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  1. Megane Iv Gt

    FeO(OH) + WP = FeW POOH Watch the lift-off oversteer on the kink. 😄
  2. Announcement: Forum Upgrade 4/7/17

    First of all, well done on the forum upgrade. My comments: I'm not a fan of the dark background. My main interface to the old forums (and most forums tbh) is the "recent posts" search. On the new forums this is broken, and when clicking on the new topics are displayed, the click goes to the very first topic in the thread. I'd expect to go the first unread post in the thread (or as a cheat, the last post in the thread).
  3. Problem With "view New Content"

    Well spotted. Thanks!
  4. When I use the "view new content" link (on a proper computer) I only get 1 post displayed -- [Qld] Monthly Night Get Together. Is it particularly quiet?
  5. A Tool Librabry In Sydney?

    Torque wrenches are cheap (<$50 including postage) and worth getting just for your wheel nuts. This looks exactly the same as a Kinchrome one I purchased a couple of years ago for over $100.
  6. Bought A Cheapie 172

    Rear bearings are hard to change themselves, usually they come in new disks.
  7. Bought A Cheapie 172

    Can you share the process you used to pair the remote to the car. That's the bit I'm having problems with,. Tx.
  8. Bought A Cheapie 172

    Im getting a new key +remote done for my 172... over $400 from the dealer. I've bought a $30 remote from eBay but there is no way to program them.
  9. Bought A Cheapie 172

    Welcome. Post pics!
  10. Did A Thing Bought Something French

    Get the new car smell from supercheap.
  11. Bought My First Renault! What Should I Do First?

    Maybe you didn't give it enough time?
  12. Bought My First Renault! What Should I Do First?

    My thoughts too...
  13. New Ph1 Owner In Adelaide

    You saved my marriage. Thanks.
  14. My Clio Stopped And My Mechanic Is Mystified

    2001 Clio is before ESP and has a speedo sensor on the gearbox close to the exhaust manifold. Check this too.
  15. Megane Rs250 Or Ford Fiesta St

    Will be interesting to know what tyres have been put on the car.