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    Came to say hey hey Bought this machine earlier this year after my previous car was written off due to a collision. After carefully considering the market options, I became hooked for a Megane III RS so I set out for one. Ended up finding this nice example in my perfect combo (Pre-facelift, Grey, Cup+) from a top notch owner in Victoria. Paid for an interstate inspection (shout out to State Roads), flew down to make the deal, and drove it up for its new life in NSW. Funny story: Since rego cannot be transferred interstate, previous owner kept the plates and I drove up some 900km with nothing but a piece of paper (UVP permit). Didn't get pulled over once by highway patrol even though many had definitely spotted me. 1km out from home, I get pulled over by local PD... Anyways I work nights so I'm mostly buzzing around the western burbs under moonlight, but look forward to hitting up cruises tacking onto the RS train... CHOO CHOO pic of the car on registration day:
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    Hi, my name is Grace, just bought a brand new 220 Trophy last week! I’m new to the French car scene, former Golf owner. Located in Brisbane, and looking forward to meeting some local owners!
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    My 1st French hot hatch was a blue 1986 R5 Gt Turbo in 1998 when I was 22. I loved that car but for some reason kept blowing the turbo so I had to let her go. Few years later I had a 1987 face lifted version in red with no major problems but when the family came i had to sell it unfortunately. Now 12 years later I'm a happy owner of a flame red 2003 Clio sport 172. When I sat in the car I felt like going back in time all the good/silly memories came back from my young age I knew it I want it again. It doesn't feel as fast as I was expecting but still love it. (the turbos were back in Europe)
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    Hey all, As my cousins @yiannos18 and @Nikod123 have already made there post, I’ve finally gotten around to mine to introduce Bella - Clio RB7 Edition It’s been awesome fun so far and for sure some fun drives to come, plans to track day it aswell and possibly some minor mods like intake, exhaust and wheel re trim but nothing irreversible, some pics below - RB7 #217
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    Hey everybody My name is Arno and i come from Switzerland. An australian customer of mine has made me aware of this forum. Privately I have been Renault (Sport) cars for 25 years, but i worked professionally always on the brands of the Volkswagen Group. As technician (all VW brands) and later as workshop manager (Porsche). Today i have my own company and i produce my own high performance coilovers (especially for Renault Sport, but also for all other vehicle brands) and sell them worldwide. I'm also a freelance racing mechanic in a Porsche Supercup racing team. The perfect complement to my products. This year i'm the chef mechanic of the racing car of the young australian Porsche junior driver Matt Campbell. My whole story is easy to read here: https://www.rscenter.ch/en/rscenter/history/ Regards Arno
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    Hi all, figured I should sign up here since today I signed the papers on a Megane RS275 Trophy which I will pick up next week. You can probably guess from the name that I'm new to the small car game - previous cars include a number of RWD v8s, most recently an HSV E3 Senator - a car I loved, and still love - but it's time to move out of the cruiser and back into a pure drivers car. Absolutely cannot wait to pick up the new toy next week!
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    Been lurking around the forum for a while now and just pulled the pin and bought an 808. Absolutely loving it! And now can't believe it took me so long to get into one! Can't wait to try it out in a bit more anger now.
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    Well, I wanted a toy. I've now got a little 182 in blue. Needs a little love but overall it's a great thing to drive. In vic and keen to visit the track a bit once I have the tyres/brakes and belts sorted! This is my fourth RS. I've been in boring company cars for a while so keen to have some fun again. Now I've got to go and figure out how to pull the steering wheel off for a refurb....
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    Hi Guys, I purchased a 2014 Megane RS265 Cup Premium yesterday and thought I would join your online community. I'm looking forward to contributing and to reading through the info that is already here.
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    I am a bit late writing this as I bought liquido200's ah, liquid yellow 2012 Clio 200 in early September. My first new car was a Peugeot 205 Gti and the Clio reminds me of a modern version of that. I have just sold my Mk5 Golf Gti (bought it new, apr ecu remap, full apr exhaust, etc) which was a beautiful car and my 07 Elise which was a lot of fun. The Clio seems like mix of the 2! Hope I made the right decision. I have also spent the last 2 years restoring my 83 Alfasud Ti QV with a mate. We stripped it totally inside and out and it had no rust and it is now in remarkable condition after much work doing nearly everything but paint. I am really enjoying the Clio. Love the suspension, gearbox, brakes and seats. Clearly they did not spend much on the stereo (what a piece of 💩). Bought a set of stock wheels from a forum member and have put on yoko ad08rs. Next step will be exhaust- Akra seems popular but keen to hear in person if possible. Seems to be some keen members in Brisbane so hopefully I will catch up. Keen to learn where to buy and have it installed in Brisvegas. Lots of great info on this forum.
