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Gear Selector Cover Removal?

F.A.Q. Yesterday, 09:38 PM
Hi everyone, as the title I'm having trouble with getting the cover out, been to some forums and looked up on google and youtube but still have no clue. My car is Renault Koleos 2014. It is not Renault sport but hopefully there is anyone can help me out. Thank
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Unable To Find Ignition Pluse Or Suitable Rpm Reading For...

Newbies 26 May 2017
Hi everyone,   I recently bought a Shift light (Ecliptech Shift p2) for my 275 megane for better indication of shift point for while i'm on the track or hill climbs.   The Shift light is meant to be able to pick up an ignition signal off a coil pack to use for its reference to RPM but i...
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I'm Back!

Newbies 22 May 2017
After a few years and now OK to drive, not race anymore I bought my wife a RS to drive to work. Let the mods begin
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Megane Gt - Traffic Alert And Speed Cam Alerts

Newbies 22 May 2017
Played around the navigation tonight. Somehow traffic alert and speed cam warnings started working for a brief period of time about 2 minutes. Then its gone missing lol. I dont have any subscription to live traffic. Anyone else experienced this?
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Legend In Langwarrin

Newbies 22 May 2017
Hi Guys,   seems like a fellow Oz Renault member noticed the Clio 197 in Langwarrin tonight (or noticed the crazy missus at the wheel). Thanks for the card , although already a member.   We are always keen for a drive and are in Botanic Ridge if you ever want to head out somewhere close...
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