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  1. Thanks for clarifying Paul, makes more sense. Edit: Are your IT guys testing the new 1.4.4 Taptalk IPB plugin released last night?
  2. Not trying to tell you how to suck eggs guys and whilst I'm not a DBA/Webdev I have do manage an extensive IT infrastructure network across thousands of computers very successfully Is version 4.3 something that has been tested and supported by Tapatalk? Seems to me they (Tapatalk) have only tested as far as IPB 4.2.2 - was it really necessary to go all the way to 4.3? Upgrading is a b!tch, but following the release notes, checking compatibility and having an appropriate testing procedure (including plugins) is typically best practice. Is a roll-back to a publicly tested combination IPB 4.22/Tapatalk 1.4.4 possible? I get the feeling you'll be chasing the tail between your legs for quite some time persevering with IPB 4.3 If you need some short term Microsoft Azure cloud space (VMs or otherwise) for testing servers or running a mirror (at no charge), so as not to interfere with the production environment let me know. Latest versions are referred to as the "bleeding edge" for a reason.
  3. Really does feel like an episode of the walking dead around here. Hopefully we don't all get eaten by zombies in the interim while the forum gets fixed. Anybody thought about a rollback? The previously stated theory of needed to upgrade to allow for support doesn't seem to be working out.
  4. You can change most of the settings - see the screenshot I've attached. There's several other settings to limit the type of content, etc. Play with the settings.
  5. I'm Back!

    A Clio II is a nice way to scratch the itch without doing subsonic speeds ????
  6. Bought A Cheapie 172

    I might be able to help with exhaust and ECU remap, I'll send you a pm
  7. I'm Back!

    Welcome back, not much has changed lol.
  8. Site Donations - Thanks

    Has Bremund gone AWOL?
  9. Hi Guys!

    Sounds like your timing was just right too, I reckon the price of Clio 2s will be on the up after a Clio 172 won 24 hours of LeMons last weekend.
  10. Newbie Looking For Advise On Rs Model 250/65

    Did that belong to mothman? Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  11. Newbie Looking For Advise On Rs Model 250/65

    Talk to Renotech they'll look after you, belts are cheaper than you think on a Meg 3, cheaper than a Clio 2 anyway. Belts are probably the most crucial maintenance item so either look for a car that's had them done or negotiate away the cost of belts if they haven't been done. There are many Meg 3s out there now needing belts. Don't get the base spec Cup, its horrible compared to the Trophee. Keyless entry, keyless locking, keyless start, Xenons, Recaros, leather, its just so much fat for such a small price difference you will regret not going for the best spec and getting a slightly older car I bought a Cup recently which gives me the sh!t$ compared to the Trophee I used to own, but I'm not fussed because I intend to strip it out as a track car eventually, but until then I'll remain annoyed every time I have to press the button on the remote or put it in the fricking key slot to start the car....
  12. Lol yeah, I did think about I waited for Paul to post some pics, but I think he's having trouble with pics... Anyway, Qld 1 - Vic 0 Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  13. Sorry I had to take a raincheck on the Oxley, I was looking forward to it. Paul and I had managed to catch up yesterday on his way through and do the Putty Road It turned a few heads seeing not just one BO Clio, but two. After doing the first section we stopped in at Grey Gums Cafe for some lunch and then shot through the top section, before I turned around and headed home while Paul headed off towards Dungog I am so looking for spots in my Calendar to go and do the Oxley run.
  14. Looking like a lot of motorway driving but you'd really need 5+ days to do the whole trip off motorways Can I make a suggestion though? You should head to Dungog after the Putty. It doesn't take a great deal of extra time and is a nice warm down after the Putty before you get ready for the Motorway again. Dungog is an extra hour (you'll do it faster because its twisties) but well worth it. The only other suggestion is a detour via Penrith/Emu Plains on your way to Windsor. I've got you leaving the Motorway near Mittagong and heading through the back roads. According to Google the time penalty is only about 20 minutes but I usually find that way is just faster because its all back roads which allow a RS to travel full posted speed in all areas. Looks like I'm free on Friday too. I guess you're hitting Sydney late morning. We can meet up and head to the half way house Cafe on the Putty road for lunch. I'll see how I go for time, I might even come and do the Dungog leg as well.
  15. Here's some inspiration for you. If you get chance to drop in/meet up on the way through that'd be awesome. Depending on what day you;re coming through I might be up for a bit of a drive