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    Hey All, Just bought a RS 220 Trophy, pick it up later this week. Anything I should know about them? Never owned a Renault before, came from an old Subaru Liberty which would get 400k's from a 60l tank so I hope it's at least a bit more fuel efficient haha. I want to swap out the wheels for some 17's though, would there be any issues with brake clearance or anything?
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    Hi Guys, New Clio owner here. Purchased a flame red 172 off a mate a month ago. So far enjoying going back to basics with a lightweight hatchback. Plans are to clean it up a little bit and enjoy it! Cheers
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    Test drove a 2014 Sport yesterday. Quite impressed. The interior is a couple of leagues above that of the ST's. The driving position was the first big plus I noticed. The driver sits lower in the cabin which I like, in the ST it feels like you sit 'on' instead of 'in' the car, despite the excellent Recaros. Did the entire test drive in Sport mode. Car sat pretty flat through corners and I could feel the e-diff doing its thing powering through corners. Flappy paddle response was good and the 'upshift burp' was highly entertaining, I can see why some people cut out the resonator to add to the drama. The car I test drove had 100,000km on the clock (probably won't get it due to its high mileage), the chassis still felt tight and ride quality was high, for once in a hot hatch I didn't have to clench my buttcheeks in anticipation of possible spinal injuries when going over road imperfections. Didn't notice any interior rattles or squeaks (which the ST has had since day one). Power delivery was pretty linear, so linear that I couldn't feel any distinctive 'power drop off point' which would prompt me to upshift, so I kept on hitting the rev limiter, haha. On the flip side, the engine was noticeably less torquey (240Nm vs. 300Nm+) and did not pull as hard, I didn't get much of that 'pushed back to the seat' sensation when accelerating, although the EDC allowed almost uninterrupted power delivery, which was a good sensation. While steering was accurate and the car changed directions as commanded, but somehow there was a vague remoteness to the steering feel, the steering wheel did not 'load up' during corning, although I am sure I was no where near running out of front end grip, but the car simply couldn't communicate it to me through the steering wheel. More feedback from the front wheels would have been nice. I noticed that the RS's intercooler is side-mounted and of a small size, hopefully it is still adequate in our climatic conditions for spirited driving. Overall, it was a very solid driving experience which felt much more mature but less immediate than the ST. Now gotta test the Cup next.
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    I spoke with him, he offered to replace just the filter or refund me $30 for the filter. He said he forgot to tell me he did not replace it! WTF. I told him it would need the existing oil drained, as it is now contaminated (that is if he even changed it) so wanted a full refund to get it done. After 5 mins of him refusing, I used the words "small claims court," without hesitation he offered a full refund, which went back into bank acc yesterday. To me, if it was an innocent mistake, there would have been some defence SURELY.. its not until I had bad work done, that's when I read the other bad reviews on Google.. lesson learnt. So I will name and shame this rip off Muppet.. http://www.motorossi.com.au/ AVOID THIS GUY..
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    Ozrs has been made great again!!
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    Thats just gorgeous. Wicked cars all 3 of ya.
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    About time, you've been killing me here 😂
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    I feel fortunate that they like the car a lot, but want something a little different again, with 4 doors. Lucky to hopefully be able to get it soon (fingers crossed). It's just a far more interesting car than the equivalent GTI Golf. Tons more character, more power, and better brakes and handling.
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    well there is not much of a story. Box hill was a bit far for the owner so i got a redbook tech to inspect it and the report was alright, it had no leaks (my biggest fear) and the belts needed to be changed (which i knew already). all in all, it's a fair car, with the expected wear and tear of a 8 year old vehicle. i drove to work yesterday and it consumed a bit much (20%) but i guess i'll need to change the filters as well and rev it a little to get the dust off the throttle i plan a service visit i the near future, but as i will be on and off to NZ for the next 3 months, it will have to wait a little. meanwhile, some photos
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    As you can imagine, many people ask for test kits. But unfortunately I must deceive you. My customers don't have to test anything anymore. They can order, install, drive, enjoy... But if you want, you can read the customer feedbacks : https://www.rscenter.ch/en/products/rsc-coilovers/customerfeedbacks/
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    Hi and welcome Arno! Good to see you join this great forum. I'm looking forward to my delivery.
  24. 2 points
    What an absolute wanker. Glad you got your cash back. Bet the prick didn't even change the oil. Just took $129 of your money. Top tip. Get some filters from Renault, some penrite hpr5 5w40 oil when on special at your local parts store and be done with it... oh and the square fill plug socket. Bet he saw that, didn't have it so didn't change it. Sent from my XT1572 using Tapatalk
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    Yep, I've seen plenty of corroded ones come out. Make sure you use genuine, I pulled a non genuine off my flamer (fitted by PaulV according to the essay of an invoice included with the car) when we did the belts and it was all corroded, just on 4 years. You should also change the thermostat too. It's also not a "service" item but is faulty on the majority of all RSs.
