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    Hey everyone, Just thought I'd say G'day, been lurking here for a little while checking out the market. After being peer pressured by itsdamo (whom I work with), I picked up an LY808 from Adelaide off another forum member and drove it back home overnight. Loving it so far, it's surprisingly quick! Im usually an Evo guy, and have a 5RS Tarmac rally car, so some of these French quirks are pretty strange to me! Finding lots of good technical info on here, hope to see some of you around. Dave
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    I was lucky enough to drive this today..., it is mad. Now I have to be depressed because I want one..., and I can't.
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    Thanks Deb (our quasi Admin!). Appreciate that you are stepping up to get this sorted. To the actual admins, if you don't have time or are not that interested anymore maybe consider letting some others take the keys - I'm sure you have put a lot in to make the forum what it is hence you're accutely aware of what it'll take to keep it on track so if you're not in a position to facilitate (which is totally fine) then please let someone else take the reigns. We saw what happened when the production of calendars became unreliable (again, not a dig as everyone has a life outside of here) but this is the way the forum could go if we are not careful! Hopefully things will be sorted soon and this can all be history but please have a think about the future of this great community you have built!
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    Miss it already mate! Glad to see you guys got back safely - and congrats again!
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    Hi everyone, I'm an undergrad mechanical engineer from Newcastle and I picked up this 225 last week! After lurking around the forums forever while I looked at cars I think it's time to say hi haha It's got a little bit of work still to be done on it but overall have been quite happy with it so far. I'll be putting some posts up soon regarding tyres and brakes so I can get it all sorted out for some fun! Thanks in advance to everyone who might help me in the future! Edit: bonnet is popped open in the pic, before it drives anyone crazy haha Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Thanks Deb! Those on full broswer go to: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1581201535284267
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    Is winter over? Another nice sunny day in sydney.
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    He is known as BOB... Just a shame he wasn't introduced as such, instead of 8.08. Would have been an amusing way to stir up the crowd... Introducing the new Yellow Megane BOB.
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    That's gotta go down as one of the more interesting autocorrect fails!
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    This is what it looks like, bit ricey but almost half the weight! Sent from my Moto G (4) using Tapatalk
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    Re the dark background. If you go to the bottom (left on mine) of the forum page in a browser, and click "Theme", you'll see there's a "default" option, which is light. Also, "New Posts" seems to be working OK for me now
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    for me personally Tapatalk hasn't made it any easier then when i was using my mobile. This new site actually formats very well on mobiles.so for me anyways i don't think my frequenting this forum will depend on whether Tapatalk is available or not. It is the community spirit that gets me coming back and the great people that I've come across and met on this forum. Cheers, Sam.
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    Hi Paul..... welcome back. although you may not see the attraction of Tapatalk (maybe because you haven't used the forum in the past 4 years??), it is the way a high percentage of us access the forum due to its ease of use. It's unfortunate, but without Tapatalk many of us are just not frequenting the forum..... it's sort of feels like if we don't get this resolved soon the forum will die as people move on. im sure that I speak for a lot of people when I say that this forum has been a large part of our lives and we have met many great like minded people and made lots lasting friendships. I encourage you not to give up on Tapatalk as it seems very sad that we could let something so simple destroy something so great.
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    I say we go back to the good old Yahoo Groups! Paul and Deb would remember those days 😉 I'm in the Tapatalk camp, so have been offline for a while.
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    Still no joy, slowly adapting to life without this forum... it's probably somewhat healthy I guess. 🙁
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    Yeah the admins know about it and are working on it. It's hard to feed your RS addiction by using the mobile browser 😔
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    Something has changed and it now requests me to log in in a different pop up window but unfortunately it still doesn't work (refers to a network failure and says I'm still not logged in). Thanks for the efforts Deb.
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    Just spoke to them Track insurance covering $10000 is only available if you pay $100 prior to the event
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    Big welcome. Very happy to have another Meg2 on the forum. Please modify it heavily for our entertainment!
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    I'd forgotten that I had bought pro ages ago. It's actually a few versions behind the non-paid option which is probably used to test new features/iron out bugs before updating the 'stable' version.