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    Hi all, Hoping that it’s ok I post up in here without actually being a Renault owner (yet)! Quick background: I currently own a Honda Integra Type R (DC2) so I’m no stranger to reasonably quick FWD cars. Essentially after getting married last year and moving house, it’s time (somewhat unfortunately) that I move on to something a bit more family friendly, while hopefully retaining a fun dynamic. This is where the Megane RS enters. Up until the past year or so, Meganes and Renaults I’m generally haven’t done much for me. Not because they’re not awesome cars but because (as most of you might be aware) Renault isn’t really held in high regards in Australia until more recently. Having been to the track numerous times, it wasn’t until my cars at the time (MKV GTI and S14 200sx, both reasonably modified) struggled to get passed a Clio 172 on track...my mind was blown! Following this I purchased MY DC2R right around the same time my good friend bought a 250RS Megane. We went down the coast a few times and while I loved the Integra screaming to near-9k rpm and having a great LSD and unreal handling dynamics for a FWD (especially for the time), dropping into the seat of the 250RS enlightened me to how good Renault Sport truly is. Steering feel was phenomenal and the front diff couples with (some great tyres) and a incredible chassis left me fog smacked at how far the FWD game has come (and I was ready an advocate for fwd!). Anyway I’m spurting stuff that you’re all no doubt familiar with, but what I’m saying is that I’ll hopefully join this community within the next month. Have plenty of interest on the DC2R and while I’ll miss it’s raw nature, I think any Megane 250RS that I take ownership of will be better equipped to do the daily family duties while also delivering the thrills on track and on spirited drives. Consider me a newfound Renault fan boy. I’ll post a few pics of my current and previous cars below. More than happy to answer any questions you have surrounding ownership etc of any vehicle (feel free to reply below or private message). Watch this space as I believe very shortly I’ll be part of the Renault community. Yours sincerely, A recently converted Renault enthusiast Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Thought I’d finally introduce myself after owning my Clio 172 for a month now. Absolutely loving it in every way, still waiting to rego it as I’ve been away but I thought I’d pop in. Here’s photos of it and my project (ford escort rs2000). Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Looking forward to sitting next to a few more of you this year, as I scream "power,power,power" whilst you scare the living crap out of me. Lol had a blast last year........... Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    I'd be almost tempted to suggest none at all to maintain the value and use it as transport. A stock Clio II is becoming rarer and more desirable. Otherwise the first question is what are you planning to use it for?
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    V8 + bucket list for every Aussie male + mates rates right price. Don't over think this. Must be done. You can always sell it on if you really don't like it.
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    Looks the goods mate. Very clean and the low km's are a bonus. Just remove those tips before i vomit too much more
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    If you want to do mods, just look at this thread with list of parts and cherry pick from that !
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    Haha good to hear. I’m starting to see a general trend/pattern of people converting to RS and never looking back. It’s a good sign! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hi All We dont really have an active forum, and i wanted to join one to learn and share, hence here Took delivery of my 2017 Clio RS trophy today. Its a dealer demo. Liquid yellow with Akrapovik and RS monitor options, got it a considerably lower price than new, except its driven in a bit. I traded in a 2011 Polo GTI. I did really love that car, really well built, good ride quality and pulled very strong. Made me smile. But as the mrs recently got the new Tiguan, i felt we have one civilised car and got something a bit silly. Love it! Cheers Nazmo
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    @ Hamish - aren’t you the guy on TV ?????
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    Well the drive today was fun. Lots of fun. I drove it by myself which on reflection means the last time I drove it I was holding back quite a bit ... So my opinion of the car has certainly improved. Roomy, comfortable, fast. I looked at the instantaneous fuel consumption and that was scary. I have never seen figures that large in a car before! It would be nice to have that's for sure. Next thing to consider, the $$ and if he can get out of his contract with the dealer who offered him the trade. Still hesitant, but I've developed a connection with the car. Might be time I drove both my Renault's again [emoji3]. I can imagine the car being a one trick pony but I was impressed with how it handled for such a big car. Would be fun to take it to the track and really give it some!
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    I don't know why Renault moved away from such a well developed 3WS system?!
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    Lotus Only Track Day at BATHURST on 7/2 - booked out in 5 days ... got a spot !!!!!
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    If you've ever driven a new 182 Cup you would realise how good these cars are. I still regret selling mine. A new exhaust is worthwhile if the old one is rusty or falling apart, but be careful you don't get a droner. Many people complained of droning exhausts with the 182. Tune for drivability? Forget it, the car is amazingly flexible with gobs of torque at low revs, you have 80% of the torque available from 2000 rpm. Shocks, at least replace with OEM shocks and new bushes. Also look at your steering arm bushes, engine mounts etc as all wear out and new mounts make the car feel nice and tight. A 4 km commute? Find a longer way home. Your engine is barely warm in 4 km cheers, r
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    The standard car is fantastic - the best things you can do are good tyres (Yokohama AD08R, Hankook RS3/4) and better brake fluid and pads (front and rear). Then when you have done that and you want to get the best out of the car - do an advanced driving course and learn how to drive it!!!
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    Download Waze on your phone and get a phone cradle, it has everything and people can report mobile speed cameras too
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    my respectful submissions are set out below 1] you need a new friend, based on those sort of reactionary comments - no car is ' too fast ' nor any performance touring car ' too uncomfortable ' . dump him before people begin to talk 2] the V8 thing is a dream for me too BUT its a bit of a one hit wonder. once you've got used to the noise, you'll remember you're driving a huge taxi that doesn't do much else but make sweet sounds . if you love smaller cars [ as most here do ] , you'll get bored and regret it I came close [ with Walkies encouragement ] to a brightly hued Commo V8 wagon as tow car / family truckster but worked out it too would be a bit boring after the initial novelty wore off
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    I sold my Megane rs250 as it wasn't family friendly enough. The need for 4 doors was too strong. While I love my MY15 STi, I miss my Meg badly... I should have just kept it. Watch out. The Renault bug bites hard. Before you know if you'll own a Clio 172/182!
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    SMSP Private Practice 25 January
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    Depending on k's some things may just benefit from a refresh. Good tyres will make all the difference too. As above, it depends on what your purpose is.
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    Depending on k's some things may just benefit from a refresh. Good tyres will make all the difference too. As above, it depends on what your purpose is.
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    Stock exhaust tends to fall off due to rust/weight. Aftermarket one is a good way to go. ECU remapping - (RS Tuner by Henk is a common one) is a good way to improve driveability more than anything. Smooths out the revs and brings a little bit more torque down in the rev range. Induction Kits, mostly for noise more than any actual gains. Suspension. Really good as standard when new. Eibach sportlines lowering springs are good way to get a small drop without compromising the ride (too much IMO).
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    tune is definitely the best option, you can do smaller things like a better flowing filter, 100cell down pipe and stuff like that, but best way is definitely tune!
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    Even better - this is free, and does have the option also of mobile camera reporting. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tomtom.speedcams.android.map If you really want your car updated you can wait until there's a sale - often 50% off. If you're getting speeding fines it's worth the money!
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    Welcome! The more, the merrier ! Pun intended.
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    Welcome. Just use our forum. We don't mind. I have an African Mechanic for my Renault - true story. Enjoy..