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  2. Banner selection / source

    I guess they are pics that Dish has taken, some certainly look like his work...? Dish?
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  4. Hi Ian, thanks for the offer of support. You can purchase both the supporter tag and stickers through the store. paulo and others, stickers are now in the post. Apologies again for the tardiness, and thanks for the support.
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  6. RS 265 Models Explained

    Im not biased as i sold it but the very very best Megane 265 ever built and as everyone knows is of course ...... .... the 808 Limited Edition in Liquid Yellow. it has what you want and are well priced. do yourself a favour and grab one that is all
  7. RS 265 Models Explained

    Looks good, nice to hear about two paint protections, probably a good sign. Others better versed in 250s would have to confirm that the cloth recaros are normal...
  8. RS 265 Models Explained

    Hey Guys thanks for the tips. Going to see this car on the weekend. Thought I would get your views and see if you knew of any history on the car via this forum https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Renault-Megane-2011/SSE-AD-3774628/?Cr=14 Cheers
  9. Rs275 aircon relays/fuse location

    That's what I was thinking.
  10. Rs275 aircon relays/fuse location

    275? Wouldn’t it be under warranty?
  11. Rs275 aircon relays/fuse location

    A megane 275 that has had an A/C leak? that seems abit suspicious to me, just because its a relatively new car. Maybe something has been previously damaged or changed? Can you see if the compressor clutch is engaging? If the A/C hasn't been used for a long time, could lead to other issues. Could be anything though, maybe best idea to take it to an Auto electrician to check it out
  12. Rs275 aircon relays/fuse location

    this forum majority french im guessing? Lol Anyway just an update from the mech, he said its all computer controls, so no such relays and that for it.
  13. Hi. Sorry to be off the pace, information wise. I was intending to support the forum again this year (2017) but I had to go back to the UK etc. etc. and I must have missed the update when stickers and supporters payment info was available.... I still want to support, happy to stick something in for this year before it's too late ! and I would like to support for 2018 plus 2 or 3 stickers. So...how much ? and to whom do I send it ? Many thanks for this most excellent of resources. Ian
  14. RS 265 Models Explained

    RB7 didn't come with xenon's, RB8 came with everything
  15. RS 265 Models Explained

    Im not so sure.. but I thought the Red bull versions did not come with xenon directional headlights? If your getting a 250 I recommend a Trophee. The trophee comes with recaros, directional headlights and so on. Mine is a 250 Australian GP. Only real difference is the moon roof and body coloured matched bits, but then again some Trophee's came with them too.. its confusing.
  16. RS 265 Models Explained

    No problems - I would have searched for previous threads but they're too hard to find! If there's anything that doesn't cover, post it up. Having a quick read through I was off a bit on the 250s, so good to have a thread about them. Re belts - every 4 years, can't remember the number of km but I thought it was more like 80000km. I wouldn't worry too much, just be more fussy on where it was serviced. People on the forum keep on about Virage Automotive, Alpine Affair, Auto Paris (all in Mel). Don't take a dealer stamp as worth much (you probably know this anyway but worth restating). Hopefully someone from Melbourne can post here to confirm this - never used them personally obviously. It's worth traveling to Sydney to buy one looked after by either Renotech or Paul V at AP Automotive. It's a buyer's market (still!) so you can be picky. Just to give you an example, Renotech fitted my A1RM brake pads and did the bedding in. The way they did it left me with awesome street and track pads. Others have had appalling experiences with them. I credit them for this. Paul V will be doing my belts hopefully soon if I can get up there in the next few weeks.
  17. Rs275 aircon relays/fuse location

    Yes, would be good to have the information. Have had my 265 for 4 years and have not had to replace a fuse (touch wood), but would like to be able to if needed. Owners Manual says 'take it to the dealer' which, IMO, is BS. We know that it comes under the heading of 'price gouging' as no doubt you would be charged to have it done. Oh, what ever happened to the simple days.
  18. Rs275 aircon relays/fuse location

