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  1. Hi from Whyalla

    Hi Rob 27 years old. Should catch up for a dsrive somtime. DM
  2. Hi from Whyalla

    Drive to Adelaide is about 350kms, all straight roads. Only road in Whyalla with anything resembling a corner is the short drive up the hummick hill lookout (about 3 corners all up). Next closest is the Horricks Pass, about 170 kms away but definitely worth the trip, will get out there soon. Will get some pics up soon, even managed to get all my music gear in back. DM
  3. Hi from Whyalla

    Thought I'd pop I line, say hi to you all. Bought a Clio Sport 03 in silver last week and was told to come here for a chat. As far as I know I own the only clio in Whyalla, a town owned by a large brigade of v8 utes and SS commodores, if you don't drive a ford or holden here you go largely unrecognised, which is more my style. Look forward to chatting with you all and sorting out my yet unmolested ride. DM