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  1. Announcement: Forum Upgrade 4/7/17

    "Unread content" button seems to be working again! Yay!
  2. Intro - Frb Clio200

    Congrats! Looks awesome in that FRB. Thankfully you ditched those hideous NSW yellow plates! Welcome! Enjoy!
  3. On The Hunt For A 197, Help Me

    There's the turbo crew and the NA crew. I've not owned an RS in turbo form, but I'm an NA addict, as the Clio 2/3 owners tend to be. Some here have both turbo and NA RS in their garage. Hopefully they offer their 2 cents. But really whatever people tell you, it's up to you to drive them and go with whatever you prefer. There is no right answer. It's personal preference. Having said that, get a Clio
  4. On The Hunt For A 197, Help Me

    Very different cars, Meg vs Clio. You might want to drive them both and see what you prefer.
  5. On The Hunt For A 197, Help Me

    You posted the same car twice but I assume it's the 2 black 197's. I would have thought more like 10K for those. Maybe less. If you can crunch someone like ttimbo then good luck to you. Maybe this:
  6. On The Hunt For A 197, Help Me

    13K won't get a 200. The cheapest decent 200 went for 13.5K from memory and that was a bargain (was black). 13K should get a really good low klm 197. Black always seem to be the cheapest regardless of model.
  7. On The Hunt For A 197, Help Me

    Welcome! Browse the Clio 3 section. There are threads that should answer most of your questions already (and more.) As for mods, unless you are a serious track day user you can leave them stock. They are great cars out of the factory. Lastly, what is your maximum spend?
  8. First Time Renault Owner - Gordini "little Fatty"

    Will be interested to see what you say after a "proper" dry road drive... Didn't you take one for a spin before buying?
  9. Problem With "view New Content"

    Ha ha, I was thinking... oh the irony if you couldn't see my post because of that. I've got caught out not being able to see the emojis. That was because I'd already clicked the "show all" button once. Forgotten about it. Clicked it again and it wouldn't open. You can't click it twice.
  10. Problem With "view New Content"

    Look at the filters. You might have checked and "items I follow" box (or similar).
  11. First Time Renault Owner - Gordini "little Fatty"

    Looks very nice in white. Try different RON fuel (95 or 98) and brands until you find the one your car likes. This will depend on the time of year too. Welcome to the world of RS
  12. New 2004 Rs 225 Owner

    Welcome to RS. Good choice going to Paul at AP too. He does mine.
  13. Megane Gt

    Definitely worth test driving a Clio3 200. There's some beauties for sale at the moment. Then there is this one
  14. Clio 3 Rs 20

    Fold down your back seat and remove the boot liner. The sound up near the limiter is something to behold. That is all.
  15. First World Problems ... What To Do With $35K?!

    Of course they aren't for everyone, but I really don't get why some say they aren't a good daily. You don't have to be going a million miles an hour to enjoy the drive in them.