    Hey guys, I have recently purchased a second hand rs275 and the previous owner said aircon was out of gas thats y it wasnt cold. So i went and got it regas then the mech told me hes not sure why the compressor not kicking in and told me to take it back another day as he got no time. Im a sparky by trade so abit of electrical background but can someone help me locate where the aircon fuses and relays are? My first Renault car and it seems like they are very secretive and not easy to find service manuals or even labeling the fuses. Many thanks!
  19. RS 265 Models Explained

    Hi Chuckovski not to worry I found this thread thanks for all the input
  20. RS 265 Models Explained

    Thanks Mate I'm based in Melbourne. Seems to be a few good 250's on the market any particular things that you know of to look out for when checking out the cars? Think I read timing be,t at 50,000 kms cheers
  21. RS 265 Models Explained

    No problems!Very little difference, though I think the models for 250 were cup and trophee, though I could be mistaken. Has some limited editions like Monaco GP which are cosmetic only changes. The trophee had the bixenon lights and recaros, though I'm not sure if they were options or not. You also should know that every 265 is a 250 until you press the sports button, which reduces or switches off traction control and adds 10hp. There are some minor cosmetic upgrades to the 265 but nothing major. Take all this with a grain of salt though, as I spent so much brain power trying to figure out the 265 models when I bought mine it probably displaced all the knowledge about the 250. The modified 250s in the classifieds section are easily faster than my standard trophy+, so if you're after pace, they're what you're after. Also where are you? Most people are pretty happy for you to have a look at theirs, have a drive etc. I'm in the Illawarra if that's close for you
  22. RS 265 Models Explained

    Thanks again Chuckovski Really helpful Hope you don't mind another question but I was also trying to understand the big difference between the 250 vs 265. I get the extra kw and 15bhp, which can be accessed in race mode - but whats your opinion when it comes to normal driving day to day and giving the car a squirt on normal roads? I ask because I notice there seems to be more cars available in market than the 265 at the moment Thanks again for what you've shared
  23. Greetings from Perth, WA

    Hi mate. Try frenchandfantastic.com.au , or there face book page, and The All Fours & Rotaries Car Club of WA (inc) are good value for there track outings. www.allfours.org.au Enjoy.
  24. Greetings from Perth, WA

    Hi everyone, I''ve just purchased a 2011 Megane rs 250 on monday and loving it so far. Coming from Nissan 350z, S15 and subie WRX, I am always a big fan of JDM and never had any love for euro hothatch (except focus RS and Golf R) until the good friend of mine bought me to a hill run with his RS275 trophy R, absolutely loved it and made me to sell my z . Anyway, I am just wondering if there is any renault group in Perth or if anyone here is from Perth. Thanks
  25. RS 265 Models Explained

    I think you couldn't get them in certain models like the cup and cup+. Trophy+ finely had them as an option but leather only. They came standard in the L.E. But only in cloth. The leather recaros came standard in the RB8. Apparently all the seats are recaros, but not all have the brand on them. I don't mind mine - I've got leather standard seats and it's fun around the track. The sports bucket seats world be better but not a deal breaker IMHO. What I do love are the active bixenon headlights. They're awesome.
  26. RS 265 Models Explained

    Cheers Chuckovski Hey - were the Recaro seats optional regardless of the model? I used to have bucket seats in my old WRX and keen to get them again. That said how supportive are the standard seats? Thanks Twalis
  27. RS 265 Models Explained

    Also check out this thread if you haven't already, a couple of Megane models for sale https://r.tapatalk.com/shareLink?url=http%253A%252F%252Fwww%252Eozrenaultsport%252Ecom%252Findex%252Ephp%253F%252Fforum%252F46-Cars&share_sfid=46&share_fid=5329&share_type=sf
  28. Hi from the UK

    Thanks Chris, will try and learn to live with it, tad annoying though... Might have a play with some paper strips etc to see if I can knock out the touch points. We got the 220 in mid 2015 I think, mine is no 1164
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