I also believe there are a lot of other cars brands that will fall apart if they are not maintained. Just seems like the previous owner(s) didn't look after it. Ive never bought a used car from a dealer, but I don't think I would trust them just because they did a roadworthy certificate. Just my opinion
  2. Megane Rs250 Or Ford Fiesta St

    I think its worth the time to get the car checked over. If theres no urgency to buy the car, try negotiate a day with the owner to have it looked by a specialist. Or if its possible to have a specialist mechanic come to the car, though might cost you more?
  3. Hi! New Rs Owner. Clio 182 Cup In Adelaide

    The paint condition looks awesome
  4. If your not very confident at cleaning the headlights, theres usually a good detailer around. I had mine done recently and they look brand new. Cost wasn't too much in my opinion
  5. Greetings - Clio Edc

    Did you paint the badge on the back white? Looks awesome either way
  6. New 182 Owner

    Thanks guys. Had some help from a couple people (Renotech and buddy) to find one of these cars. Driven a few as well, but never owned anything but Japanese cars before. Does anyone know if the foglight surround pops off or is it screwed into the bumper?
  7. Clio

  8. New 182 Owner

    Hi everyone, I recently purchased a Clio 182. Been a long time stalker, but I'd have to say this community is pretty awesome. Already been working on a few things, but happy so far with the car