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  1. Announcement: Forum Upgrade 4/7/17

    If I can refer admins to this usability guide for those of us who suffer from achromatopsia or colour blindness.
  2. Announcement: Forum Upgrade 4/7/17

    I like the black background but the skins colour for text as blue for headings/thread categories and light grey for threads is very difficult on the eye. White text on black , or alternatively white background and go nuts on colour for text.
  3. Announcement: Forum Upgrade 4/7/17

    Good effort to make the update. But thank F#*k for Tapatalk , is it just me or does the new forum skin look absolutely gash .
  4. Announcement: Forum Upgrade 4/7/17

    The site is still got bugs with it, especially double posting etc
  5. Announcement: Forum Upgrade 4/7/17

    Also notice that the post submit button is playing funny buggers, if you have a look in the other classifieds area for example. I have noticed it on a few occasions where you hit submit, nothing happens.
  6. Announcement: Forum Upgrade 4/7/17

    Anyone having issues with Tapatalk? Cant seem to login to the forums via the app.
  7. Announcement: Forum Upgrade 4/7/17

    Strange layout. is there a 'new posts' button? or is it just the timeline feature?
  8. Announcement: Forum Upgrade 4/7/17

    Make sure you back up before the upgrade [emoji106]
  9. First World Problems ... What To Do With $35K?!

    Actually hired a 308 for a week whilst in Europe recently and they are a delight to drive and live with however my biggest con about them is the stupid central control screen that does navigation and climate, it's stupidly slow and very frustrating for an otherwise great chassis.
  10. Renault Clio Sport 200 Trophee

    Man your 200 looks amazing ! Great buy !
  11. Renault Clio Sport 200 Trophee

    Anyone driven a clio 200 and a late 197 cup or r27 back to back as a comparison?
  12. English Newbie

    In Oz it's tough with the law but I can tell you now it does not diminish the quality of the builds , there is a vibrant aftermarket and engine conversion scene here, with many good workshops that will assist. Generally if you do a build Uber the guidance of an engineer who will eventually sign off you'll be right.
  13. English Newbie

    Welcome when you get here!
  14. Hello To Eveyone

    Welcome and some good mods planned. Just some advice about custom exhaust on the Clio in EDC , they done work too well off the bat, to get the sound right your best off going off the shelf with tried and tested exhaust rather than custom, with the Pound and aud your at better bang for buck with something from scorpion , which sound amazing and make good power.