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  2. Crossing over from VTEC to RS?

    I think I'm looking for a 250 Cup Trophee with the Recaros. It's just something about cars with Recaros that I'm drawn to. Your one does look ok though. Ha! I try to become involved in the car community wherever possible. It's fun to learn. EP3, I told myself I'd never sell. It's so good that it's boring (in the best way). It's practical, it's comfortable (enough), it has the looks (subjective), it's fast (for an NA) and most importantly, it's reliable. Currently, it's my daily driving track car! But for a Megane RS... I may have to give it up for. My brain says to sell the EP3 or even part it out. The DC2R will be a faster appreciator than my Civic. But my heart says to sell DC2R and keep the EP3. Most people can't imagine me primarily driving another car. The thing is... I don't. I like NA in my life, but never wanted my life to be dominated by it. In early October 2017, my brother and I were the owners of a Civic VTIR EK4 (B16A2), Integra Type R DC2 (B18C7) and Civic Type R EP3 (K20A). Sometimes, you can get too much of highly strung NA engines. Sold the EK4 and shortly bought my second NB8A. I think we're similar.
  3. Crossing over from VTEC to RS?

    Thanks! GBP to AUD is something I'm used to already. EP3 stuff is usually from the UK for the AUDM equivalent of parts. Generally cheaper than genuine Japanese parts. You have an EK or an EG in need of a K20? [emoji3] Sent from my Mi A1 using Tapatalk
  4. Crossing over from VTEC to RS?

    I went from owning a DC2R for over 10 years to an R26 Megane and now a 265 Megane.. Always loved honda and still have a soft spot for them but I will never not have a turbo car again.
  5. Crossing over from VTEC to RS?

    If you want to stick with NA there's always the Clio 2 and 3. Just sayin'
  6. Crossing over from VTEC to RS?

    Recognize your EP3 from ClubITR. Welcome
  7. Crossing over from VTEC to RS?

    Hi - Just thought I'd mention, if anyone is looking for a good buy, my car is for sale on the forum for $17,000 with no money to spend. Here's the link - http://www.ozrenaultsport.com/topic/30245-metallic-black-2012-megane-rs250-for-sale/ You'd be better off posting a new thread for advice but it's been done to death. Try searching the forum and you should find all your answers for mods and all other relevant suggestions.
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  9. Crossing over from VTEC to RS?

    Welcome Jacky! I can tell you right now the worst of the worst is the shipping from the UK and conversion from GBP to AUD. If you can deal with that, everything else is a breeze bar some ridiculous toolbox additions that you'll need (13mm ratchet, torx set and an 8mm square). P.S. if you're looking for a home for the K20, I have a Civic that would benefit xD hahaha Enjoy your stay and hope to see you post up that you have a RS soon!
  10. First time Renault owner

    As the owner of a Trophy-R, I have no idea what you mean by this head and heart mumbo-jumbo!
  11. Crossing over from VTEC to RS?

    I absolutely understand what you mean! The steering in the RS is fast. Similar to my MX5s. The heel toe way better than DC2R. Similar to my EP3. Having torque is new to me. And in addition, the stableness of the Megane RS makes you feel almost invincible. The key word is confidence. In the EP3, it's hard to gain the confidence. Sent you a PM to discuss further. I want to know the worst of the worst when it comes to owning a Megane RS. I haven't even had a look at the cars for sale, but all I've learnt is that these seem to be the essential first mods: resonator delete intake tune
  12. Crossing over from VTEC to RS?

    You will become my new best friend!
  13. First time Renault owner

    ttimbo modifying cars is often with the heart not the head, if I had to crack the gearbox of the clio(I am a mechanic) I would put an LSD in it, mine won't see the track, that's what the AE86 is for, that car I spent $15K on a gearbox, in a car probably worth that, heart......not head!!
  14. First time Renault owner

    And that’s what leads us back to my comment — “the dark side”. Without a LSD, you’ll always feel the Clio III is just “missing something” — especially on a track. But adding a LSD is a minimum $4k investment...on a $10-15k car, ie, proportionately large. Whereas you can spend that $15k and a bit...and get, not just the LSD, but more power and torque. Ah, this life — it’s a slippery, slippery slope! Ultimately, if all the OP wants is a DD with the honesty that ‘daily’ entails, then IMO the stock Clio III will be a great car.
  15. Crossing over from VTEC to RS?

