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  1. Long Term Owner First Time Poster

    Best car, best colour!
  2. Do's And Don'ts With Your Car (Mechanically)

    I don't think spanners are the metal things helmets are meant to protect against...
  3. Melbourne To Brisbane Plus A Renault Clio Sport

    It's a smallish tank... I found that the uphill sections it would indicate 12-13L/100km, then downhill much less, and normal driving around 8. Hopefully that gives you a guide. Obviously depends on lots of things, not least how you drive it!
  4. Melbourne To Brisbane Plus A Renault Clio Sport

    Would have to be the opposite way, no?
  5. Advice On Purchasing Clio Rs 3

    Did no one pick up the fact that Andrew drove from Tassie to Vic? I didn't know Clio 3s were amphibious! To the OP - good luck with the purchase! You'll be a convert in no time
  6. 2006 Megane Sport Cup

    Jason's advice is good - search the forums first, topic has been well covered. Only thing to add is engine mounts - the running joke is that they are approximately the same as French cheese, so need to be replaced every 50 thousand k's or so. You can tell by the vibrations through the cabin. Ph 1 Cup is worth marrying. Ph 1 Non-Cup can be married if you're happy to send her to the gym (i.e. mod the handling). Or excellent for just tootling around. Ph 2 is the one to look for. Beware scraping the front spoiler on Cup model! It sits mega low. Always use angles on driveways etc...
  7. New 225 Cup

    IIRC the shock absorber rates are slightly stiffer in Cup to suit the springs - but I may be way off. I also think that this car may be a Ph2 - apart from all the points above, I'm fairly certain the silver was a different shade on Ph1? You can see it from Vaughan's photo above, the blue-ish tinge (like iceberg on a Clio 2). Ph2 silver is more a gunmetal / champagne type combo.
  8. New 225 Cup

    Welcome! Agree with the others - doesn't look like a Cup. Lack of anthracite wheels and wing mirrors is the main giveaway. To be sure, you can also check: - cross-drilled rotors - switch off traction control and see if it comes back on above 50kph - Eibach springs Anyway, it's a great steer and hope you enjoy it! (and it's good to you)
  9. Help Me Choose - Rs 225 Or 175 For Daily Driver

    Ha, I like it! Given I have an order of things before I can buy said new toy... new house... more money... who knows, maybe the 225 bug will bite harder in the meantime
  10. Help Me Choose - Rs 225 Or 175 For Daily Driver

    Hahaha I follow your thread DOOOOK and that all sounds great... but I don't see myself ever modifying that heavily, plus I need to save money for a longer term toy
  11. Help Me Choose - Rs 225 Or 175 For Daily Driver

    To be fair, I find the stock 225 runs out of puff around 5.5K rpm anyway... diminishing returns trying to wring it to the redline (or was I just spoiled by the Clio?)
  12. R.s.01S To Australia

    I think you mean "thirded".
  13. Difference Between Phase 1 225 Cup And Non Cup

    The blood orange is a fantastic colour, and we all love our big butt Meganes Stick on some Phase 2 tail lights and it'll look even better...
  14. Difference Between Phase 1 225 Cup And Non Cup

    Agree with these. My Ph2 Cup (2006) has silver Brembos. Unfortunately there are no hard and fast rules... Renault like to be different and offer 200 spec levels on 400 cars. Ph1 Cups should have orange seat belts, but not guaranteed. The multispoke wheels should be 18 inch, not 17. As others said, ESC should not come on above a certain speed, which I think is 50kph. The switch is next to your right knee (unless it changed location between Ph1 and Ph2!). You could also check if the springs are stamped as Eibach. Oh, and the lights should be xenons. If everything is in place, it's likely it's a Cup...
  15. Do's And Don'ts With Your Car (Mechanically)

    Anecdotally confirmed. Hearing a noise which is diagnosed as worn thrust bearing, most likely due to the fact that myself and previous owner of my car are inner-suburb dwellers (and therefore any driving to get anywhere is very stop-start / back-street based). No indication yet how long it will still be good for, not urgent but definitely a "monitor" situation. If the whole gearbox assembly needs to come off, it might be time for a quaife diff...