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  1. let me know how this goes as im currently exchanging emails with Elliot from Ktec in regards to the angel eyes headlights
  2. Overseas Newbie saying Hello

    Welcome to the forum mate! The wheels on the silver 172 look farking hot!! thats exactly the type of wheel im after, what brand/model are they?
  3. hey all....

    Welcome Zac! Good to hear you work at Trutrack, i need to order some Koni yellows soon!! edit: accidentally called you Robbie as per your avatar
  4. Cost of Renault Bits

    thats a good price, i think i paid Graffico around $250 just to put a set on my 172
  5. Shoey the Newy

    are you called shoey because you belt your car around corners like michael schumacher!!?? welcome to the forums!
  6. usernames/real names

    mine is quite easy to explain psycho + croatian = psycro thats a name ive always used as a net nickname real names danny, or as my folks call me, deni