    Welcome Jacky. I was in a similar situation at the start of this year. I had a 2001 Integra Type R (also considered buying an EP3!) and sold it for a 2010 Megane RS250 Trophy. Aside from missing the sound of vtec at 8800rpm and maybe turning a few heads around town, the Megane is hands down the better car. I still miss the Integra on some days but as a whole, no regrets at all. Things I love most is the steering feel, pedal placement (heal-toe is so easy), actually having torque and the sheer pace of the thing. Through a twisty road, there’s nothing that can really keep pace I’ve found (except for my mate in his RS250 haha). Such good performance right out of the box and no real compromise as a daily driver. Feel free to ask me any questions you might have about moving from Honda to Renault. Here’s a pic for nostalgias sake Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. First time Renault owner

    I don't own Clio III but browsing some websites I've noticed LSDs for it. Maybe there are forum members who fitted aftermarket LSD so they can comment. https://shop.quaife.co.uk/renault-clio-200-quaife-atb-helical-lsd and I think Drexler are the distributors in AU and NZ http://www.drexler-motorsport.com.au/products.html#Renault Welcome to the forum.
  17. Crossing over from VTEC to RS?

    Hi Oz RS! My name is Jacky. I reside in the northern beaches of Sydney. I like cars, but FWD is what I am most familiar with. I currently own a 05 Honda Civic Type R of 4 years, first Australian owner. I have also bought 2 x silver MX5 NB8As (yes, two. I missed the first one so much, I bought another. In the same body and colour!). Anyway, reason why I'm here. I drove a mate's Megane RS 250 Cup. (I didn't tell him I'm joining the forum, but he might find me on here - ha!) Went for a drive up to the Broke area via Putty Road and was amazed. I can understand why the Megane RS is so good! It was a like grown up, advanced version of my Civic. Yes, the screaming VTEC was missing, but it made new and different sounds! I've fed the experience back to my brother (owner of 98 Integra Type R) and I think we're willing to acquire one in the near future. Either we sell the Integra Type R or we purchase a third front wheel drive warrior! I would like to understand more about the RS world. If someone has ever switched from the Honda scene in to Renaults, please contact me! So to end it here, here's a few snaps from today's Putty drive. Because images always make a post better. Thanks, Jacky
  18. First time Renault owner

    Don't go to the dark side. Here's a cool video for a bit of NA goodness. The second half is better when they get rid of the awful music. Wish mine sounded like this:
  19. First time Renault owner

    Thanks ttimbo but I wanted a small hatch for a daily, the Megane is Focus sized and wasn't interested, also didn't want a turbo, NA! I love the Clio, just needs LSD.
  20. First time Renault owner

    Welcome...and having had what you have, I can tell you the answer: that‘ s why you buy a Megane III!
  21. Hi - new just joined up

    welcome to the OzRS forums!
  22. First time Renault owner

    welcome to the forums!
  23. Hi - new just joined up

    Welcome look's good in white!!
  24. Last week
  25. First time Renault owner

    Join the club Jamiec and welcome. Give as some pics of your clio!!
  26. First time Renault owner

    A few weeks back I bought a 2012 Clio RS Cup Trophy, it's going to be my new daily and replaces my imported AE111 Corolla Levin Coupe as my daily. I imported the Levin 13 years ago at 62,000 I had a friend find me a completely standard one in Japan, it has now clocked just over 200,000km and has been absolutely reliable, it's a BZ-G which means Super strut front suspension(think Revoknuckle/perfohub before anyone else), it's fitted with the 20 valve 4age, helical lsd, it has been a really fun car, with a great little engine. I also own a track AE86 which I have owned for 24 years, it's fitted with a turbo 20 valve 4AGE and a Quaife sequential 6 speed, it's an absolute hoot. My other car is a 2016 RS Focus. SO the little Clio, well what a car, to say I love it is an understatement, this is such a cool little car, I LOVE IT, it's sooooo much more fun than the RS Focus, the Focus you just can't use on the streets, we're too heavily policed and there are too many self-righteous dobbers with dash cams, the Clio is just so useable whilst being super funny, always eager just like a little puppy dog. The only criticism I have is why the hell did they not fit an LSD, if they had this car would be 100%, I really like the keyless entry, Recaros etc, but why no LSD?
  27. Hi - new just joined up

    Welcome, great addition to your long list of cars!
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