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  1. Megane Rs250 Or Ford Fiesta St

    I was at a North Shore Renault dealer last week and they had a recently traded Hologramme Grey A&D RS200 with about 45,000km on it for less than $18k. A couple of minor issues - steering wheel leather was worn on the right side (like the previous owner wore rings on the right hand), badges were painted (badly) black (it looks like plastidip so probably pretty easy to remove). That seems to be about the real price for these now. That sort of money would easily get you into a 2014 Fiesta ST.
  2. Megane Rs250 Or Ford Fiesta St

    Megane is equivalent to a Ford Focus. The Fiesta ST is more akin to an RS Clio. Do you want or need the bigger car? If you don't, then compare an RS200 (or earlier) Clio to the Fiesta. That should also close the price gap, even putting it into the Renault's favour and with could be 2014 models. Cross check the insurance costs as well.