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New Rs220 Trophy Owner

Newbies 14 Jan 2017
Hi everyone,   I joined a little while ago looking for an old Megan RS 225 but ended up pulling the trigger on a brand new RS 220! I couldn't say no once I saw it in the Frost White. I have just a few questions: Any advice or particular threads I should look at on this forum with regards to...
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Newbie Rs265 Trophee +

Newbies 13 Jan 2017
Just bought my Meg last month. Loving every drive! Been on the forum for some time and been reading up to just make sure I was making the right choice (never owned a French car) and also what options to consider. But zero regrets! Got the leather buckets, glass roof and bi-xenons! Definately lo...
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Noobie Hello

Newbies 11 Jan 2017
Hey guys,   Thought i'd say g'day.  Been on here for a while since owning a 172 and missing it everyday since i sold it! Decided it's time to get back into a RS and pick up my 14 Megane RS Cup Prem in a few days. Cannot wait!   Cheers,   BD
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Noobie Saying Hi

Newbies 09 Jan 2017
Hey Guys,    I've just joined the forum to learn more and about the Megane RS Phase 3.    Looking to see if I can grab one of these beasts soon.
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Renault Clio Sport 200 Trophee

Newbies 09 Jan 2017
Hey everyone!   I've been sent over here from whirlpool forums for some advice on the clio 200 trophee edition (2010-11)   - What is the realistic price I would be able to pick up one of these for? (I want to spend around 13-14k)   - Any major issues I should look out for?   I...
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