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  2. Hello from Switzerland

    Thanks! There was no intention at that time, to imitate ken block. I just wanted moving pictures of my vehicles, instead of only pictures in the internet.
  3. Yesterday
  4. Hello from Switzerland

    Welcome - loving the videos , two of my favs in the spider and ph1 V6 . Ken Block is an imposter and drives rubbish !
  5. Hello from Switzerland

    Sorry, yes member's ride section
  6. Hello from Switzerland

    Thank you for your help! Yes, you're right, Swiss friends are generous! But i'm not shure, whether I am meant by it.. (then to lend you one of my cars )
  7. Hello from Switzerland

    Just post in the Members Rides.. If you have a few cars, and since you are a way away, you could just go 'Arnos Swiss Garage' or something like that. and just fill the ride thread with all your beautiful car shots. I'm sure everyone would like to see. [Warning: When I go to Europe, I pick up a car in Switzerland from my 'best friends' then drive them x,000's of km's all round Euro and drop them back when I'm done Swiss friends are great !. I never rent a car in Europe anymore]
  8. Hello from Switzerland

    Thanks! Ah, you mean the comercial rubric. But the projects are from my private cars...
  9. Hello from Switzerland

    sorry try this http://www.ozrenaultsport.com/forum/41-commercial/
  10. Last week
  11. Hi all! Some advice for a potential 197 owner

    well there is not much of a story. Box hill was a bit far for the owner so i got a redbook tech to inspect it and the report was alright, it had no leaks (my biggest fear) and the belts needed to be changed (which i knew already). all in all, it's a fair car, with the expected wear and tear of a 8 year old vehicle. i drove to work yesterday and it consumed a bit much (20%) but i guess i'll need to change the filters as well and rev it a little to get the dust off the throttle i plan a service visit i the near future, but as i will be on and off to NZ for the next 3 months, it will have to wait a little. meanwhile, some photos
  12. Tapatalk login 404

    Great work chasing this up! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Hello from Switzerland

    Thanks! But this link goes to the first forum site, if you don't have tapatalk... Regular link please?
  14. Hey guys, Thanks all on your answers. I will definetaly check it out first to make sure , it has been changed. I knew I could rely on this forum. So helpful.
  15. Part 2 of what chuck said, 2 buttons on my right column stalk, press till you get to service due screen, press and hold till spanner light goes off then reset next service. Check absolutely to the best knowledge nothing is wrong with the car before you do the above(even though you said dealer has done service already).
  16. Hey two things: 1) a dealer is just a dealer. Double check the oil and look at the filter to make sure it's actually been changed. Trust no one. Part of the service is to reset that, and any mechanic should do that if they've changed the oil and filter. 2) cycle through the trip computer until you get to the service due screen, hold in the trip computer button until it resets. Actually three things 3) great choice in car [emoji106]
  17. Hi all, I thought this would be the best place to ask first before I go to a dealership and was wondering how you reset the spanner light? It's on because it now says my oil is due for a change, but I know it isn't since I bought it from a huge reputable dealer second hand and they serviced and changed the oil before they even put the car for sale. I have had the car now for about 4 months. And service is not actually due for another 10000km. Sorry if this is a noob question but then I suppose I am Thanks in advance. P.S. Already looked on google but couldn't find anything.
  18. Hello from Switzerland

    https://r.tapatalk.com/shareLink?url=http%253A%252F%252Fwww%252Eozrenaultsport%252Ecom%252Findex%252Ephp%253F%252Fforum%252F41-Commercial&share_sfid=41&share_fid=5329&share_type=sf Try here
  19. Hello from Switzerland

    Where can projects and work of individual conversions be published here? Ther's a special place, or it comes also in the category of member rides?
  20. Hello from Switzerland

    Thank you for welcome! Please no French! Then english is the much better choice! Because of the commercial rubric I like to come back to you.
  21. Selling Fiesta ST for a second hand Clio RS200 EDC??

    I find that surprising. I haven't driven a cup back to back with a sport, but I've never felt confident with pushing the sport, so much body roll compared to my Megane (unsurprisingly) - hence my perceived need for coilovers. Do you mean that the cup handles better but by such a small amount that the payoff in compliance isn't worth it?
  22. New RS 220 Owner

    Since my commute has increased to a 100km round trip a day I'm averaging 7.5l/100km. That includes traffic and a bit of 80km/h cruising.
  23. New RS 220 Owner

    I'd be happy with that, I have a 10 minute drive to work and usually go for long highway cruises on weekends, anything is better than my old subaru
  24. New RS 220 Owner

    FYI, I get about 8.5-9l/100 between services, including joyous Sydney weekend traffic, a bit of highway driving and a few spirited drives.
  25. New RS 220 Owner

    Hey Buddy, I'm definitely not swapping them for lesser variant ones, I want an aftermarket wheel for daily use such as enkei, momo or something along those lines then keep the OEM 220 wheels for other uses such as track days etc? That or Ill just powder coat / wrap the OEM wheels black I just don't really like the silver & black look Thank god I'll get better consumption figures for a bit. Definitely will be keeping the OEM wheels regardless of new wheels or not I pick up the car in a couple of weeks, can't wait!
  26. Hi all! Some advice for a potential 197 owner

    So you bought it! Well done. Tell us the story. (Just a can of goo and a 12 v air compressor is all you should need).
  27. Hi all! Some advice for a potential 197 owner

    Congratulations! I like 'em, 197s just look right.
  28. Hi all! Some advice for a potential 197 owner

    Bonjour les amis sportifs! I'm now a happy owner of Clio 197 yey! Now, is anyone selling a spare wheel an a jack?
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