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  1. Need Help

    Hi and welcome! They all look fine just be aware of Megane cups that are ex rental. they'd be approximately the age of those you're looking at - possible even that the privately sold one was. So be highly suspicious. Man they are great value though!! I was in the position of choosing between the Clio IV and Megane III. Depending on your desire and needs I'd recommend the Megane. It is just so much more amazing. I have both now so I'm not biased at all 😉. I don't for a second regret buying the Megane and having 2 years of it by itself. I actually think that I'd regret having bought the IV over it. Also there's no spare in the IV only two baby seat anchor points, and a space saver spare and three baby seat anchor points in the Megane.
  2. Renault Virgin

    Good luck is all I can say. The nomenclature of the pre-facelift 265 is stupid to say the least. 250s are easy. Cup and cup trophee. The trophee had bixenon headlights and proximity key, 19" rims vs 18". chassis the same. a couple of limited edition versions (Monaco for example) had only cosmetic differences. 265, where do we start? If handling etc is all you care about then you only need to know that the limited edition 265 sport didn't have the cup suspension or the LSD. You can tell by the silver 18" wheels and cloth Recaros. The others ... Cup, cup+, trophy, trophy+, RB7, RB8, and some others I just can't remember. Essentially the best thing you can do is post what you're interested in and we can comment on what we think of it!!
  3. Tapatalk Issues

    Yeah the admins know about it and are working on it. It's hard to feed your RS addiction by using the mobile browser 😔
  4. Renault Clio RS200 EDC- Aftermarket Parts

    Hey welcome I've only just joined the Clio IV brigade, so can't comment from experience, though the Clio IV thread has everything you need. Brakes, tuning, downpipe etc is all covered there. What type of modifications are you looking at?
  5. New Account - Considering Options

    Yeah I'll be driving it as much as possible in September!
  6. New Account - Considering Options

    If you're down the Illawarra some time feel free to take mine for a spin. I never say no to a drive!
  7. New 2011 Megane RS 250 Cup Trophee Owner-Melbourne.

    Hey I thought I replied to this, if I did and it isn't showing up then please ignore! Welcome, Glad you've joined the Megane crew! I'm not a melbournian but many rave about Virage automotive. I think it's closer to the city than you but it's probably worth the trip. Dealers struggle to even put the right amount of oil in (it's 5.5 not 6L!). Though you may get lucky... As Cairnsy said, enjoy! Track days are great to really appreciate how great these cars are.
  8. Famous Car Insurance Experience

    Just spoke to them Track insurance covering $10000 is only available if you pay $100 prior to the event
  9. Megan Rs 265 Trophy+ 2013 . Multi display on tom tom?

    No problem, hope you're enjoying the car otherwise!
  10. Megan Rs 265 Trophy+ 2013 . Multi display on tom tom?

    Yes I know what you're talking about, and frustratingly you either got sat nav or the RS monitor stuff you're taking about. Regardless of the manual, they're mutually exclusive. If it's any consolation I don't miss it as I never had it, and if I had the choice I would much prefer the reversing camera having owned the car for a while now.
  11. That's gotta go down as one of the more interesting autocorrect fails!
  12. New Account - Considering Options

    You may be surprised how readily form members will assist - I would but mine is essentially stock. Where are you located?
  13. New Account - Considering Options

    This is the guy
  14. New Account - Considering Options

    Seconded!Renotech appear to have partnered with a guy who does custom cats and downpipes etc, and they have tuned with Ace, extracting a very usable amount of power. From chats with them it's more about usability and tractability rather than outright power. Not sure if that helps...
  15. Accidental Downshift In Race Mode 2016 Rs Clio

    How long did the orange flashing light flash for? And is it different from the light that flashes when you lose traction? I wouldn't be too worried...