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    Like the one at the top of the forum posted on the 6th. Doesn't show in tapatalk though. That said, is anyone elses forum showing dates as US style (mm/dd/yyyy). Trying to work out where to change this and not having much luck.
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    Hi there, new to Renault's as of last week, purchased a 2011 Megane RS 250 Cup Trophee in extreme blue (66,000km) after looking for a while. Based in Adelaide, very open to any advice on where to service and any general tips on the car. I have a fair background in fast cars and track days / super sprints, and I'm looking forward to having a good read through some posts on here.
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    @chuckovski I have a bit of a Mclaren obsession.. it’s a Mp4/4 reference
  29. 2 points
    Yes someone mentioned in the non-forum that the seller needed to be told that James Bond worked for MI6. Besides if he was American it would have been CIA, not FBI
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    I switched over a few years ago. You won't look back mate
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    Since my commute has increased to a 100km round trip a day I'm averaging 7.5l/100km. That includes traffic and a bit of 80km/h cruising.
  32. 1 point
    Welcome Arno, some very nice suspension kit on your website. Really nice to see some proper serious alternatives to the generic KWs, Bilsteins, etc, that are on offer.
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    Nice to see a Swiss on the forum. Welcome!
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    Welcome Arno. If you want someone to test a set out on Australian roads feel free to sent a set my way
  37. 1 point
    Welcome! Great to see an 'international flavour' happening on our forum. Would be great to hear more of your Renault RS exploits and products you have or are developing in relation to them.
  38. 1 point
    Maybe true, but boy it makes a cracking buy secondhand now!
  39. 1 point
    This is a good point - are you going to the track to have fun or chase times? I'm satisfied with going and learning how to drive better and have fun. In my opinion the black 18s look much better than the silver Tibors, though some disagree! Maybe stick with the cup (unless like I said you can get a sport a lot cheaper, like I did!). I find the sport very comfortable with ok handling, not to the point where I'll take it to the track over the Megane.
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    There is an oil sale on at Supercheap - this is what you want in it http://www.supercheapauto.com.au/Product/Penrite-HPR-5-Engine-Oil-5W-40-5-Litre/14911?menuFrom=1021652 Oil filter you can get from the dealer, but better to give Ken a call and have one turn up in your mailbox http://partsoffrance.com.au/
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    I'm not sure about the depreciation on the IV - I was very irritated how much I had to pay for a three year old one! They do better than most RenaultSport models. That could be true Chuck. I was referring to what you can pick up a very good, low km late model one with warranty for as a percentage of the new cost. Great buying as used cars...
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    Yep my thermostat failed open luckily. I suspected it had for ages but was told it was fine. Once I got a scan gauge hooked up permanently I could tell immediately that it was like this as it struggled to make/maintain 75C.
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    I've seen the ad for that car. It's very good value if it's any good. The sunroof is a bonus. Very rare. I'd go in with an offer at 9K subject to passing an inspection to your satisfaction. Take it to Paul at Auto Paris in Box Hill. He will do a thorough test. Depending on what he finds you can always re-negotiate the price. You will need to do the timing belt at least. Allow $800 for that. The water pump, which is a small cost, will be done at the same time while the car is in bits. Just a precaution. Even factoring in all that, it's a good buy assuming it's not been crashed and cosmetically good. Get moving. It probably won't hang around for long at that price.
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    Mine is black gold, lovely gold reflections in the sunlight..
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    I too, have the same colour as your car. I had never used clay bar until today. Largely on seeing it come up, time and time again on this forum, decided to give it a go. I had never been completely happy with the finish I was getting on the paintwork with a range of different products. Now- total clay bar convert. So easy to use and so fast to get a great result. One thing I have found with these cars is you really do need to want to do some of the work on them yourself. Otherwise, you will pay lots, often for, substandard work or service. Cleaning/ polishing and oil changing are inconvenient but at least you know it is done and done the way you want it to be.
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    Nice looking trophy, great colour combo - how does the drive compare to the golf? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Welcome! Good looking car you got – Love the colour and wheel combo
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    Sorry, meant to say 3 door, fat fingers on keyboard..
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    G’day everyone, long time lurker of the forums. Finally got my hands on a clio 4 200 cup 2016 in the greatest of colours, LY ?? Absolutely in love with the car and can’t wait for the many drives ahead. Cheers @yiannos18 for informing me about this beast ??